Print and Book Art
A Life Among Fishes: The Art of Gyotaku
A Life Among Fishes
The Art of Gyotaku
Hardcover      ISBN: 1940743338
A Life Among Fishes explores the lifelong passion of fisheries by scientist and artist Christopher M. Dewees. The book features over 100 of his Japanese fish prints since 1969. Many of these are linked to stories about the journey, and history and information about the art form are also described within.The book presents Dewees? half-century of printing fish and shellfish to full color. We follow his evolution from being exposed and fascinated to gyotaku as a graduate student to his status now as an internationally recognized master in the field. He documents his journey and growth by sharing fifty years of experiences and adventures. In recent years Dewees has focused more on writing stories and poems that are linked to his art.
Louis Icart: The Complete Etchings
Louis Icart
The Complete Etchings
Hardcover      ISBN: 0764349929
Louise Bourgeois: An Unfolding Portrait: Prints, Books, and the Creative Process
Louise Bourgeois
An Unfolding Portrait: Prints, Books, and the Creative Process
Hardcover      ISBN: 1633450414

Making Woodblock Prints
Making Woodblock Prints
Paperback      ISBN: 1847979033
Drawing on the vibrant living traditions from China and Japan, this book introduces the art, and shares technical information and ideas for those with more experience. It also includes a wide range of exciting examples of printed woodcuts are shown along with advice on materials and tools.

Matisse et la gravure / Matisse and Engraving: L'autre instrument / The Other Instrument
Matisse et la gravure / Matisse and Engraving
L'autre instrument / The Other Instrument
French    Paperback      ISBN: 8836632459

Mel Kendrick: Woodblocks
Mel Kendrick
Hardcover      ISBN: 1911164821
Marking the artist’s first major publication in his 30-year-plus career, Mel Kendrick: Woodblocks presents a collection of the American artist’s wood block prints and water drawings. Produced over a period from the early 1990s to the present day, Kendrick’s prints explore bold yet complex arrangements, all the while introducing the subtle grain of the wood, signifying the organic quality of the artist’s creative process. These large-scale prints, typically measuring 3 x 2 metres in size, are largely informed by the artist’s ongoing sculptural practice, in both spatial engagement and process. Kendrick’s work is discussed within the book through texts that investigate the relationship that the works hold with both architectural and artistic influencers, as well as with his well established sculptural practice, through which he has a storied history of using wood, bronze, rubber, paper and cast concrete.

The Miserable Lives of Fabulous Artists
The Miserable Lives of Fabulous Artists
Hardcover      ISBN: 1910350893
In 'The Miserable Lives of Fabulous Artists', Chris Orr turns his humorous gaze on some of the most famous - and fabulous - artists of the past. With over 30 new works, accompanied by Orr's captions, artists from Edward Hopper to Pablo Picasso find themselves in weird and wonderful situations. Edvard Munch holidays at the seaside, John Constable RA is disturbed at his easel by frolicking nudists and there's an unfortunate incident in Barbara Hepworth's studio... No one can escape Orr's imagination: Walter Sickert is distracted from a spreadeagled model by a fly in his soup, Dame Laura Knight RA is caught shoplifting, and Frida Kahlo enjoys a fry-up. Each image is packed with detail to pore over, and the book concludes with notes from the artist, accompanied by preparatory drawings for the finished work. This new collection, published to coincide with an exhibition of Orr's works at the Royal Academy of Arts, is a charming romp which affectionately pokes fun at well-loved artists.00Exhibition: Keeper's House, Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK (07.02.-09.08.2018).
Natural Histories: Extraordinary Rare Book Selections from the American Museum of Natural History Library
Natural Histories
Extraordinary Rare Book Selections from the American Museum of Natural History Library
Hardcover      ISBN: 1454912146
For the first time, Natural Histories allows readers a privileged glimpse of seldom-seen, fully illustrated scientific tomes from the American Museum of Natural History's Rare Book Collection. Forty essays from the museum's top experts enhance each rare tome's unique qualities and scientific contribution. This beautiful book will fascinate natural science and art lovers alike.
Natural Magic: Salted Paper Prints in North America
Natural Magic
Salted Paper Prints in North America
Hardcover      ISBN: 0295994908
The salted paper print process and the daguerreotype were invented, for all practical purposes, simultaneously. Though using different materials and methods (the salted paper print was patented, while daguerreotype was not) still both achieved the miracle of fixing an image from life within a substrate—in other words, they ushered in the medium of photography. The uses of each form of photography varied greatly. In Europe the salted paper print was valued for its aesthetic qualities the massing of light and the softening of detail—while in North America, the salted paper print was valued for its portability and reproducibility. At the same time, the three evolving regions that comprised North America—Canada, the United States and Mexico—faced quite different realities and challenges than those in Europe (primarily France and Britain). In North America artistic merit was less of a priority, as each emerging nation faced vast, untamed territories, as well as social and political tumult. These were countries in the making—defining borders, struggling to create identities, and establishing metropolitan areas and transportation networks, while the scions on the other side of the Atlantic cast a leisurely eye to their artistic, architectural, and colonial heritage for subject matter. Scant research has been done on the use of the salted paper print in North America during its brief period of use (approximately 1847–1865); physical prints are often found in obscure collections and locations, and they are, as is true for most works on paper from that period, exceedingly fragile. This volume, with essays by three up and coming 19th-century scholars, offers new views on the use and employment of the salted paper print in North America. The hope is that this publication will encourage investigation, for the history of photography has many areas of terra incognita yet to discover.
Origami Paper - Japanese Bird Patterns - 6 3/4
Origami Paper - Japanese Bird Patterns - 6 3/4" - 48 Sheets
Tuttle Origami Paper: High-quality Origami Sheets Printed With 8 Different Patterns: Instructions for 7 Projects Included
Paperback      ISBN: 0804844887
This pack contains 48 sheets of high-quality origami paper printed with 8 different Japanese bird patterns. This affordable origami paper pack includes durable, authentic origami paper folding sheets with a variety of colors based traditional Japanese bird designs. It's perfect for any folder who wants to add a distinctive flair to their origami projects. This origami paper pack includes: - 48 sheets of high-quality origami paper - 8 colorful Japanese-style bird designs and patterns - Double-sided color - Small 6 3/4 inch squares - Instructions for 7 easy origami projects