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Algebra: Grades 5-8
Grades 5-8
Paperback      ISBN: 0742417883

A top-selling teacher resource line, The 100+ Series(TM) features over 100 reproducible activities in each book

Algebra links all the activities to the NCTM Standards and provides students with practice in the skill areas necessary to master the concepts presented in a first course in algebra. Reinforcing operations skills plus activities that focus on order of operations, solving equations, dealing with inequalities, monomials, binomials and polynomials, factoring, plotting coordinates, graphing, and exercises involving radicals are all part of this book. Examples of solution methods are presented at the top of each page and puzzles and riddles gauge the success of skills learned. The numbers of the related standards for each activity can be found in the table of contents. An answer key is also provided.

12 Fabulously Funny Folktale Plays: Boost Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension!
12 Fabulously Funny Folktale Plays
Boost Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension!
Paperback      ISBN: 0439517621

Teachers can motivate even their most reluctant readers with this irresistible collection of read-aloud plays These laugh-out-loud twists on favorite folktales include Jack and the Giant Sunflower, Claynocchio, The Prince Frog, Three Silly Goats Gruff, Queen Midas, and many more. Each play comes complete with a brief history of the original tale, a list of key vocabulary, and instant discussion starters and writing prompts-all to help put children on the path to reading with fluency and comprehension.

Scribble Scrabble--Learning to Read and Write: Success with Diverse Teachers, Children, and Families
Scribble Scrabble--Learning to Read and Write
Success with Diverse Teachers, Children, and Families
Paperback      ISBN: 0807738824

Drawing on current research and his own teaching, Daniel Meier presents detailed and sensitive portraits of children learning to make sense of literacy during the crucial early childhood years. Included are conversations with children, parents, and teachers about how they view literacy: why it is important, where it comes from, and what it encompasses. What emerges is a rich affirmation of the important role that these beliefs and values play in literacy learning. Highly readable, Scribble Scrabble offers a cogent and timely discussion of ways to unite developmentally appropriate and culturally responsive literacy practices. Anyone concerned about developing the literary talents of young children will find this volume immensely satisfying.

The Courage to Teach: Exploring the Inner Landscape of a Teacher's Life
The Courage to Teach
Exploring the Inner Landscape of a Teacher's Life
Hardcover      ISBN: 0787910589

"This book is for teachers who have good days and bad -- and whose bad days bring the suffering that comes only from something one loves. It is for teachers who refuse to harden their hearts, because they love learners, learning, and the teaching life."
- Parker J. Palmer from the Introduction]

Teachers choose their vocation for reasons of the heart, because they care deeply about their students and about their subject. But the demands of teaching cause too many educators to lose heart. Is it possible to take heart in teaching once more so that we can continue to do what good teachers always do -- give heart to our students?

In The Courage to Teach, Parker Palmer takes teachers on an inner journey toward reconnecting with their vocation and their students -- and recovering their passion for one of the most difficult and important of human endeavors.

Preventing Reading Difficulties in Young Children
Preventing Reading Difficulties in Young Children
Hardcover      ISBN: 030906418x

While most children learn to read fairly well, there remain many young Americans whose futures are imperiled because they do not read well enough to meet the demands of our competitive, technology-driven society. This book explores the problem within the context of social, historical, cultural, and biological factors.

Recommendations address the identification of groups of children at risk, effective instruction for the preschool and early grades, effective approaches to dialects and bilingualism, the importance of these findings for the professional development of teachers, and gaps that remain in our understanding of how children learn to read. Implications for parents, teachers, schools, communities, the media, and government at all levels are discussed.

The book examines the epidemiology of reading problems and introduces the concepts used by experts in the field. In a clear and readable narrative, word identification, comprehension, and other processes in normal reading development are discussed.

Against the background of normal progress, Preventing Reading Difficulties in Young Children examines factors that put children at risk of poor reading. It explores in detail how literacy can be fostered from birth through kindergarten and the primary grades, including evaluation of philosophies, systems, and materials commonly used to teach reading.

Guided Reading: Making It Work: Two Teachers Share Their Insights, Strategies, and Lessons for Helping Every Child Become a Successful Reader
Guided Reading: Making It Work
Two Teachers Share Their Insights, Strategies, and Lessons for Helping Every Child Become a Successful Reader
Paperback      ISBN: 0439116392

Guided reading is wonderful in theory, but how do you manage it? In this practical resource, two veteran teachers provide a step-by-step guide to guided reading, sharing their lesson plans, management strategies, and assessment tools. They show you how to manage flexible groups, match books to student needs, incorporate phonics, and use assessment to inform instruction. Transcripts of guiding reading sessions and lots of teacher prompts show exactly how guided reading can work for you. Also included is a list of over 650 book titles leveled by reading stage and by Reading Recovery levels.

The Art and Craft of Teaching
The Art and Craft of Teaching
Paperback      ISBN: 0674046803

A concise and lively guide for college and university teachers, this collection of essays provides insights and solid advice for beginners as well as more experienced teachers. For the past eight years, the Harvard-Danforth Center for Teaching and Learning has been organizing programs that seek to improve university instruction. As part of these programs, the Center sponsors a faculty seminar on teaching lead by noted Harvard Professor C. Roland Christensen. The authors of this book--teachers in a wide variety of academic fields--were all participants in the seminar. In writing the book together, they drew on the Center's resources and on their combined store of skills, techniques, and attitudes.

Topics include preparing for the first day of class, delivering good lectures, leading effective discussions, using the rhythms of the semester, teaching essay writing, grading and evaluation, and learning how to become a better teacher. The authors offer workable solutions for problems that every instructor faces and suggest strategies that will enrich the classroom experience for both teachers and students.

Nurtured by Love: The Classic Approach to Talent Education
Nurtured by Love
The Classic Approach to Talent Education
2nd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0874875846

This book is the cornerstone upon which to build any Suzuki library. In it, the author presents the philosophy and principles of Suzuki's teaching methods. Through the examples from his own life and teaching, Suzuki establishes his case for early childhood education and the high potential of every human being---not just those seemingly gifted.

100 Award-Winning Science Fair Projects
100 Award-Winning Science Fair Projects
Paperback      ISBN: 0806973773

Science is at work everywhere - in the kitchen, up in the sky down in the ground, and all around us in plants, animals, machines, even the mind. Here are 100 ways to show how it works and come out tops at school project time. - Stir up chemical magic - Turn a copper pot green with oxidation - Prove that computers emit radio waves - Show off medieval ballistics - - Create virtual 3-D with a polarised lens - Simulate rock abrasion - - Chemists & Cooks - Earth & Sky - Mechanics & Motion - Sparks & Waves - - Light & Sound - Eye & Mind - Plants & Animals - Stars & Planets - * Serious learning about real science is hidden in this away-from-school entertainment for 8-12 year olds. Impress your science teacher

Young Children's Talent Education & Its Method
Young Children's Talent Education & Its Method
Paperback      ISBN: 0874877709

This textbook by the father of the Suzuki Method(R), Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, contains several essays that deal with children's abilities, educational systems, memory and absorption, the power of habit, early education, and the fostering of students' talents. A glimpse into the mind of a great man