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Art of the American Indian Frontier: The Chandler-Pohrt Collection
Art of the American Indian Frontier
The Chandler-Pohrt Collection
Paperback      ISBN: 0295973188
Art of the American Indian Frontier examines an incomparable collection of nineteenth-century Native American art from the North American Woodlands, Prairie, and Plains. The collection resulted from the efforts of Milford G. Chandler and Richard A. Pohrt, whose early childhood fascination with the Indian frontier past evolved into a deep and comprehensive interest in Native American ceremonies, beliefs, and art. Though neither was wealthy or enjoyed the sponsorship of a museum, they traveled extensively early in the twentieth century, buying or trading for objects they could not resist. This volume presents the Detroit Institute of Art's Chandler-Pohrt collection with detailed documentation and commentary. Clothing and accessories of porcupine quill and buckskin, woven textiles, bags, beadwork, necklaces, rawhide paintings, smoking pipes, tools, vessels and utensils, pictographs, and visionary paintings are portrayed in 220 stunning color plates. Complementing the illustrations are essays dealing with historical context, ethnographic issues, and the lives and philosophies of the collectors.
Seeking the Spiritual: The Paintings of Marsden Hartley
Seeking the Spiritual
The Paintings of Marsden Hartley
Hardcover      ISBN: 0801435536
Marsden Harley (1877-1943) was a distinguished American painter, writer, and spiritual seeker. In his introduction to this generously illustrated volume, Townsend Ludington explores the relationships among Hartley's art, poetry, and essays. He traces the philosophical and literary sources that nourished the artist's evolving spiritual consciousness. Raised in Lewiston, Maine, Hartley felt at odds with life. A voracious reader, he educated himself and became enamored of the transcendentalists Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau, and, particularly, of Walt Whitman. He began spending winters in New York City, where he met and was befriended by Alfred Stieglitz. He visited Europe but remained restless for the right physical environment. Eventually returning to New England, Hartley visited the Dogtown area in the low hills behind the port of Gloucester, Massachusetts, and the stark landscape there stimulated some of his most famous paintings. Throughout his career, Hartley painted landscapes, still lifes, figure pieces, and seascapes in which he tried to convey his sense of wonder of the earth, at the same time attempting to articulate the spiritual awareness that came to him in "the magic of dreams." Consciously representative of modernism, Hartley strove to express, as Wallace Stevens said, "not ideas about the thing but the thing itself." He believed that the acts of reading, writing, and painting gave significance to the world accessible to his senses.
The Devonshire Collection of Italian Drawings: Venetian and North Italian Schools
The Devonshire Collection of Italian Drawings
Venetian and North Italian Schools
Hardcover      ISBN: 0714829366
Paintings in the Uffizi & Pitti Galleries
Paintings in the Uffizi & Pitti Galleries
Hardcover      ISBN: 0821220845
Reproduces in full color more than eight hundred paintings from Florence's Uffizi Gallery and the Pitti Palace, including many of the greatest paintings by such Renaissance masters as Botticelli, Michelangelo, Raphael, Titian, and Giotto. 20,000 first printing. BOMC Div.

4to. Blue boards with bright gilt lettering. Minor shelfwear to dust-jacket.

Picasso Erotique
Picasso Erotique
Hardcover      ISBN: 3791325612
Max Beckmann and Paris: Matisse Picasso Braque Leger Rouault
Max Beckmann and Paris
Matisse Picasso Braque Leger Rouault
Hardcover      ISBN: 3822872032
""lf you wish to get hold of the invisible, you must penetrate as deeply as possible into the visible"". Max Beckmann might have been talking about his life as much as his brutally honest and dazzlingly choreographic paintings, for, when he died on a New York street corner in 1950, he had lived one of the most excoriatingly self-critical lives in modern art He left behind a body of work spanning five decades, work that found its direction and energy in the Paris of the 1920's. A magnet to artists, Paris gave Beckmann the creative competition he craved. Travelling there regularly (and settling there later), he mixed Freely with the likes of Matisse, Picasso and Delaunay, formulating a style that grew out of the passionate relationship between the German and French avant-garde. But Beckmann was always his own man, and while he soaked up the artistic fervour of the Parisian cafes and ateliers, he maintained a critical distance that allowed him to develop an intensely personal technique and oeuvre. Part Expressionist, part Cubist, Beckmann's art is one of self, cities and street-life, and this profusely and beautifully illustrated catalogue allows us finally to confirm Beckmann's pre-eminence in the most dynamic art scene of the Twentieth Century.
Understanding Watercolours
Understanding Watercolours
Hardcover      ISBN: 0907462391
Legacy: Selected Paintings and Drawings by the Grand Master of Fantastic Art, Frank Frazetta
Selected Paintings and Drawings by the Grand Master of Fantastic Art, Frank Frazetta
Hardcover      ISBN: 1887424482
Frank Frazetta's paintings and illustrations have set the standard for fantasy artists for the past 50 years. This collection focuses on his influence in a variety of media and genres and on his place in 20th century art history. Coedited by Hugo Award-winning editor Arnie Fenner, it includes many of Frazetta's most memorable paintings as well as revised and previously unpublished works. The art is accompanied by the artist's own observations and commentary by a number of his contemporaries.

Dust Jacket : Near Fine. Limited, numbered (1158 out of 2500) slipcaed edition.

Christo Prints and Objects, 1963-1987: A Catalogue Raisonne
Christo Prints and Objects, 1963-1987
A Catalogue Raisonne
by Christo
Hardcover      ISBN: 0896597962
Shows the artist's lithographs and wrapped objects and discusses both his completed and uncompleted projects
Master Drawings Rediscovered: Treasures from Prewar German Collections
Master Drawings Rediscovered
Treasures from Prewar German Collections
Hardcover      ISBN: 0810937883
More than two hundred illustrations, including eighty-nine full-color reproductions, capture a magnificent collection of drawings by major artists of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, all works lost and presumed destroyed during World War II that have been rediscovered in the Soviet Union.