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A Century of Thai Graphic Design
A Century of Thai Graphic Design
Hardcover      ISBN: 9748225429

Featuring over 5,500 items ranging from the mid-19th century to the 1960s, A Century of Thai Graphic Design examines the changes in everyday Thai life and culture by studying its printed material.
The first printing machines were introduced into Thailand by missionaries in the 17th century, but printing in general did not really take off until the 1830s, during the reign of King Rama III. Since that time, Thailand has developed a rich library of graphic images using an alphabet unique to the language.
A Century of Thai Graphic Design examines the many facets of Thai graphics, from early newspapers and funeral books, to political propaganda, film posters, children's cartoon books, labels and advertisements for household products.
With the help of the foremost collectors in each particular field, Anake Nawigamune has assembled a collection of words and imagery which provides a visual history that will fascinate designers, historians and all those interested in Thai culture and society.

New Complete Do-It-Yourself Manual
New Complete Do-It-Yourself Manual
Hardcover      ISBN: 0895773783

The most complete and authoritative home repair manual ever published, this book is the yardstick by which all other books on do-it-yourself are measured. The definitive guide to home repair, maintenance, and improvement. Over 4,000 illustrations.

Posters for the Millenium: Poster Auctions International, Inc Xxxix
Posters for the Millenium
Poster Auctions International, Inc Xxxix
Hardcover      ISBN: 1929530137
J.E.H. Macdonald, Designer: An Anthology of Graphic Design, Illustration and Lettering
J.E.H. Macdonald, Designer
An Anthology of Graphic Design, Illustration and Lettering
Hardcover      ISBN: 0886293049

The design work of Group of Seven painter J.E.H. MacDonald was not only central to his personal artistic development, but inseparable from the graphic design industry in Toronto from the 1890s to the 1930s: the golden age of book and magazine illustration. This connection has been largely overshadowed by his painting. Now this splendid book, tracing MacDonald's involvement with fine printing, book design and commercial art, raises the profile of graphic design as a formative influence in Canadian visual culture.

Poster Persuasion: Poster Auctions International Xxxvi
Poster Persuasion
Poster Auctions International Xxxvi
Hardcover      ISBN: 1929530218
Poster Style
Poster Style
Hardcover      ISBN: 1929530242
Summer Colors
Summer Colors
by Unknown
Italian    Paperback      ISBN: 888641658x
Reel Art: Great Posters from the Golden Age of the Silver Screen
Reel Art
Great Posters from the Golden Age of the Silver Screen
Hardcover      ISBN: 0896598691

The four decades between 1910 and 1950 were the golden age of the American movie poster, an era when wonderful films wer promoted through the talents of legendary illustrators like Thomas Hart Benton, Norman Rockwell, Howard Chandler Christy and Jmes Montgomery Flagg, as well as a small army of unknowns. It was a time when big studios lavished fortunes on poster campaigns - from modest one-sheets posted on neighbourhood fences to the gargantuan forty-eight sheets that usurped entire sides of multi-storey buildings. Hollywood knew that the right image could seduce millions past the box office and into the theatre. Today such graphics fetch five-figure prices from collectors seeking a Casablanca or a King Kong.

Magazine Covers
Magazine Covers
Hardcover      ISBN: 1840006986

Structured thematically, with each chapter covering a specific genre of magazine, this book looks at the heydays of world-famous magazines. It considers the methodology, motivations and aims of the art directos and designers behind the best magazine covers.

Clip, Stamp, Fold: The Radical Architecture of Little Magazines 196x to 197x
Clip, Stamp, Fold
The Radical Architecture of Little Magazines 196x to 197x
Hardcover      ISBN: 8496954528

An explosion of little architectural magazines in the 1960s and 1970s instigated a radical transformation in architectural culture, as the magazines acted as a site of innovation and debate. Clip/Stamp/Fold takes stock of seventy little magazines from this period. The book brings together a remarkable range of documents and original research which the project has produced during its continuous travels over the last four years starting with the exhibition at the Storefront in November 2006. The book features transcripts from the “Small Talks