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Beautiful Lego
Beautiful Lego
Paperback      ISBN: 1593275080
Beautiful LEGO is a curated gallery of mind-boggling, awe-inspiring, and masterful LEGO creations. It features the work of some of the most creative minds working in LEGO today, whose art ranges from incredibly lifelike replicas of everyday objects—a slice of pie, an antique phone, a classic keyboard synthesizer—to evocative and unusual imaginings of spaceships, mansions, characters, and creatures of all kinds. Each sculpture is incredibly unique, ambitious, clever, and artful. As you pour through the book again and again, you'll find something novel and jaw-dropping on each page.
Mark Handforth: Kunsthaus Zurich
Mark Handforth
Kunsthaus Zurich
Hardcover      ISBN: 3905701170
Eva Hesse: Sculpture
Eva Hesse
Hardcover      ISBN: 0943221021
Karel Appel Sculpture: A Catalogue Raisonne
Karel Appel Sculpture
A Catalogue Raisonne
Hardcover      ISBN: 0810919451
Rebellious, spontaneous, childlike, avant-garde, intensely personal, passionately colorful - all these characterize the completely unique sculptures of the renowned artist Karel Appel. Karel Appel Sculpture is the first complete volume on his sculptures, from his earliest pieces of 1947, when the young founder of the CoBrA movement burst on the scene in Europe, to Appel's most recent works of this past year. In the text, Donald Kuspit delves into the intense emotion that he says is the essence of Karel Appel's art. He follows the artist's mental and artistic development, touching on threads that run throughout his works: the childlike aspects of his art, the role of insanity, the anticipation of death, his fluid, constantly changing creative expression. With one hundred rich colorplates and over 130 black-and-whites, Karel Appel Sculpture represents a catalogue raisonne of every work the artist has created. The entire range of Appel's sculptural career to date is here: from his notorious Questioning Children relief assemblages which brought him to the forefront of the avant-garde art scene in Amsterdam in 1948-49; to the totem-like structures of the late 1940s; the organic shapes of his rough, wildly painted olive-tree roots of 1960; the Standing Nudes of 1980s; to his latest works - the Pyre Series - massive, complex sculptural fantasies that combine painting, sculpture, architecture, and found objects and are based on folk legends and primitive myths.
Spirit of Man: Sculpture of Kaare Nygaard
Spirit of Man: Sculpture of Kaare Nygaard
Hardcover      ISBN: 029277575X
David Smith
David Smith
Hardcover      ISBN: 0714861561
Cellini: Artist, Genius Fugitive
Artist, Genius Fugitive
Hardcover      ISBN: 075092957x
The life of Cellini is a romping good story which at present exists only in the form of a memoir, read by students and specialists. Derek Parker retells Cellini's life, setting it in the context of the turbulent world of Renaissance Europe. Cellini, famous as sculptor and goldsmith, and patronized by both Francis I of France and the Medici courts of Tuscany, was one of the most picturesque figures of the Renaissance. His adventures, hot temper and tendency to fight, his escapes from prison and amorous escapades among the Florentine and Roman nobility, and his interest in magic, made him a figure of renown in his own time, and beyond.
Abraham Cruzvillegas: The Autoconstruccion Suites
Abraham Cruzvillegas
The Autoconstruccion Suites
Paperback      ISBN: 1935963058
Theaster Gates
Theaster Gates
Paperback      ISBN: 0714868809
The first monograph of Chicago-based Theaster Gates, one of the most exciting and highly regarded contemporary artists at work today. Celebrated for bridging the gap between art and life, Gates’ work encourages political, social and spatial change, and reaches beyond a traditional art audience. His output includes sculpture, installation, performance, architecture and urban interventions, and has been exhibited and critically acclaimed in important exhibitions including Documenta Kassel and the Venice Biennale. This is the first time all his significant projects are collected and examined together.
Oferta publica/ Public Tender
Oferta publica/ Public Tender
Catalan    Paperback      ISBN: 8492505621
Rita McBride is a US-American artist whose installations explore cultural and sociological issues using the language of architecture. At first sight, the sculptures and installations are composed of recognizable daily objects - machines, steps, tubes, even water towers - that transport us to a standardized world, where repetition itself establishes a code that facilitates comprehension. However, the familiarity of form is disturbed by the materials used - a car made of raffia, tubes out of marble or ficus leaves modelled in Murano crystal - producing a sensation of unease and uncertain significance. This exhibition catalog includes a photographic essay by the artist and photographer Anne Pohlmann capturing the way in which the museum's activity changes the architecture of its space over the course of a year.