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Bits & Pieces Put Together To Present A Semblance Of A Whole: Walker Art Center Collections
Bits & Pieces Put Together To Present A Semblance Of A Whole
Walker Art Center Collections
Hardcover      ISBN: 0935640789
One of the country's premier institutions of contemporary art, the Walker Art Center has a collection of more than 11,000 objects dating from the early 20th century to the present. Its holdings represent the vast diversity of art-making around the world as well as the Walker's relationships with many of our culture's most creative minds, including Matthew Barney, Merce Cunningham, Jasper Johns, William Klein, Yoko Ono, and Kara Walker. This book, which draws on extensive new research and unpublished archival materials, is a guide to the multidisciplinary collections as well as a primer on contemporary art. It includes lavishly illustrated essays on 350 artists working in visual arts, performing arts, film, video, new media, architecture, and design; a sixty-five-page scrapbook of the institution's history; and a full-color, foldout chronicle of the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.
Year 1 Rewind: A Survey of Graffiti, Street and Urban Art
Year 1 Rewind
A Survey of Graffiti, Street and Urban Art
Hardcover      ISBN: 0867197129
Art and Spiritual Transformation: The Seven Stages of Death and Rebirth
Art and Spiritual Transformation
The Seven Stages of Death and Rebirth
Paperback      ISBN: 1594772819
Art and Spiritual Transformation presents a seven-stage journey of transformation from the darkened soul to the light of spiritual illumination, revealing the primal role of art in liberating the soul. Includes a meditation practice to experience the spiritual energy in art.
Fly by Night: The New Art of the Club Flyer
Fly by Night
The New Art of the Club Flyer
Paperback      ISBN: 0500287686
A high-energy assortment of London nightlife club flyers evaluates how the cut-and-paste era of the 1980s gave way to modern designs; in a visual collection that celebrates the diverse range of such artists as Wolfgang Tillmans, Sophie Thunder, and Ray Cesar. Original.
Altered Curiosities: Assemblage Techniques and Projects
Altered Curiosities
Assemblage Techniques and Projects
Paperback      ISBN: 1581809727
More than two hundred photographs and illustrations highlight a guide to the author's unique methods and techniques of assemblage art, accompanied by a fresh variety of creative mixed-media projects and techniques for assemblage and surface alterations. Original.
Beyond the Legacy: Anniversary Acquisitions for the Freer Gallery of Art and the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery
Beyond the Legacy
Anniversary Acquisitions for the Freer Gallery of Art and the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery
Paperback      ISBN: 0295979089
Obey: Supply & Demand : The Art of Shepard Fairey
Supply & Demand : The Art of Shepard Fairey
Hardcover      ISBN: 1584232447
Street Logos
Street Logos
Paperback      ISBN: 0500284695
Subverted signs, spontaneous drawings, powerful monolithic symbols, and curious characters represent a worldwide outdoor gallery of free contemporary art. Graffiti art is constantly changing. Fresh coats of paint and newly pasted posters appear overnight in cities across the world. New artists, new ideas, and new tactics displace faded images in a perpetual process of renewal and metamorphosis. From Los Angeles to Barcelona, Stockholm to Tokyo, Melbourne to Milan, wall spaces are a breeding ground for graphic and typographic forms as artists unleash their daily creations. Current graffiti art is reflective of the world around it. Using new materials and techniques, its innovators are creating a language of forms and images infused with contemporary graphic design and illustration. Fluent in branding and graphic imagery, they have been replacing tags with more personal logos and shifting from typographic to iconographic forms of communication. Street Logos is a worldwide celebration of these new developments in twenty-first-century graffiti, an essential sourcebook for all art and design professionals, and a delight to everyone excited by the vitality of the street. 423 color illustrations.
Currents of Change: Art and Life Along the Mississippi River, 1850-1861
Currents of Change
Art and Life Along the Mississippi River, 1850-1861
Paperback      ISBN: 0816644527
Powerful and beautiful, the Mississippi River holds some of the nation's most interesting scenery and treasured history. Although the river had long been a channel for trade, the 1850s marked the transformation of the Mississippi River from a travel route to a vital conduit for cultural, artistic, and architectural ideas from Louisiana to Minnesota.Minneapolis Institute of Arts curators Jason Busch and Christopher Monkhouse have culled public and private collections to assemble an exhibition of fine and decorative arts from along the river during the period from 1850 to 1861, a time of unprecedented economic and technological change throughout the country. Currents of Change brings together art in all media: paintings, prints, drawings, furniture, silver, ceramics, textiles, and sculpture-many of which have never before been showcased in a national exhibition. Each of the 150 objects presented demonstrates the development of culture and design along the Mississippi River, honoring and preserving the artistic history of the era.The fully illustrated Currents of Change includes color plates and black-and-white photographs. Monkhouse, Busch, and Janet Whitmore, a freelance art historian, each contribute an essay to the publication. Monkhouse examines the development of America's artistic identity with the Mississippi River through Longfellow's Song of Hiawatha and Evangeline. Busch uses furnishings and portraits by artists like Thomas Sully and Alexander Roux to trace patterns of patronage and decoration along the river. Whitmore explores the Mississippi River landscape, people, and architecture in paintings by artists such as George Caleb Bingham and Henry Lewis.Jason Busch is assistant curator at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.Christopher Monkhouse is curatorial chair at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.Distributed for the Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Copro/Nason Fine Art: Catalogue Raissone
Copro/Nason Fine Art
Catalogue Raissone
Hardcover      ISBN: 0867196769