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Botanical Painting: Nearly 20 Inspired Projects to Paint and Frame Instantly
Botanical Painting
Nearly 20 Inspired Projects to Paint and Frame Instantly
Paperback      ISBN: 1631064983
Learn to create precious watercolor paintings that you can paint and frame in just one day. Paint and Frame: Botanical Watercolor features 20 charming modern watercolor projects including florals, nature scenes, and more. With step-by-step instructions and watercolor paper included, you can try your hand at these “mini” projects, and then you can instantly display your painting in one of the enclosed frames. Add patterns or colors to your frame, then simply fold it to an upright position, and your brand new watercolor painting can be displayed inside it. Stop storing your art projects in a drawer while you wait to get frames. These handcrafted frames are ideal for displaying artwork around the house, at your desk, or to mail as a lovely handmade gift. Paint and Frame: Botanical Watercolor comes with an instruction book, 20 step-by-step watercolor projects to try, an assortment of watercolor paper, and 5 fantastic frames to decorate and personalize yourself. This is the perfect gift for the beginner artist looking to display their work in an elegant way without paying for expensive frames.
A Century of Prints in Britain
A Century of Prints in Britain
Paperback      ISBN: 1853323454
Charles Tunnicliffe: Prints: a Catalogue Raisonné
Charles Tunnicliffe
Prints: a Catalogue Raisonné
Hardcover      ISBN: 1910350648

The Chiaroscuro Woodcut in Renaissance Italy
The Chiaroscuro Woodcut in Renaissance Italy
Hardcover      ISBN: 3791357395
The art of the chiaroscuro woodcut is celebrated in this groundbreaking and generously illustrated book. Chiaroscuro woodcuts are among the most immediately appealing of all historic prints, displaying exquisite invention, refined draftsmanship, technical virtuosity, and sumptuous color. Printing two or more woodblocks inked in different tones to create an image, the chiaroscuro woodcut was the earliest, most successful foray into color printing in Europe. Following its invention in Germany, the technique was first adopted around 1516 in Italy where it flourished through the sixteenth century. This novel art form engaged the interests of the most celebrated artists of the Renaissance, including Titian, Raphael, Parmigianino, and Beccafumi, and underwent sophisticated developments in the hands of such master printmakers as Ugo da Carpi, Antonio da Trento, Niccolò Vicentino, and Andrea Andreani. Featuring more than 100 prints and related drawings, this book incorporates pioneering art historical research and scientific analysis to present a comprehensive study of the subject. Essays trace its creative origins and evolution, describing both materials and means of production. Brimming with full-color illustrations of rare and beautiful works, this book offers a fresh interpretation of these remarkable prints, which exemplify the rich imagery of the Italian Renaissance. Published in association with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

A City Refracted
A City Refracted
Hardcover      ISBN: 1431421642
2013 Winner of the Ernest Cole Award With a foreword by Leon de Kock Johannesburg’s inner city has, since the mining town’s formation, served as the first stop for new arrivals. As such it has always been vibrant and in a constant state of flux. I initially started photographing the area in the nineties when racial segregation laws were being lifted and black South Africans had begun moving from the outlying townships to the city. A monograph of my black-and-white images from that period, The Inner City, was published by Ravan Press in 2000. The essay documents the period in which the city shifted from a whites-only precinct to a vibrant mixed-race area. It was the first South African urban area to suggest the possible realisation of Nelson Mandela’s dream for an integrated society. During the past two decades, simultaneous to white people vacating the inner city, increasingly the area has become home to new immigrants from all over Africa. Certain districts and blocks of flats are now dominated by Nigerians, Ghanaians and Somalis. Much of the physical infrastructure from the apartheid era remains. However, the new occupants have adapted the structures to their way of life and culture. Johannesburg is a unique city. It is made up of separate communities that differ greatly in terms of wealth, education, race and cultural background. The city is a stark reflection of the country’s social polarisation and in many ways refutes the dream of a rainbow nation. For example, many residents living in the suburbs of Johannesburg have not ventured into the inner city since the mid-1990s and vice versa. The reason for returning my attention to this area is not just to document external changes. The city’s increasing social polarisations have resulted in me being an outsider in a neighbourhood that is less than 10 minutes’ drive from my home. This has allowed me to transform my engagement with the subject from the viewpoint of the local to that of the foreigner. It has become necessary for me to hire a bodyguard in order to pursue my photographic work freely in this area. The title reflects both the lack of racial integration within the city as well as the photographic approach. I too am an immigrant to Johannesburg, moving from Cape Town in the eighties. I was drawn by the edgy realism that mirrored the fast pace of social and political change that was taking place within the country at that time. This body of work, A City Refracted, echoes my altered vision ? both photographically as well as in my view of the country’s future.
Co-Active Leadership: Five Ways to Lead
Co-Active Leadership
Five Ways to Lead
Paperback      ISBN: 1626564566
Over and over, Karen and Henry Kimsey-House's clients told them that they found traditional, top-down models of leadership to be divisive and isolating, that they would welcome a more inclusive, holistic approach. So this book begins with a new and expanded definition of leadership: “Leaders are those who are responsible for their world.
Color Your Own Wall Art Botanicals: 25 Color-by-number Designs
Color Your Own Wall Art Botanicals
25 Color-by-number Designs
Paperback      ISBN: 150720034x
Create gorgeous botanical art to transform any space! Bring 25 pieces of art to vibrant life with Color Your Own Wall Art Botanicals. The beauty of this book is in the artistic process as well as the finished piece. First, use our carefully selected color key to color and shade lush peonies, feathery ferns, flowering cacti, and more. Then, frame your work to add a personal touch to the walls of your home or office. There's no worrying about selecting the wrong colors with our carefully curated color palette. And you can personalize your pieces by experimenting with color intensity and shading. These black-and-white botanical illustrations are the perfect blend of inspiration and customization. Add the beauty of the outdoors to your indoor space with Color Your Own Wall Art Botanicals.
A Colorful Life: 10 Colored Pencils
A Colorful Life
10 Colored Pencils
ACC      ISBN: 1452146977
This set of ten colored pencils features an eye- catching spectrum of hues. Each pencil barrel is splashed with a unique watercolor design, sure to spark hours of colorful creative expression.
Copro/Nason Fine Art: Catalogue Raissone
Copro/Nason Fine Art
Catalogue Raissone
Hardcover      ISBN: 0867196769
Dali: The Great Artists Collection
The Great Artists Collection
Paperback      ISBN: 1464302731
The Great Artists Collection is one of a series of gift packs containing a 64-page paperback book in a lavish folder with 6 free ready-to-frame 8 x 10 prints. Each book features a biography of each artist, looking at their life and their legacy, and useful fact boxes talk about the artists 'Great Works' and include fascinating information to improve the reader's knowledge of each artist. A fabulous gift pack which includes a 64-page paperback book and 6 ready-to-frame keepsake 8 x 10 prints on one of the world's most recognized artists!