101 Magic Tricks: Any Time Any Place
101 Magic Tricks
Any Time Any Place
Paperback      ISBN: 1631590723
Learn 101 simple magic tricks to astonish and amaze! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Step right up and try not one, not two, not three, but 101 Magic Tricks! Astonish and amaze everyone you know with easy-to-master tricks and illusions. Learn classic sleight of hand techniques that are simple enough for any apprentice to grasp. Conquer magical ruses that require no special equipment, and are explained with simple step-by-step instructions. Bryan Miles will guide you through astonishing feats such as: - The Foundations of Magic including: The Hand, The Deck of Cards, Mechanic's Grip and Biddle Grip, Classic Two-Handed Spread, Cutting the Cards - Magic at School or College - Birthday Magic - Restaurant Magic - Office Magic - Magic at the Bar - Street Magic - Holiday Magic - Anytime Magic - Magic for the Stage ...And More!
Advanced Magic: Your Absolute, Quintessential, All You Wanted to Know, Complete Guide
Advanced Magic
Your Absolute, Quintessential, All You Wanted to Know, Complete Guide
Paperback      ISBN: 0883910179
From Merlin to Copperfield, magicians have been baffling crowds for centuries. Now you too can learn tricks that are guaranteed to mesmerize any audience. Including an array of dazzling tricks, and step-by-step illustrations, you will learn everything from simple sleight-of-hand tricks to advanced illusions and deceptions. This guide to the secrets of some of the world's greatest magicians will keep your audience bewitched, baffled and bewildered! Learn how to perform over 100 magic tricks from the man who worked a combined 40 years with all-time greats Houdini, Thurston and Blackstone.
Art & Artifice: And Other Essays on Illusion : Concerning the Invenors, Traditions, Evolution & Rediscovery of Stage Magic
Art & Artifice
And Other Essays on Illusion : Concerning the Invenors, Traditions, Evolution & Rediscovery of Stage Magic
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0786718064
From the author of Hiding the Elephant and The Glorious Deception comes a collection of five essays that shows how the great stage illusions were integrally products of their time, based on the traditions and fashions of the people, and the offspring of the incredible, inventive personalities who brought them to the stage. Like no other author, Jim Steinmeyer gives us insight into the timeless appeal of magic. His human subjects include such characters as Steele MacKaye, Maskelyne, David Devant, P.T. Selbit, Horace Goldin, and Charles Morritt. Illusions he discusses include: The Mascot Moth, Sawing a Lady in Halves, and Morritt's Disappearing Donkey.
Body Magic
Body Magic
Paperback      ISBN: 159077468x
An entertaining handbook of magic tricks you can perform without fancy, costly equipment.
Card Manipulations: Series 1-5
Card Manipulations
Series 1-5
Paperback      ISBN: 0486205398
Over 100 tricks that can be done with any pack of cards. This rich collection has taught thousands of magicians how to perform dozens of eye-catching, yet really workable tricks. Over 200 illustrations.

Card Tricks: The Royal Road to Card Magic
Card Tricks
The Royal Road to Card Magic
Hardcover      ISBN: 1944686274
If you practice any sort of magic?or plan on giving it a try?you probably know that for most people, card tricks are often the starting point. If you have a deck of cards readily available, as many common households do, the only things required to wow an audience are a little sleight of hand and a magician’s secrets. In spite of the timeless credo ?good magicians never reveal their secrets,
Celebrations of Curious Characters
Celebrations of Curious Characters
Hardcover      ISBN: 1936365030
A “yegg,” in criminal slang, is a thief, a scoundrel, a safecracker. Four Minutes Yeggs cracks open the personal vaults of Ricky Jay—raconteur, historian, and the world's greatest sleight-of-hand artist—exposing a wonderful world of amusing and arcane knowledge. Adapted from his popular NPR series 'Jay's Journal,' Four Minute Yeggs features one-page anecdotes of mind-bending performers (limbless jugglers, piano-playing parrots, unkempt Londoners) paired with engravings, mezzotints, and broadsheets from the author's remarkable collection. You’ll find engaging vignettes on a daunting variety of topics: musical prodigies, cannon-ball catchers, conmen, card cheats, and performing politicians. Plus, a man who made a model of Lincoln Cathedral out of 1,000,800 bottle corks; a woman continuously pregnant for six-and-a-half years; a theatrical strong man who became the world’s leading Egyptologist; and a healthy number of digressions on time, money, and the argot of thieves, scoundrels, and safecrackers. This large, full-color book comes with forty-five essays, each accompanied by artifacts from Mr. Jay's storied archives. Designed specifically for four-minute perusing bursts, it will mesmerize grizzled magicians and casual onlookers alike.
Charles Jordan's Best Card Tricks
Charles Jordan's Best Card Tricks
Paperback      ISBN: 0486269310
Covers impromptu tricks, banded decks, stacked-deck tricks, gambling secrets, sleight-of-hand tricks, prepared-card tricks, shuffle systems, four-ace tricks, one-way decks, and sample card routines

Coin Magic: The Complete Book of Coin Tricks
Coin Magic
The Complete Book of Coin Tricks
Hardcover      ISBN: 1944686266
Have some extra change rattling around in your pocket? Need a new party trick? Coin Magic: The Complete Book of Coin Tricks is your go-to reference for astonishing any audience—friends, family, people on the street, or even strangers sitting in a theater seat seeing your first public performance. Everyone will be amazed by your ability to captivate and charm. Originally published in the 1930s, this highly acclaimed coin magic book from master of manipulation Jean Hugard is still a leading authority today for magicians everywhere. Whether you’re an active professional magician looking to add to your repertoire or just someone learning tricks for fun, this classic book is a comprehensive collection of coin magic—with more than one hundred tips and tricks to help you master the craft of illusion and sleight of hand. Additionally, this book includes dozens of illustrations to guide readers through tricks, making them much easier for them to grasp visually. Included with this edition is a brand new foreword written by award-winning coin magician and expert on twentieth-century coin magic technique David Roth, making this edition of Coin Magic the quintessential authority on the subject.

Curso de Magia Tarbell
Curso de Magia Tarbell
Spanish    Hardcover      ISBN: 841505808x
What started out as a correspondence course in magic ended up becoming a masterpiece in magic literature. Remarkably detailed and clearly explained, this course includes theory, technique, and psychology, along with impactful routines. Eight volumes in all, each containing 600 pages, complete this set of five books. The most respected course in magic that serves the needs of both beginners and professionals. A must-have for every magic library!