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The Lower Manhattan Plan: The 1966 Vision for Downtown New York
The Lower Manhattan Plan
The 1966 Vision for Downtown New York
Paperback      ISBN: 1568983808

In the mid-1960s, New York City Mayor Robert Wagner assembled a team of the best and brightest urban designers and architects to decide the future of downtown Manhattan. After six months of drawing and discussion, they produced The Lower Manhattan Plan, a 368-page document that was hand-typed, hand-bound, and photocopied. Only 100 copies were made. But in spite of the limited number, this became the most influential document in determining the physical appearance of lower Manhattan.

Now, as the future of downtown Manhattan is being reconsidered, The Lower Manhattan Plan takes on new relevance, offers new parallels for transforming Manhattan, and provides a thoughtful and careful consideration of many issues that are as pressing today as they were when the World Trade Centers were just beginning construction.

This complete reprint of the original document has a new introduction by urban historian Ann Buttenwieser and a preface by Skyscraper Museum Director Carol Willis.

Classical Architecture: The Poetics of Order
Classical Architecture
The Poetics of Order
Paperback      ISBN: 026270031x

This fascinating introduction to classical art and architecture is the first book to investigate the way classical buildings are put together as formal structures. It researches the generative rules, the poetics of composition that classical architecture shares with classical music, poetry, and drama, and is enriched by a variety of examples and an extensive analysis of compositional rules. The 205 line drawings make up a discourse of their own, a pictorial text that serves as an introductory theory of composition or basic design aid.

Drawing from Vitruvius, the poetics of Aristotle, the theories of classical architecture, music, and poetry since the Renaissance, and the poetics of the Russian formalists, the authors present classical architecture as a coherent system of architectural thinking that is capable of producing a tragic humanistic discourse, a public art with critical, moral, and philosophical meaning.

Art Nouveau: An Architectural Indulgence
Art Nouveau
An Architectural Indulgence
Paperback      ISBN: 1901092348

Art Nouveau was a multinational movement that flowered simultaneously in many cities of Europe and the Americas, driven by the enthusiasm of a new century. It was a quiet revolution headed by distinguished architects whose names will forever remain synonymous with opulence and innovation: Guimard in France, Horta in Belgium, Sullivan in America, Gaudi in Spain, Mackintsoh in Scotland, Saarinen in Finland. The series of movements that formed Art Nouveau are introduced by Victor Arwas, a leading international expert on the period, and described in a series of essays by prominent specialists.

Then & Now
Then & Now
Hardcover      ISBN: 0785811168

History's most fascinating landmarks are brought to life in vivid see-through reconstructions in this richly illustrated series. In Then and Now, famous landmarks such as the Acropolis, the Coliseum, and the Tower of London are pictured as when just built and as they look now. Cities: Then and Now, documents how places such as Rome, Prague, and San Francisco appeared in their initial stages and how they have changed throughout history. Bible: Then & Now, features reconstructions of Jerusalem, Babylon, Jericho and eleven other Biblical sites as well as fascinating insight into legacies and people of the Biblical world. Battlefields: Then & Now, describes the sites, battles and leaders behind some of history's greatest conflicts, from Guatemala to Desert Storm.

Architecture: Choice or Fate
Choice or Fate
Paperback      ISBN: 1901092038

Leon Krier is one of the most provocative architectural critics of this century who has consistently questioned the wisdom of the principles of the modem movement in both architecture and urban planning. As he forcefully reminds us, architecture is no longer the domain of architects alone. He explains the alternative options in clear language and clarifies them with incisive drawings.

This polemic is essential reading for anyone concerned with the state and direction of architecture and urban planning today. It is an essential tool in the art of building cities, an art that we have lost. Winner of the 1997 silver medal of the Academie francaise.

The Painted Ladies Revisited: San Francisco's Resplendent Victorians Inside and Out
The Painted Ladies Revisited
San Francisco's Resplendent Victorians Inside and Out
Paperback      ISBN: 0525485082

A photographic survey of the renovated and repainted Victorian houses restored to their place of pride by current owners and residents

A Landscape of Events
A Landscape of Events
Paperback      ISBN: 0262720345

Phenomena such as urban rioting and media coverage of the Gulf War viewed as evidence of the contemporary acceleration of events.

Introduction by Bernard Tschumi. In A Landscape of Events, the celebrated French architect, urban planner, and philosopher Paul Virilio focuses on the cultural chaos of the 1980s and 1990s. It was a time, he writes, that reflected the "cruelty of an epoch, the hills and dales of daily life, the usual clumps of habits and commonplaces."Urban disorientation, the machines of war, and the acceleration of events in contemporary life are Virilio's ongoing concerns. He explores them in events ranging from media coverage of the Gulf War to urban rioting and lawlessness. Some will see Virilio as a pessimist discouraged by "the acceleration of the reality of time," while others will find his recording of "atypical events" to be clairvoyant.

The Struggle for Modernism: Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and City Planning at Harvard
The Struggle for Modernism
Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and City Planning at Harvard
Hardcover      ISBN: 0393730484

This remarkable volume tells the unique history of modernism as reflected in the teaching of architecture, landscape architecture, and city planning at Harvard University's Graduate School of Design. Tracing developments at the GSD, which was home from 1937 to 1952 of Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius, Anthony Alofsin reveals that America had initiated its own modern agenda before the arrival of the European modernist ideology. Filled with archival photographs and plans that have never been published before, this book will be of great interest to students and professionals in the fields of art, architecture, and design, as well as to architectural historians.

World House Now: Contemporary Architectural Directions
World House Now
Contemporary Architectural Directions
Paperback      ISBN: 0789308851

"World House Now" is the sequel to "America House Now "and "European House Now" in Universe's popular and affordable architecture series, books that are the leading surveys of their field. This volume showcases international talent, including such well-recognized architects as Tadao Ando (Japan), Glenn Murcutt (Australia), Samuel Mockbee (US), and rising stars like Shigeru Ban (Japan), TEN Arquitectos (Mexico), and Edge/Gary Chang (Hong Kong).
Domestic architecture is constantly changing; "World House Now" showcases over twenty houses all built in the last three years to illuminate current trends in domestic architecture and house styles. Part of the perennial appeal of modernism is its adaptability to local climates, geographies, and construction methods. These houses illustrate how contemporary design is successfully translated across international borders.

Stone Work: Designing With Stone
Stone Work
Designing With Stone
Hardcover      ISBN: 1864700831

Provides a focus on the role stone can play in making exceptional architecture. This book, working on the principle that the continued evolution of stone buildings will lead to architecture possessing a full and consistent meaning for our times, strives to take advantage of all the methods for fabrication and installation.