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Diary of a Genius
Diary of a Genius
Paperback      ISBN: 0132099411
Lovingly, Georgia: The Complete Correspondence of Georgia O'Keeffe and Anita Pollitzer
Lovingly, Georgia
The Complete Correspondence of Georgia O'Keeffe and Anita Pollitzer
Paperback      ISBN: 0671692372

Correspondence between the two artists share their views on women's rights, literature, and art

Everybody Was So Young: Gerald and Sara Murphy, a Lost Generation Love Story
Everybody Was So Young
Gerald and Sara Murphy, a Lost Generation Love Story
Paperback      ISBN: 0767903706

A dazzling biography for readers of The Great Gatsby and other Lost Generation authors

Gifted artist Gerald Murphy and his elegant wife, Sara, were icons of the most enchanting period of our time; handsome, talented, and wealthy expatriate Americans, they were at the very center of the literary scene in Paris in the 1920s. In Everybody Was So Young Amanda Vaill brilliantly portrays both the times in which the Murphys lived and the fascinating friends who flocked around them. Whether summering with Picasso on the French Riviera or watching bullfights with Hemingway in Pamplona, Gerald and Sara inspired kindred creative spirits like Dorothy Parker, Cole Porter, and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald even modeled his main characters in Tender is the Night after the couple. Their story is both glittering and tragic, and in this sweeping and richly anecdotal portrait of a marriage and an era, Amanda Vaill has brought them to life as never before (Chicago Tribune).

Soldier Artist Monk
Soldier Artist Monk
Paperback      ISBN: 1425917577

Soldier, Artist, Monk is a collection by Brother Placid Stuckenschneider OSB of his thoughts and memories that covers over fifty years. He grew up in Montana, but soon found himself on board a US Troop Ship leaving San Francisco harbor. Pacific Stars and Stripes was the first publication to publish drawings by "Stucky" when he was serving at the end of World War II in the Philippines and Occupied Japan. After a brief sojourn at Layton Art in Milwaukee, young Mr. Stuckenschneider entered the Benedictine monastery of Saint John's Abbey in central Minnesota to try his vocation. For many years his artistic creations enhanced publications of Liturgical Press, especially the many covers he created for Bible and Liturgy Bulletin. Throughout his life as a monk he sought to balance the three elements of Benedictine monastic life: Work, Reading and Prayer.

Discovering Ellis Ruley/the Story of an American Outsider Artist
Discovering Ellis Ruley/the Story of an American Outsider Artist
Hardcover      ISBN: 0517590700

Looks at the life, work, and mysterious death of a Black artist

Strapless: John Singer Sargent and the Fall of Madame X
John Singer Sargent and the Fall of Madame X
Paperback      ISBN: 158542336x

The subject of John Singer Sargent's most famous painting was twenty-three-year-old New Orleans Creole Virginie Gautreau, who moved to Paris and quickly became the it girl of her day. A relative unknown at the time, Sargent won the commission to paint her; the two must have recognized in each other a like-minded hunger for fame.

Unveiled at the 1884 Paris Salon, Gautreau's portrait generated the attention she craved-but it led to infamy rather than stardom. Sargent had painted one strap of Gautreau's dress dangling from her shoulder, suggesting either the prelude to or the aftermath of sex. Her reputation irreparably damaged, Gautreau retired from public life, destroying all the mirrors in her home.

Drawing on documents from private collections and other previously unexamined materials, and featuring a cast of characters including Oscar Wilde and Richard Wagner, Strapless is a tale of art and celebrity, obsession and betrayal.
James McNeill Whistler: Beyond the Myth
James McNeill Whistler
Beyond the Myth
Hardcover      ISBN: 0786701870

Examines both the life and work of the nineteenth-century painter, dispelling the usual portrait of an irascible dandy at war with critics and other artists, and assesses his reputation.

Paperback      ISBN: 050020358x

Gainsborough is one of the most appealing artists of the 18th century. The author draws on recently discovered material to provide a fresh perspective on both the life and art of this master.

When Marina Abramovi Dies: A Biography
When Marina Abramovi Dies
A Biography
Hardcover      ISBN: 0262232626

"When Marina Abramovi Dies" examines the extraordinary life and death-defying work of one of the most pioneering artists of her generation--and one who is still at the forefront of contemporary art today. This intimate, critical biography chronicles Abramovi 's formative and until now undocumented years in Yugoslavia, and tells the story of her partnership with the German artist Ulay--one of the twentieth century's great examples of the fusion of artistic and private life.

In one of many long-durational performances in the renewed solo career that followed, Abramovi famously lived in a New York gallery for twelve days without eating or speaking, nourished only by prolonged eye contact with audience members. It was here, in 2002, that author James Westcott first encountered her, beginning an exceptionally close relation between biographer and subject. "When Marina Abramovi Dies" draws on Westcott's personal observations of Abramovi, his unprecedented access to her archive, and hundreds of hours of interviews he conducted with the artist and the people closest to her. The result is a unique and vivid portrait of the charismatic self-proclaimed "grandmother of performance art.""

My Life in Flux--And Vice Versa
My Life in Flux--And Vice Versa
Hardcover      ISBN: 0500973989