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Art in Industry: The Silver of Paul Storr
Art in Industry
The Silver of Paul Storr
Paperback      ISBN: 1898565147
The Fields of David Smith
The Fields of David Smith
Hardcover      ISBN: 0500019088
David Smith strove to create works of art that could be viewed "without reverence or awe" because they were, in his words, "natural . . . statements of peaceful pursuit." Intrinsic to this hope was his conviction that sculpture belongs in the elements, with sky and earth as its visible reference points. The Fields of David Smith celebrates a three-year exhibition in the expansive landscape of the Storm King Art Center in Mountainville, New York. The aim of the curators has been to recapture the experience of viewing Smith's work during his lifetime, when it was deployed with care and exuberance in ever-changing arrangements in his fields at Bolton Landing in the Adirondacks. The book first re-creates the scene at Bolton Landing. A moving essay by Smith's daughter Candida captures in the most personal and direct terms the man himself, his struggles and delights, and the intensity of his working life. This is followed by a memoir by Irving Sandler and reminiscences by friends of the artist. The text is accompanied by photographs by fellow artists and by Smith himself. The balance of the book is a sumptuous album of the evolving Storm King exhibition, featuring major works by Smith sent from collections all over the country. Jerry L. Thompson, one of the foremost photographers of sculpture, has captured Smith's work in summer and snow, at sunrise and dusk, glistening in the rain and presiding over the mists. The interplay between the works and their surroundings, and the effects of light on their surfaces, provides a new lens through which to view the sculpture of David Smith. With contributions by Mark di Suvero, Helen Frankenthaler, Anthony Caro, Kenneth Noland, and others. Historical photography by David Smith, Dan Budnik, Alexander Liberman, and others.
Alluring Presence: Jade & Gem Stone Sculptures
Alluring Presence
Jade & Gem Stone Sculptures
Hardcover      ISBN: 1897476604
From classical to abstract to iconic, Lyle Sopel’s sublime repertoire of original gemstone sculptures is featured for the first time in one volume of over 180 pages of breathtaking images. Both eclectic and prolific in his approach to his subject matter, Lyle Sopel is internationally recognized for his ability to capture the essence of nature and human form and mythology with his sculptures. His one-of-a-kind works of art dance with life and are imbued with whimsy and elegance. A visual feast of color, texture and story, this book invites you to experience his work for yourself and glimpse into the soul of an extraordinary artist.
Ivories: From the Renaissance to the Modern Era
From the Renaissance to the Modern Era
French    Hardcover      ISBN: 2353400868
This catalogue, fully illustrated throughout, documents this unique collection in its entirety for the first time.
Robert Gober: The Heart Is Not a Metaphor
Robert Gober
The Heart Is Not a Metaphor
Hardcover      ISBN: 0870709461
Hardcover      ISBN: 3936859647
Karel Appel Sculpture: A Catalogue Raisonne
Karel Appel Sculpture
A Catalogue Raisonne
Hardcover      ISBN: 0810919451
Rebellious, spontaneous, childlike, avant-garde, intensely personal, passionately colorful - all these characterize the completely unique sculptures of the renowned artist Karel Appel. Karel Appel Sculpture is the first complete volume on his sculptures, from his earliest pieces of 1947, when the young founder of the CoBrA movement burst on the scene in Europe, to Appel's most recent works of this past year. In the text, Donald Kuspit delves into the intense emotion that he says is the essence of Karel Appel's art. He follows the artist's mental and artistic development, touching on threads that run throughout his works: the childlike aspects of his art, the role of insanity, the anticipation of death, his fluid, constantly changing creative expression. With one hundred rich colorplates and over 130 black-and-whites, Karel Appel Sculpture represents a catalogue raisonne of every work the artist has created. The entire range of Appel's sculptural career to date is here: from his notorious Questioning Children relief assemblages which brought him to the forefront of the avant-garde art scene in Amsterdam in 1948-49; to the totem-like structures of the late 1940s; the organic shapes of his rough, wildly painted olive-tree roots of 1960; the Standing Nudes of 1980s; to his latest works - the Pyre Series - massive, complex sculptural fantasies that combine painting, sculpture, architecture, and found objects and are based on folk legends and primitive myths.
The Hours of Night and Day: A Rediscovered Cycle of Bronze Reliefs by Giovanni Casini and Pietro Cipriani
The Hours of Night and Day
A Rediscovered Cycle of Bronze Reliefs by Giovanni Casini and Pietro Cipriani
Hardcover      ISBN: 0989371859
Alexander Calder & Fischli / Weiss
Alexander Calder & Fischli / Weiss
Hardcover      ISBN: 3775741275
Chris Larson: Failure
Chris Larson
Hardcover      ISBN: 3775722327
With texts by Kris Douglas, Wayne L. Roosa, Marc Glode, and Tamatha Sopinski Perlman, as well as an interview with Chris Wilson by Sonke Magnus Muller, this monograph documents a new film and features several sculptures shown for the first time, as well as early three-dimensional works that illuminate Larson's later films and sculptural installations.