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Architecture and the Sciences: Exchanging Metaphors
Architecture and the Sciences
Exchanging Metaphors
Paperback      ISBN: 1568983654
Since antiquity, the sciences have served as a source of images and metaphors for architecture and have had a direct influence on the shaping of built space. In recent years, architects have been looking again at science as a source of inspiration in the production of their designs and constructions. This volume evaluates the interconnections between the sciences and architecture from both historical and contemporary perspectives. Architecture and the Sciences shows how scientific paradigms have migrated to architecture through the appropriation of organic and mechanical models. Conversely, architecture has provided images for scientific and technological discourse. Accordingly, this volume investigates the status of the exchanges between the two domains. Contents include: Alessandra Ponte, Desert Testing; Martin Bressani, Violet-le-Duc's Optic; Georges Teyssot, Norm and Type: Variations on a Theme; Reinhold Martin, Organicism's Other; Catherine Ingraham, Why All These Birds? Birds in the Sky, Birds in the Hand; Antoine Picon, Architecture, Science, Technology and the Virtual Realm; and Felicity Scott, Encounters with the Face of America.
The Metapolis Dictionary of Advanced Architecture: City, Technology and Society in the Information Age
The Metapolis Dictionary of Advanced Architecture
City, Technology and Society in the Information Age
Hardcover      ISBN: 8495951223
In the format of a selective dictionary of cross-referenced terms, Metapolis identifies a new architectural will within the contemporary social and cultural panorama. It contributes to a global vision of the emerging new architectural action that participates in "advanced culture" and visual art disciplines and technology. The book speaks of an architecture inscribed in the information society and influenced by the new technologies, the new economy, environmental concerns and individual interests. The diversity of authors and works is invaluable for the generational intersections in theory discourse. Featuring Manuel Gausa, Vicente Guallart, Willy Müller, Federico Soriano, José Morales, Fernando Porras, Iñaki balos y Juan Herreros, José Alfonso Ballesteros, Xavier Costa, Enric Ruiz-Geli, Alejandro Zaera Polo.
Coming from the South
Coming from the South
Paperback      ISBN: 8495273039
One gets the impression from most books about architecture and the city that the world is a flat place inhabited by very rich countries, plus others that are very poor and who are trying as fast as they can -via primitive capitalism - to stop being so. More complex physical and geographical realities exist, however, as well as places with middling economies. In this book Eduard Bru speaks of some of these places in the South of Europe, as well as on other continents. He does this through his own projects and writings, and those of different friends, organized according to a certain mise en scene: The book opens with a number of theoretical articles and schemes oriented towards thinking about the specific conditions of the project in those contexts.
Philip Johnson: The Glass House
Philip Johnson
The Glass House
Hardcover      ISBN: 0679423737
The Big House: A Century in the Life of an American Summer Home
The Big House
A Century in the Life of an American Summer Home
Paperback      ISBN: 074324964x
A dual history of the Colt family and their summer house on Cape Cod recounts the house's construction one hundred years earlier, the idiosyncratic personalities that stayed there throughout five generations, the major family events that took place there, and the family's last month in the house. Reprint. 25,000 first printing.
Cast-Iron Architecture in New York: A Photographic Survey
Cast-Iron Architecture in New York
A Photographic Survey
Paperback      ISBN: 0486229807
Home by Design: Transforming Your House into Home
Home by Design
Transforming Your House into Home
Hardcover      ISBN: 1561586188
The author of The Not So Big house offers a new approach to home design, presenting thirty important design concepts that can transform any house into a warm, comfortable, original space. 150,000 first printing. $100,000 ad/promo.
Bogs, Baths, and Basins: The Story of Domestic Sanitation
Bogs, Baths, and Basins
The Story of Domestic Sanitation
Hardcover      ISBN: 0750927933
A History of Architecture: Settings and Rituals
A History of Architecture
Settings and Rituals
Hardcover      ISBN: 0195083784
A history of architecture from the prehistoric environments of the Stone Age to Post-Modernism, which encompasses both Western and non-Western traditions
Architect?: A Candid Guide to the Profession
A Candid Guide to the Profession
Paperback      ISBN: 0262621215
A basic guide to the architectural profession. The book addresses issues and concerns of relevance to students choosing among different types of programme, schools, firms and architectural career paths and explores both the up-side and the down-side to the profession.