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Green Witchcraft III: The Manual
Green Witchcraft III
The Manual
Paperback      ISBN: 1567186882
Green Witchcraft is at the core of earth magic, the Witchcraft of the Natural Witch, the Kitchen Witch, and the Cottage Witch. It is herbal, attuned to nature, and the foundation upon which any Craft tradition may be built. In this manual, hereditary Witch Ann Moura presents the Craft as a course of instruction, with eight magical classes that correspond to the eight Sabbats. This companion handbook to Green Witchcraft and Green Witchcraft II can also be used alone as an exploration of the Green path. Cultivate your knowledge of earth magic with the following lessons: ·Introduction to the Craft, Basic Equipment, Altars ·Casting a Learning Circle, Meditation, and Technique ·Divination with the Celtic Ogham ·Consecration of a Statue, Divine Couples, Holy Days ·Divinations: Crystal Ball Scrying, Black Mirror Gazing ·Casting and Creating Spells, Herb Craft, Candle Magic ·Green Rules of Conduct, Circle Casting ·Stones and Crystals, Elixir Preparations Return to your roots and grow wise the ways of Green magic with Green Witchcraft III, The Manual.
God Against The Gods: The History of the War between Monotheism and Polytheism
God Against The Gods
The History of the War between Monotheism and Polytheism
Paperback      ISBN: 0142196339
Examining the roots of religious extremism, the author of The Woman Who Laughed at God describes the struggle between monotheism and polytheism in the ancient world, revealing the dark side of monotheism--holy war, inquistions, crusades, and martyrdom--and the brighter side of polytheism, including its emphasis on religious liberty and diversity. Reprint.
The Science and Practice of Humility: The Path to Ultimate Freedom
The Science and Practice of Humility
The Path to Ultimate Freedom
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1620553635
"Humility, being open and receptive to all experience, is the key to becoming one with the spontaneous patterns of the universe. Integrates classic teachings of Hinduism and Buddhism with principles of quantum physics to reveal the science of the enlightened masters. Reveals how we are each capable of shifting from the aggressive path of the warrior to the humble path of the sage. Explains how the key to catching the current acceleration of conscious evolution is humility. From Krishna and Lao-tzu to Buddha and Jesus, each enlightened master discovered how being receptive to all experience was the key to becoming one with the universe and its spontaneous patterns of order and chaos. Revealing humility as the purest expression of this receptivity, Jason Gregory integrates classic teachings of Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Hermeticism with principles from quantum physics to explain the science of humility as practiced by the ancient masters. The author shows how, driven by fear, the human mind creates the ego. In its greedy and arrogant quest to protect the self and its desires, the ego forges the illusion of separation, weaving complex patterns of reality that shield us from our unity with all beings and result in attitudes of aggression, selfishness, and competition. He reveals how the iconic clash between this complex, aggressive "path of the warrior" and the simple "path of the sage" is reflected in the polarized state of the modern world. Yet this state also reflects the accelerating wave of conscious evolution we are now experiencing. The key to catching this evolutionary wave is humility: the reversal of complexity into simplicity, the ancient science of mental alchemy that represents the Great Work of Eternity"--
Going Home: Jesus and Buddha As Brothers
Going Home
Jesus and Buddha As Brothers
Paperback      ISBN: 1573228303
A respected Buddhist teacher, a Vietnamese monk, explores the nature of modern humankind's spiritual displacement, offers a joyful discussion of the roots of Christianity and Buddhism, and builds an affirmative and revitalizing dialogue between the two faiths. Reprint.
Witchcraft: Theory and Practice
Theory and Practice
Paperback      ISBN: 156718782x
Explains the tenets of witchcraft and its methodology, and describes how to invoke and utilize powers of nature, identify and interpret omens, and practice simple spells.
The Temple: Meeting Place of Heaven and Earth
The Temple
Meeting Place of Heaven and Earth
Paperback      ISBN: 0500810508
This cross-cultural compendium shows howthe holy meeting place is common to faithsand sites from Greece to Mexico, fromJerusalem to Cambodia and beyond.
Welcoming Flowers from Across the Cleansed Threshold of Hope: An Answer to Pope John Paul II's Criticism of Buddhism
Welcoming Flowers from Across the Cleansed Threshold of Hope
An Answer to Pope John Paul II's Criticism of Buddhism
Paperback      ISBN: 161180163x
A response to the Buddhism chapter of Pope John Paul II's best-selling book Crossing the Threshold of Hope. In 1993, an Italian reporter asked Pope John Paul II to speak on the subject of Buddhism, especially its doctrine of salvation and its relationship to Christianity. The Pope's answer, which was published as part of a book the following year, grossly misrepresents the Buddhist worldview, claims respected Buddhist teacher Thinley Norbu. Welcoming Flowers is Norbu's attempt to identify and correct such errors. In responding to the false charges of Buddhists' indifference to evil and disengagement from the world, Norbu clarifies the Buddhist doctrines of detachment, or nonclinging, and enlightenment. In addition, he covers the topics of sin, human nature, karma, and compassion, bringing them into conversation with the Christian perspective.
Unparalleled: How Christianity's Uniqueness Makes It Compelling
How Christianity's Uniqueness Makes It Compelling
Paperback      ISBN: 080100859x
Explores how Christianity is different from other religions and philosophies of the world.
God: A Human History
A Human History
Hardcover      ISBN: 055339472x
From the bestselling author of Zealot and host of the new CNN series Believer comes a fascinating account of humanity’s struggle to make sense of the divine, and how the idea of god, from its prehistoric origins to its emergence as a single divine personality, continues to offer new ways of connecting people of different faiths today.
Compassion and Meditation: The Spiritual Dynamic Between Buddhism and Christianity
Compassion and Meditation
The Spiritual Dynamic Between Buddhism and Christianity
Paperback      ISBN: 1594772770
Examines how complementary themes in Buddhism and Christianity may serve as a basis for an ecumenical faith, drawing parallels between Zen meditation and the Greek Orthodox practice of Hesychasm, the common values demonstrated by Jesus and the Buddha, and the ways in which each faith can benefit from the other. Original.