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Norse Magic
Norse Magic
Paperback      ISBN: 0875421377

Elves and dwarves, gnomes and frost giants...Norse mythology is filled with tales of such supernatural beings, nature spirits, and powerful deities. Many people know that the Norse people were fierce warriors, but did you know that they were powerful magicians as well?

Norse Magic has everything you need to learn in order to begin practicing Norse spirituality. Discover the history and religion of the Vikings, including Norse mythology, seasonal festivals, and magical techniques.

If you are interested in practicing Norse Wicca, you'll learn about the three-fold goddess and the god, as well as how to celebrate the holidays, all from the perspective of Norse Paganism. Discover the secrets of herb magic, cauldron magic, cord magic, elf magic, dwarf magic, and more. These magical techniques are presented in a clear, step-by-step format.

The practice of Norse magic enlists the help of the Asa-Gods, Light Elves and good Dwarves. It elicits aid from dead ancestors and the rulers of the Elements. It is an active magic, reserved for participants, not bystanders. In order to work the magic of this system you must attune yourself to the powers of the Elements, calling upon the Asa-Gods and other supernatural beings. Norse Magic includes complete instructions, exercises, and rituals for this technique.

The Norse Pagans were one of the last European societies to convert to Christianity, but their Pagan mythology and magic survived and continues to thrive. Norse Magic is your key to the study and practice of this powerful and ancient spiritual system.

The Book of Shadows by Lady Sheba
The Book of Shadows by Lady Sheba
Paperback      ISBN: 0875420753

Llewellyn is pleased to bring back into print the book many consider to be the authentic holy book of Wicca, the first Book of Shadows ever published in the United States--Lady Sheba's Book of Shadows.

For generations, secret Craft teachings had been handed down by word of mouth to new initiates. When Lady Sheba was initiated into her first coven, she hand copied The Book of Shadows. It was her wish that publication would bring to light the authentic beliefs of Witchcraft and reestablish the respectability of this ancient art.

The Book of Shadows includes:

  • Secret initiation rites
  • Laws of the Craft (162 total)
  • Eight ceremonies for the Sabbats
  • Consecration rituals
  • Invocations
  • Actual chants and dances for calling on the gods

Lady Sheba was one of the first people in the United States to officially establish the Craft as a legally recognized religion. She registered "The American Order of the Brotherhood of Wicca" as an religious organization in Michigan on August 13, 1971. She stated that she was a witch "by traditional heritage" and a "Gardnerian Witch by choice."

Wicca Craft: The Modern Witches Book of Herbs, Magick and Dreams
Wicca Craft
The Modern Witches Book of Herbs, Magick and Dreams
Paperback      ISBN: 0806512385

Best known for her books on Wicca and various occult subjects, Gerina Dunwich here traces the origins of Wicca, a positive, nature-based religion that preaches brotherly love and harmony with and respect for all life forms--beliefs very similar to Native American spirituality. This indispensable and accessible guide reveals the traditions, tools, and symbols of Wicca craft and offers step-by-step methods for performing Wicca rituals.

A respected spokesperson for the Wiccan/Pagan community, Dunwich has been a guest on numerous radio talk shows throughout the United States and Canada. She has lectured and presented workshops at festivals and gatherings across the country, such as the CraftWise Pagan Gathering (Waterbury, Connecticut), the Real Witches' Ball (Columbus, Ohio), and Panpipes' Pagan Day Festival (West Hollywood, California).
El Libro de las Sombras = Book of Shadows
El Libro de las Sombras = Book of Shadows
Spanish    Paperback      ISBN: 0738702056

El libro de las sombras--de Migene Gonz lez-Wippler--es una obra nica escrita originalmente en espa ol, en donde se expone la verdad acerca del mundo m stico de la religi n Wicca: sus or genes, creencias, rituales y ceremonias.

Aprenda c mo se conforman los convenios (aquelarres), conozca sus deidades y descubra la belleza de la ceremonia Wicca y el Gran Rito, las iniciaciones, el alfabeto Wicca y los festivales sabats y esbats. Adem s, obtenga hechizos y recetas m gicas para el amor, la salud y la protecci n, incluyendo los ingredientes y c mo prepararlos.

Descubra cu l es el significado de los n meros y los colores en la magia; los usos de diversas yerbas e inciensos y las aplicaciones de aceites, velas, pociones y gemas m gicas.

English Translation

The Book of Shadows--by Migene Gonz lez-Wippler--is a unique work originally written in Spanish, where the truth about the mystical world of the Wicca religion is exposed: its origins, beliefs, rituals, and ceremonies.

Learn how the covenants (sabbaths) conform, learn about their deities and discover the beauty of the Wicca and Great Rite ceremony, the initiations, the Wicca alphabet and the sabats and esbats festivals. Also, get magical spells and recipes for love, health and protection, including ingredients and how to prepare them.

Find out what the numbers and colors mean in magic as well as the uses of various herbs and incense and the applications of oils, candles, potions, and magical gems.

Wheel of the Year: Living the Magical Life
Wheel of the Year
Living the Magical Life
Paperback      ISBN: 0875420915

Discover the ancient lore, household techniques, and spiritual wisdom that will help turn every day into a time of magic, respect for all, and love of the Goddess, when you get Wheel of the Year by Pauline Campanelli.

Wheel of the Year takes you on a month-by-month journey of discovery through seasonal aspects of Paganism practiced both in recent and ancient times. Just look at a few of the things shared in this gentle, loving book:

  • For December: The Magic of Mistletoe; The Ritual Burning of the Yule Log; Magical Uses of Ashes from the Yule Fire; A Ritual for Cutting Sacred Fir; The Pagan Symbolism of Santa Claus.
  • For March: Nine Magical Woods for the Beltane Fire; Psychic Skills for Working Magic; Making and Using the Magic (Black) Mirror; Telepathy; The Ouija Board; A Ritual for Opening the Heart Chakra.
  • For May: Seeing Faeries; A May Wine Ritual; Symbolism of the Maypole; Sacred Marriages; Hawthorn Protection Amulet.
  • For August: Celebration of the Grain Harvest; Ritual for Baking Sacred Bread; Making an Onion Charm; Magical Symbolism of Garlic; Natural Dyes and Inks.
  • For October: Apple Traditions; A Hazelnut Charm; The Man in Black; Ritual Costuming and Mask Making; Divination for Samhain.

This is only a small amount of the lore and a few of the many activities you will learn for each of these five months, in Wheel of the Year. The other seven months of the year are covered in depth, too, and each chapter has beautiful illustrations by Dan Campanelli.

Whether you live in a city, suburb, or farm and whether you live by yourself, with a partner, or with a family, Wheel of the Year will reintroduce you to the magic that is all around you.

A Witch's Notebook: Lessons in Witchcraft
A Witch's Notebook
Lessons in Witchcraft
Paperback      ISBN: 0738706620

What if you could peek inside the journal of a skilled and powerful Wiccan and read all about her exciting forays into the Craft? What if that Witch was the ever-popular Silver RavenWolf?

Silver's own pearls of wisdom gained along the bumpy road to spiritual enlightenment can be found in A Witch's Notebook. This hands-on guide is designed to work from moon to moon-leading students through five months of spiritual advancement. In discussing cleansing, sacred symbols, renewed spirituality, and magickal ingredients, Silver urges Wiccans to step outside the usual confines of Witchcraft and explore other belief systems. This book also includes exercises, spells, and herbal information to assist in forging one's own unique spiritual path.

Secrets of a Witch's Coven
Secrets of a Witch's Coven
by Morwyn
Paperback      ISBN: 091491880x
To Ride a Silver Broomstick: New Generation Witchcraft
To Ride a Silver Broomstick
New Generation Witchcraft
2nd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 087542791x

Selling more than 300,000 copies, this popular guide to the Craft has been helping a new generation of Witches--those practicing or wishing to practice the Craft on their own--for over a decade. Filled with Silver RavenWolf's warmth, humor, and personal anecdotes, To Ride a Silver Broomstick introduces the science and religion of the craft.

The Magical Household: Spells & Rituals for the Home
The Magical Household
Spells & Rituals for the Home
Paperback      ISBN: 0875421245

Recognize and celebrate the magic of life with timeless rites and spells. Create a magical household--a haven of harmony, safety, spirituality, security, and romance. The benefits include a happier existence, protection against thieves, improved health, restful sleep, satisfying spiritual experiences, and a perfect environment for positive magic. This warm and wise guide by much loved author Scott Cunningham has been helping people create sacred space in their homes and gardens for nearly twenty years.

Wicca, Filosofía Y Práctica de la Magia Luminosa = Wicca for Beginners
Wicca, Filosofía Y Práctica de la Magia Luminosa = Wicca for Beginners
Spanish    Paperback      ISBN: 0738709964

Este Libro provee una fundaci n s lida para la Wicca sin limitar al lector a una tradici n o camino trazado. Abarcando tanto el lado espiritual como el pr ctico, esta gu a para la hechicer a es un texto elemental de las filosof as, culturas y creencias detr s de la religi n sin perder el misterio que atrae a muchos estudiantes a su aprendizaje. Detallando pr cticas como el dispersar la energ a del cuerpo, levantamiento de energ a, visualizaci n y meditaci n, este libro ofrece ejercicios de t cnicas esenciales antes de conducirlo a rituales m s complicados y hechizos.

English Translation

This book provides a solid foundation for Wicca without limiting the reader to a tradition or path. Embracing both the spiritual and the practical side, this guide to witchcraft is an elementary text of the philosophies, cultures and beliefs behind religion without losing the mystery that draws many students to their learning. Detailing practices such as scattering energy from the body, lifting energy, visualization and meditation, this book offers essential techniques before leading you to more in-depth rituals and spells.