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A Challenge for the Actor
A Challenge for the Actor
Hardcover      ISBN: 0684190400
The actress and teacher guides actors in developing their art, covering such aspects as voice techniques, timing, rhythm, and including exercises to correct problems
The Making of 2001: A Space Odyssey
The Making of 2001
A Space Odyssey
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0375755284
Provides behind-the-scenes information on the 1969 film directed by Stanley Kubrick.
I Lost It at the Movies: Film Writings 1954-1965
I Lost It at the Movies
Film Writings 1954-1965
Paperback      ISBN: 0714529753
A compilation of film reviews and commentary by film critic Pauline Kael covering her 1954 to 1965 writings. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.
The Great American Playwrights on the Screen: A Critical Guide to Film, Tv, Video, and Dvd
The Great American Playwrights on the Screen
A Critical Guide to Film, Tv, Video, and Dvd
Paperback      ISBN: 1557835128
The Great American Playwrights on the Screen is a complete, up-to-date record of movie and television productions of classic and contemporary works of the great playwrights. Rich in historical value and detail, this reference book not only tracks Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize winners, but also unearths unheralded treasures and forgotten performances by great actors and the great directors they served. To show the ongoing influences and legacies of the great plays, Roberts compares and contrasts the adapted versions, and includes colorful reviews by prominent critics of tv and film (beginning with those of the silent era). The profound expansion of television into American homes in the 1950s brought a flood of adapted plays to the small screen, and resulted in the rebirth of the careers of many significant playwrights. The Great American Playwrights on the Screen provides fans with a video and DVD guide to the adapted works of the playwrights, and shows which versions are available for home viewing and in which media (VHS, Beta, Laser, DVD, Letterbox). Simultaneously, this book is a unique, one-stop source for academics, students of the theatre arts, actors, directors and producers. Organized in an easy-to-use A-Z format, the book features over 200 playwrights including Arthur Miller, Marsha Norman, Eugene O'Neill, Aaron Sorkin, Neil Simon, Wendy Wasserstein, and Tennessee Williams. In addition, The Great American Playwrights on the Screen resurrects the memories of television productions of plays at a critical time, when many of them - including Emmy Award winners and nominees - are deteriorating in vaults.
The Life of the Drama
The Life of the Drama
Paperback      ISBN: 1557831106
"Eric Bentley's radical new look at the grammar of a work of exceptional virtue...CENTRAL, INDISPENSABLE...The book justifies its title by being precisely about the ways in which life manifests itself in the theatre...THIS IS A BOOK TO BE READ AGAIN AND AGAIN." - Frank Kermode, The New York Review of Books
Marlon Brando
Marlon Brando
Hardcover      ISBN: 0670882364
The highly acclaimed biographer of Montgomery Clift turns the light on Marlon Brando, exploring the sexuality, passion, and sensitivity that fueled this film icon's rise to superstardom. 20,000 first printing.
Star Wars: Attack of the Clones : The Visual Dictionary
Star Wars
Attack of the Clones : The Visual Dictionary
Hardcover      ISBN: 0789485885
An essential guide with annotated photography brings to life the characters, costumes, droids, and gadgetry of the Star Wars universe in astonishing visual detail. 150,000 first printing.
Gender and German Cinema: Feminist Interventions : German Film History/German History on Film
Gender and German Cinema
Feminist Interventions : German Film History/German History on Film
Paperback      ISBN: 0854963243
International film has received some of its most original impulses from German film makers however the works by women directors in German speaking countries have been largely ignored in spite of the important social, political and historical issues they have raised. This is the first work to consider the broad spectrum of German cinema through the category of gender. These volumes will be standard handbooks in film studies for many years to come.
Final Cut: Art, Money, and Ego in the Making of Heaven's Gate, the Film That Sank United Artists
Final Cut
Art, Money, and Ego in the Making of Heaven's Gate, the Film That Sank United Artists
Paperback      ISBN: 1557043744
"What altered Hollywood irrevocably was the notorious 1980 film Heaven's Gate." —Irwin Winkler, The New York Times (January 14, 1999) Heaven's Gate is probably the most discussed, least seen film in modern movie history. Its notoriety is so great that it has become a generic term for disaster, for ego run rampant, for epic mismanagement, for wanton extravagance. It was also the watershed film of the '80s—not for its cinematic qualities, but for its effect on Hollywood and the way movies were and were not made for years afterward. For Michael Cimino's Heaven's Gate did not merely fail; the film did the unthinkable: it sank a studio. Less than a month after the picture's second release, United Artists—the company founded in 1919 by Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, D. W. Griffith, and Charlie Chaplin—for all practical purposes ceased to exist. What happened? Why? How? In answering these questions, combining wit, extraordinary anecdotes, and historical perspective, Steven Bach has produced a landmark book on Hollywood and its people, and in so doing, tells a story of human absurdity that would have made Chaplin proud.
Ultraviolent Movies: From Sam Peckinpah to Quentin Tarantino
Ultraviolent Movies
From Sam Peckinpah to Quentin Tarantino
Paperback      ISBN: 0806520450
A history of extreme violence in movies analyzes the public response to this ever-growing phenomenon, tracing its beginnings in films such as Bonnie and Clyde and discussing how it fits into the artistic vision of filmmakers including Quentin Tarantino and Martin Scorcese. Original.