Nature in Art
Wild Animal Portraits Adult Coloring Book
Wild Animal Portraits Adult Coloring Book
Paperback      ISBN: 0486791769
Thirty-one exquisitely detailed portraits of creatures of the jungle, desert, forest, rivers, and oceans include a lion, wolf, otter, chimpanzee, and many others. Perforated pages, printed on one side only.
Wild Animals: How to Draw Elephants, Tigers, Lions and Other Animals
Wild Animals
How to Draw Elephants, Tigers, Lions and Other Animals
Paperback      ISBN: 1782212930
Since the first examples prehistoric cave art, we can see that animals have held a great fascination with artists. Every civilization through history has sought to depict animal forms an obsession which persists in art today. Giovanni Civardi shares his expert advice on observing animal anatomy, form and structure and employing perspective to capture a variety of wild animals with lifelike detail. This inspirational and easy-to-follow guide will suit beginners as well as more expert artists providing a comprehensive overview of the techniques including advice and suggestions for the practical aspects of drawing from life.
Wildlife Projects: 28 Favorite Projects & Patterns
Wildlife Projects
28 Favorite Projects & Patterns
Paperback      ISBN: 1565235029
Best of Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts: Wildlife Projects is jam-packed full of 29 extraordinary animal projects for the scroll saw. These tried and true favorite projects are plucked from the archives of Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts, the foremost periodical on scroll sawing. Join your favorite authors, including Kathy Wise, Gary Browning, Charles Dearing, and Lora Irish, as they scroll handsome projects from the animal kingdom. Readers can create birds, pets, sealife, North American wildlife, and African big cats in wood. Here's a selelction of the animals you'll find inside: rooster, blue jay, cat, rabbit, crab, turtle, bear, elk, wolf, tiger, and lion.
Winter Birds
Winter Birds
Hardcover      ISBN: 1472942817
The winter months offer the perfect opportunity for us to become better acquainted with our favorite birds. As they forage in gardens for seeds and berries, we are gifted with the chance to watch from the comfort of our homes, and learn more about their behavior and special characteristics. In this stunning book, one of the world's finest bird artists, Lars Jonsson, explores 40 of Sweden's best-loved winter birds. Each bird is illustrated in classic Jonsson style, with text on its identification, cultural history, and the author's own personal observations.

Wordsworth's Gardens and Flowers: The Spirit of Paradise
Wordsworth's Gardens and Flowers
The Spirit of Paradise
Hardcover      ISBN: 1851498958
Young Artists Draw Animals
Young Artists Draw Animals
Paperback      ISBN: 0823007189
Do You Love Animals? Now you can learn to draw them on your own! This book has everything that the animal-loving artist needs! To get started, you'll learn how to draw animals' basic head and body shapes . . . and that's just the beginning! Over 100 different animals from around the world—from playful dogs, cuddly cats, and hungry bears to clever monkeys, giant giraffes, and ferocious sharks—are broken down into easy-to-follow steps so that you can start drawing all of your favorite animals right away. Also available as an eBook
Hardcover      ISBN: 0997813849
ZOOFLAKES is a series of animal-themed designs that resemble snowflakes, created by the husband/wife team of Brian and Becky Masuga. Guided by their mission, “Conservation Through Creativity,
The Zoomorphic Imagination in Chinese Art and Culture
The Zoomorphic Imagination in Chinese Art and Culture
Hardcover      ISBN: 0824846761
China has an age-old zoomorphic tradition. The First Emperor was famously said to have had the heart of a tiger and a wolf. The names of foreign tribes were traditionally written with characters that included animal radicals. In modern times, the communist government frequently referred to Nationalists as “running dogs,