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12 Lucky Animals: A Bilingual Baby Book
12 Lucky Animals
A Bilingual Baby Book
Hardcover      ISBN: 125018424x

From the creative team of Ruby's Chinese New Year, Chinese medicine practitioner Vickie Lee and illustrator Joey Chou--the visual development artist of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse--present this bilingual baby picture book introducing Chinese characters through the animals of the Chinese zodiac.

The adventure loving Dragon, the carefree Horse, and the artistic Goat are just three of the 12 Lucky Animals to be found in the Chinese zodiac, rendered here in bright illustrations. Use the wheel on the back cover to help little readers discover who their lucky animal is and how to pronounce its name in Chinese and English.
14 Vacas Para América
14 Vacas Para América
Spanish    Paperback      ISBN: 1561455555

In June of 2002, a very unusual ceremony begins in a far-flung village in western Kenya. An American diplomat is surrounded by hundreds of Maasai people. A gift is about to be bestowed upon the American men, women, and children, and he is there to accept it. The gift is as unexpected as it is extraordinary.
A mere nine months have passed since the September 11 attacks, and hearts are raw as these legendary Maasai warriors offer their gift to a grieving people half a world away. Word of the gift will travel newswires around the globe, and for the heartsick American nation, the gift of fourteen cows emerges from the choking dust and darkness as a soft light of hope--and friendship.
This New York Times best seller recounts the true story from Wilson Kimeli Naiyomah of a touching gift bestowed on the United States by a tribe of Maasai Warriors in the wake of the September 11th attacks. With the stunning paintings of Thomas Gonzalez, master storyteller Carmen Agra Deedy hits all the right notes in this elegant story of generosity that crosses boundaries, nations, and cultures.

?la Senorita Nelson Ha Desaparecido!
?la Senorita Nelson Ha Desaparecido!
Spanish    Paperback      ISBN: 0395900085

A Spanish-language edition of the very popular Harry Allard-James Marshall collaboration about Room 207's missing schoolteacher. Miss Nelson is the nicest teacher in the whole school. She never yells, and she gives the easiest assignments. Then one day Miss Nelson is not at school. There is a substitute, Miss Viola Swamp, who immediately lays down the law - no talking, no goofing off in class - and gives lots of homework. Where is the wonderful, unappreciated Miss Nelson? Is she ever coming back? Allard and Marshall, with their incisive feel for the nuances of relationships, point out with imagination and much humor the folly of being inconsiderate and unappreciative.

Abran Paso a Los Patitos = Make Way for Ducklings
Abran Paso a Los Patitos = Make Way for Ducklings
Spanish    Paperback      ISBN: 014056182x
The Spanish translation of Make Way for Ducklings, the Caldecott Award-winning classic picture book by Robert McCloskey

El senor Pato y la senora Pata saben que el Jardin Publico de Boston es el lugar perfecto para criar a su familia. Pero para unos patitos recien salidos del cascaron no es lugar seguro. La islita del rio Charles parece ideal, y la senora Pata en el Jardin, su nuevo hogar. Pero ella no contaba con tener que atravesar con sus pequenos patitos las calles de Boston, con todo su trafico

La historia, contada en detalle con gracia y bellamente ilustrada, de estos patitos que van de un lado a otro, se ha ganado el corazon de generaciones de lectores. Premiada en 1941 con la Medalla Caldecott como El libro ilustrado para ninos mas distinguido del ano, ha sido desde entonces lectura favorita de millones de lectores, tanto ninos como adultos.

Ganador del Premio Caldecott
Abuelo and the Three Bears / Abuelo Y Los Tres Osos (Bilingual): (bilingual)
Abuelo and the Three Bears / Abuelo Y Los Tres Osos (Bilingual)
Paperback      ISBN: 059004320x

Presented in both English and Spanish, this book brings a Hispanic
flavor to the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, placing a
beautiful, black-braided heroine at the center of the tale.

Addition & Subtraction Flash Action Software Spanish
Addition & Subtraction Flash Action Software Spanish
Spanish    Paperback      ISBN: 0887437370
Al Galope!
Al Galope!
Spanish    Hardcover      ISBN: 0761154159
Fantastico What a treat: Gallop in Spanish. For the millions of Hispanic children in the United States (Spanish is the primary language at home for 34 million Americans), and for the millions more children whose parents would like them to learn Spanish as a second language, comes the #1 New York Times bestseller, translated as Al Galope

With Al Galope , Gallop joins other classic children's authors and books such as Dr. Seuss (Huevos verdes con jam n), Maurice Sendak (Donde viven los monstruos), Margaret Wise Brown (Buenas noches, luna), H.A. Rey (Jorge el Curioso), and Judith Viorst (Alexander y el d a terrible, horrible, espantoso, horroroso). Al Galope captures the pure, universal visual fun of watching animals come to life, with the most energetic, sing-song text:

Puedes galopar como un caballo? Cloc-cloc-cloc Puedes correr como un perro? Guau-guau-guau

Whether they speak Spanish fluently or are wanting to learn it, kids will love hearing and repeating the words as the animals swim, fly, leap, swing, gallop, and flutter across the page.
Aladdin and the Magic Lamp/Aladino y La Lámpara Maravillosa
Aladdin and the Magic Lamp/Aladino y La Lámpara Maravillosa
Paperback      ISBN: 0811850625

Retold in both Spanish and English, the universally loved story Aladdin and the Magic Lamp will delight early readers and older learners alike. The striking illustrations give a new look to this classic tale and the bilingual text makes it perfect for both home and classroom libraries.

Alexander y el Dia Terrible, Horrible, Espantoso, Horroroso = Alexander & the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
Alexander y el Dia Terrible, Horrible, Espantoso, Horroroso = Alexander & the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
Spanish    Paperback      ISBN: 0689713509

Alexander se di cuenta de que iba a ser un d a terrible couando se despert y se encontr chicle en el pelo. Y aun fue peor...
Su mejor amigo lo abandon . No ten a postre en su bolsa del almuerzo. Y para colmo, hab a habas verdes en la comida y besos en la televisi n
Este cuento cl sico de Judith Viorst, ahora en espa ol, ser sin lugar a duda del agrado de los lectores de todas las edades, como lo ha sido hasta ahora.

Alexander, Que de Ninguna Manera-Le Oyen?-!lo Dice En Serio!-Se Va a Mudar (Alexander, Who's Not -- Do You Hear Me? I Mean It! -- Going to Move): (ale
Alexander, Que de Ninguna Manera-Le Oyen?-!lo Dice En Serio!-Se Va a Mudar (Alexander, Who's Not -- Do You Hear Me? I Mean It! -- Going to Move)
Spanish    School & Library      ISBN: 0689319843

Cuando Alexander se siente triste o enojado, le dan ganas de mudarse a Australia. Pero, por lo general le gusta donde está. Así que cuando sus padres le dicen que la familia se va a mudar a mil millas, Alexander decide que él no va a ir. Nunca. Jamás. De ninguna manera. Ni hablar. N.O. ¿Cómo puede decirles adió:s a su mejor amigo y a su niñera favorita y a la Tintorería Seymour? Prefiere quedarse a vivir en una casita en un áabol or quizá en una cueva. Y aunque Nick le dice cretino y Anthony le dice que es inmaduro, Alexander está decidido: "de ninguna manera -- ¿me oyen? -- ¡lo digo en serio! -- me voy a mudar."