Jewelry (Art and Artists)
Rings: Jewerly of Power, Love and Loyalty
Jewerly of Power, Love and Loyalty
Paperback      ISBN: 0500291128
An international survey of rings throughout history features lavish photographs of a wide variety of ring types, in a thematically arranged volume that showcases signet, commitment, ecclesiastical, and other ring forms, from ancient Egypt through the twentieth century.
Silver: From Fetish to Fashion
From Fetish to Fashion
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0937266108
This book is about our quest for silver adornments. Through it we wish to share our fascinating Odyssey, which lured us from fetish to fashion.Innocently enough, our collecting started when I traveled to Cairo while Serga remained in the States. We had met in Tehran and been reacquainted in New York. As a small token for her birthday, I picked out a Bedouin necklace of chunky corals, interspersed with silver beads, and sent it to her by messenger. While she claimed to be delighted by my attention, eventually I noticed that she seldom wore this neckpiece. I like to tease Serga with her response . . . “that she had . . . nothing compatible with which to wear it!
Tiaras: A History of Splendour
A History of Splendour
Hardcover      ISBN: 1851493751
- Photographs and related material are illustrated here for the first time. - Includes tiaras from royal collections - including three designed by Prince Albert for Queen Victoria. - Of great appeal to everyone. - The tiaras are related to a variety of works of
The Traditional Jewelry of Egypt
The Traditional Jewelry of Egypt
Hardcover      ISBN: 9774167201
For many women of Egypt, their jewelry is their bank-they wear their wealth in their gold. But jewelry in Egypt is also more than mere assets, and its design and manufacture reveal a great array of styles and a high degree of skill and artistry. In this lavishly illustrated book, Azza Fahmy, herself a world-renowned designer of jewelry based on traditional motifs, lays before us an Aladdin's cave of jewelry made in all corners of Egypt over the last one hundred years, collected through her extensive travels throughout the country. From the farms and villages of the Nile Valley and Delta, from the oases of the Western Desert and the mountains and wadis of Sinai and the Eastern Desert, from Nubia in the south, and from the crowded traditional neighborhoods of Cairo is displayed a cornucopia of gold and silver adornment-each area with its own distinctive favored style. Personal seals have been widely employed, and there is even jewelry for special occasions, such as the appeasement of malignant spirits, and for animals. In this completely redesigned edition of her bestselling book, in a new and elegant format, the author not only documents all these varieties and illustrates them with the finest examples, she also describes the techniques and skills involved in their production and the materials used, and recounts her own journey of learning as she apprenticed with the leading master jewelers to become the best known jeweler in Egypt, whose work is worn by world leaders, royalty, and connoisseurs of jewelry around the globe.