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The Complete Photo Guide to Home Repair: With 350 Projects and Over 2,000 Photos
The Complete Photo Guide to Home Repair
With 350 Projects and Over 2,000 Photos
Paperback      ISBN: 1589235371
Bigger and better than ever The two previous editions of the book known by home improvement retailers as “Big Red
The Work: 25 Years of Fallon
The Work
25 Years of Fallon
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0974380652
Insanity is contagious. How else do you explain five fresh-faced Minnesotans who were crazy enough to believe, way back in 1981, that a start-up agency in Minneapolis could fire a warning shot of creativity across the bow of Madison Avenue? How else do you explain these same five camping out, uninvited, in the lobby of their first new business pitch with a portfolio full of ads, and then actually winning the damn thing-against 16 other agencies? How else do you explain the restless clients, big and small, who quickly came running? Or the hundreds of amazingly talented people who flocked here to be part of this crazy experiment on the prairie?From the world's largest bank to the Episcopal Church; from The Wall Street Journal to Rolling Stone, from Hush Puppies to United Airlines.Celebrating 25 years of creativity that has helped drive results and ultimately outsmart the competition.

The Story of Graphic Design in France
The Story of Graphic Design in France
Hardcover      ISBN: 158423220x
Tells the story of the development of design in France; detailing the influences of places as far as Russia, Switzerland and Poland. This book illustrates the coming to the fore of French graphic design, information design, multimedia and television, and places graphic design amongst the fields of fine art, and other artistic disciplines.
Graduation Guide for Design Students
Graduation Guide for Design Students
Hardcover      ISBN: 9063692862
This book is the perfect gift for all design students who embark on their most stressful year in design education: graduation year. This guide helps the student to graduate as a designer by giving practical advice, design advice, and by suggesting ways to make graduation less stressful and more enjoyable. The advice is always very much on point and presented as double-page spread posters with smart and funny illustrations and short handwritten texts. You would want many of the spreads to hang on the door of your student room or studio. The dust jacket is a fold-out poster that you can actually put on your wall. It is maybe the most important advice for the final exam student: "Work Hard, Have Fun & Nooo Drama!"
H5: Gas Book
Gas Book
Hardcover      ISBN: 4861002257
A Century of Thai Graphic Design
A Century of Thai Graphic Design
Hardcover      ISBN: 9748225429
Featuring over 5,500 items ranging from the mid-19th century to the 1960s, A Century of Thai Graphic Design examines the changes in everyday Thai life and culture by studying its printed material. The first printing machines were introduced into Thailand by missionaries in the 17th century, but printing in general did not really take off until the 1830s, during the reign of King Rama III. Since that time, Thailand has developed a rich library of graphic images using an alphabet unique to the language. A Century of Thai Graphic Design examines the many facets of Thai graphics, from early newspapers and funeral books, to political propaganda, film posters, children's cartoon books, labels and advertisements for household products. With the help of the foremost collectors in each particular field, Anake Nawigamune has assembled a collection of words and imagery which provides a visual history that will fascinate designers, historians and all those interested in Thai culture and society.
Black & Decker Complete Home Repair
Black & Decker Complete Home Repair
Paperback      ISBN: 1589233557
Complemented by 2,300 photographs and illustrations, this comprehensive guide to home repair, renovation, and improvement features 350 practical projects that range from replacing old windows, to childproofing, along with new sections on choosing and selecting tools, home workshops, and home health, safety, and security, and peel-and-stick reminder labels to track home maintenance.
American Modernism: Graphic Design 1920
American Modernism
Graphic Design 1920
Trade Paperback      ISBN: 1856693457
R. Roger Remington begins by discussing the emergence of Modernism and its major historical influences, including European avant-garde art movements, technology, geopolitical issues, popular culture, educational innovations such as the Bauhaus, architecture, industrial design, and photography. The heart of the book brings together the key works of mid-century Modernism, presenting them chronologically from the 1930s to the 1950s. The final section shows the impact of and reactions to these Modernist influences as graphic design in America matured into the 1960s and beyond.
Cabins: A Guide to Building Your Own Nature Retreat
A Guide to Building Your Own Nature Retreat
Paperback      ISBN: 1552093735
Illustrated guide to designing and building a wilderness cabin, cottage or camp.
Twisted: Urban Visionary Landscapes in Contemporary Painting
Urban Visionary Landscapes in Contemporary Painting
Paperback      ISBN: 9070149818