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Cellini: Artist, Genius Fugitive
Artist, Genius Fugitive
Hardcover      ISBN: 075092957x
The life of Cellini is a romping good story which at present exists only in the form of a memoir, read by students and specialists. Derek Parker retells Cellini's life, setting it in the context of the turbulent world of Renaissance Europe. Cellini, famous as sculptor and goldsmith, and patronized by both Francis I of France and the Medici courts of Tuscany, was one of the most picturesque figures of the Renaissance. His adventures, hot temper and tendency to fight, his escapes from prison and amorous escapades among the Florentine and Roman nobility, and his interest in magic, made him a figure of renown in his own time, and beyond.
Tobias Rehberger: I Die Every Day. 1 Cor. 15,31
Tobias Rehberger
I Die Every Day. 1 Cor. 15,31
Hardcover      ISBN: 8480262729
Medieval Indian Sculpture in the British
Medieval Indian Sculpture in the British
Hardcover      SKU: 1199239828
Sculpture of the Rockies: 97 Contemporary and Traditional Artists
Sculpture of the Rockies
97 Contemporary and Traditional Artists
Hardcover      ISBN: 1440303142
In a 9x12.5") format, the editors of Southwest Art present 25 artists of the Rocky Mountain states: Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming. For each we see a two-page spread comprising a full-page color image, a brief biography, and the artists' answers to five questions regarding the inspiration for the piece, prep work and techniques, greatest challenge in creating the piece, the final results--those anticipated and surprises, and the personal meaning of the piece for the artist. The sculptures range from conventional to highly innovative; many are bronze, but other materials (wire, stone, stainless steel) are lightly represented. Annotation ©2010 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (
Oferta publica/ Public Tender
Oferta publica/ Public Tender
Paperback      ISBN: 8492505621
Rita McBride is a US-American artist whose installations explore cultural and sociological issues using the language of architecture. At first sight, the sculptures and installations are composed of recognizable daily objects - machines, steps, tubes, even water towers - that transport us to a standardized world, where repetition itself establishes a code that facilitates comprehension. However, the familiarity of form is disturbed by the materials used - a car made of raffia, tubes out of marble or ficus leaves modelled in Murano crystal - producing a sensation of unease and uncertain significance. This exhibition catalog includes a photographic essay by the artist and photographer Anne Pohlmann capturing the way in which the museum's activity changes the architecture of its space over the course of a year.
Gods, Guardians, and Lovers: Temple Sculpture from North India A.D. 700-1200
Gods, Guardians, and Lovers
Temple Sculpture from North India A.D. 700-1200
Paperback      ISBN: 0878480757
Eva Hesse: Sculpture
Eva Hesse
Hardcover      ISBN: 0943221021
Walter De Maria: Trilogies
Walter De Maria
Hardcover      ISBN: 0300175787
Walter De Maria (b. 1935) is known for the expansive and perfectly ordered land art and installations he created in the 1970s. From constructing minimalist spare wooden boxes to using the earth itself as a site for, and element of, his sculpture, he created a diverse body of work that is a testament to his complex investigation of the unseen and the relationship between art, the earth, and the universe. This book introduces an expansive new work, the Bel Air Trilogy (2000–2011), in which the artist combines exacting geometry with the unexpected element of three 1955 "gypsy-red" Chevrolet Bel Airs. Also included are full-color images of works such as his austere tripartite sculpture Channel Series: Circle, Square, Triangle (1972) and two new monochrome paintings, which complement his large-scale work The Color Men Choose When They Attack The Earth (1968). Accompanying the first major exhibition in the United States to focus exclusively on De Maria, a collection of essays by leading scholars examines the defining features of De Maria's work—the conceptual, theatrical, monumental, and minimal.
Dime-Store Alchemy: The Art of Joseph Cornell
Dime-Store Alchemy
The Art of Joseph Cornell
Paperback      ISBN: 1590174860
Now in Paperback In Dime-Store Alchemy, poet Charles Simic reflects on the life and work of Joseph Cornell, the maverick surrealist who is one of America’s great artists. Simic’s spare prose is as enchanting and luminous as the mysterious boxes of found objects for which Cornell is justly renowned.
Anish Kapoor: Shooting into the Corner
Anish Kapoor
Shooting into the Corner
Paperback      ISBN: 377572382x
Edited by Peter Noever.