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100 Years of Bell Telephones: With Price Guide
100 Years of Bell Telephones
With Price Guide
Paperback      ISBN: 0887408729
1005 Salt & Pepper Shakers
1005 Salt & Pepper Shakers
Paperback      ISBN: 0764308807
Cutwater: Speedboats and Launches from the Golden Age of Boating
Speedboats and Launches from the Golden Age of Boating
Hardcover      ISBN: 1879301040
Different Truths: Ethnomedicine in Early Postcards
Different Truths
Ethnomedicine in Early Postcards
Paperback      ISBN: 9460220177
Throughout history, native peoples around the world have looked for ways to prevent and treat illness. This book illustrates such traditions through a selection of colonial postcards from the early 20th century. These cards are a rich source of visual information about native health and healing, which has been largely overlooked. The book also investigates the meanings of these images for those who produced and collected them. It makes clear that colonial postcards reveal as much about the collectors as it does about the subjects. It also cautions that pictorial postcards may be less truthful than they seem to be, because photographers and publishers regularly interfered with their mise-en-scene, production and descriptions. The book accompanies an exhibition in the Tropenmuseum.
Antique Brass Wind Instruments: Identification and Value Guide
Antique Brass Wind Instruments
Identification and Value Guide
Paperback      ISBN: 076430027x
Terrific Tablecloths: From the '40s & '50s
Terrific Tablecloths
From the '40s & '50s
Paperback      ISBN: 0764319027
Indian Blankets and Their Makers.
Indian Blankets and Their Makers.
Paperback      ISBN: 0486229963
History, old-style wool blankets, changes brought about by traders, symbolism of design and color, a Navajo weaver at work, more. Emphasis on Navajo. Includes information on the Bayeta blanket, squaw dresses, dyeing, belts, garters, hair braids, imitation blankets, the ChimayĆ³ blanket, and reliable dealers. 254 illustrations, 32 in color.
Poster Collection 04: Hors-Sol-Poster Actions in Switzerland
Poster Collection 04
Hors-Sol-Poster Actions in Switzerland
Paperback      ISBN: 3907078543
Collecting More Household Linens: With Values
Collecting More Household Linens
With Values
Paperback      ISBN: 0764302086
Zenith Radio: The Early Years : 1919-1935
Zenith Radio
The Early Years : 1919-1935
Paperback      ISBN: 0764303678
Documents the story of Zenith radio and company development from 1919 through 1935, drawing on company archives and a newly discovered file of one of Zenith's founders, and presents an illustrated catalog of nearly every Chicago Radio Laboratory and Zenith radio model produced during the period, plus a table of information on radio prices and rarity. Includes color photo portraits of the opulent, fanciful radios of the era, and many b&w photos. For collectors and radio aficionados. Oversize: 11.25x8.5. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.