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Those Twentieth Century Blues: An Autobiography
Those Twentieth Century Blues
An Autobiography
Hardcover      ISBN: 0091753074
Invisible Republic: Bob Dylan's Basement Tapes
Invisible Republic
Bob Dylan's Basement Tapes
Paperback      ISBN: 0805058427
A study of the Basement tapes, recordings made by Bob Dylan and the Band in Woodstock, New York, in 1967, analyzes this secret music never intended for release in terms of its place in contemporary music and in Dylan's career
You Can Teach Yourself Uke
You Can Teach Yourself Uke
Paperback      ISBN: 0786667885
Glenn Gould
Glenn Gould
Hardcover      ISBN: 0385189958
Musicians, artists, writers, conductors, music critics, producers, and Gould himself share their impressions of the eccentric piano genius
Ticket to Ride: Inside the Beatles' 1964 & 1965 Tours That Changed the World
Ticket to Ride
Inside the Beatles' 1964 & 1965 Tours That Changed the World
Paperback      ISBN: 014303426x
An insider's chronicle of the world's first major rock-and-roll tour follows the Beatles' groundbreaking 1965 and 1965 North American tours, following the legendary group around the country as they evolved from four young musicians from Liverpool into rock icons. Reprint.
The Stone Roses and the Resurrection of British Pop
The Stone Roses and the Resurrection of British Pop
Paperback      ISBN: 009187887x
The Stone Roses is acknowledged as one of the most important albums of all time, and the band of the same name single-handedly set the stage for the resurgence of British rock and roll in the 1990s. This is a fully revised and updated biography by a journalist at the forefront of underground music.
Making Money Making Music: The Musician's Guide to Cover Gigs
Making Money Making Music
The Musician's Guide to Cover Gigs
Paperback      ISBN: 087930720x
You could be the greatest player in the world, but until you get in front of a live audience, your talent means nothing. Written in straight-forward language by professional gigging musicians, Making Money Making Music guides artists through every aspect of achieving financial success through lucrative cover gigs. This easy-to-use reference shows readers how to start or join a cover band, choose the right cover songs, land the first gigs or get better ones, handle marketing and promotion, use proper sound and lighting systems, put on a killer show, and much more.
Fingerstyle Swing
Fingerstyle Swing
Paperback      ISBN: 0786649682
A Prairie Home Companion Folk Song Book
A Prairie Home Companion Folk Song Book
Hardcover      ISBN: 0670821594
A collection of songs submitted to the "Department of Folk Songs" on the popular radio show "Prairie Home Companion" includes sea chanteys, lullabies, Native American ballads, parodies, and nonsense songs
Home Recording Made Easy: Professional Recording on a Demo Budget
Home Recording Made Easy
Professional Recording on a Demo Budget
2nd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1860743501
Fully updated to explain digital editing, computer maintenance, system enhancement, CD burning and mastering, this book covers the whole range of home recording techniques, from acoustically treating your studio to arriving at a completed master. Illustrated throughout with easy-to-follow diagrams and screen shots, this second edition is an indispensable handbook for every aspiring home-studio owner.