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Historic Stock Certificates Europe Vol 1
Historic Stock Certificates Europe Vol 1
Hardcover      ISBN: 3874393968
Indian Blankets and Their Makers.
Indian Blankets and Their Makers.
Paperback      ISBN: 0486229963
History, old-style wool blankets, changes brought about by traders, symbolism of design and color, a Navajo weaver at work, more. Emphasis on Navajo. Includes information on the Bayeta blanket, squaw dresses, dyeing, belts, garters, hair braids, imitation blankets, the ChimayĆ³ blanket, and reliable dealers. 254 illustrations, 32 in color.
Collecting More Household Linens: With Values
Collecting More Household Linens
With Values
Paperback      ISBN: 0764302086
Terrific Tablecloths: From the '40s & '50s
Terrific Tablecloths
From the '40s & '50s
Paperback      ISBN: 0764319027
Submarines: Leviathans of the Deep
Leviathans of the Deep
Hardcover      ISBN: 156799427x
The Collector's Cabinet: Tales, Facts & Fictions from the World of Antiques
The Collector's Cabinet
Tales, Facts & Fictions from the World of Antiques
Paperback      ISBN: 1848319118
Explore the wonderful world of antiques and collectables with Antiques Roadshow regular Marc Allum. Go in search of stolen masterpieces, learn the secrets of the forgers, track down Napoleon's toothbrush, and meet the garden gnome insured for $1.5 million. Eclectic, eccentric, and brimming with remarkable tales from history, The Collector's Cabinet is for all those who are fascinated by the relics of the past. Marc Allum is a freelance art and antiques writer, broadcaster, consultant, and lecturer based in Wiltshire. He has been a miscellaneous specialist on the BBC'sAntiques Roadshow since 1998.
Only in Minnesota
Only in Minnesota
Hardcover      ISBN: 0896585344
Only in Minnesota is a pictorial tribute to all that makes the state unique. Combining the natural, historical, and cultural facets of life in Minnesota, it showcases the people and what they do for fun (the Uptown Art Fair, ice fishing), where they live (from the cities of Minneapolis, St. Paul, Duluth, and Rochester to smaller towns and rural regions in between), their favorite places (Mille Lacs, Split Rock Lighthouse), and more. More than 160 dazzling, four-color photographs, showing a variety of subjects--from farms and churches to tourist destinations and state parks; from nature scenes to city festivals and cultural events--are the focus of Only in Minnesota. These photographs are accented by lively captions and fun facts. The result is a homage to the Gopher state from a local author and photographer whose love for Minnesota comes through on every page. Roxanne Kjarum is a freelance photographer who shoots advertising for money and the natural world for love. Her first published work was in Sierra Club magazine in 1988; since then her photography has appeared in numerous publications, including MPLS.ST.PAUL Magazine, Lake Superior Magazine, and Metropolitan Home.
The Unauthorized Guide to Cracker Jack Advertising Collectibles
The Unauthorized Guide to Cracker Jack Advertising Collectibles
Paperback      ISBN: 076430643x
TV and Film Toys and Ephemera
TV and Film Toys and Ephemera
Hardcover      ISBN: 1861269269
Since before World War Two manufacturers of toys and games have sought to cash in on the popularity of children's films and radio and television programmes by producing toys relating to them. This work talks about this topic.
The Clock Repairer's Handbook
The Clock Repairer's Handbook
Paperback      ISBN: 1602399611
A how-to guide to diagnosing and correcting faults in clocks, antique and modern.