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Poster Collection 11: Handmade
Poster Collection 11
Paperback      ISBN: 3037780533
Workshops You Can Build
Workshops You Can Build
Paperback      ISBN: 1554070295
Ideas and techniques for designing and building workspaces inside and outside the home. Workshops are not just for carpenters and builders. The workshops in this book have been designed for writers, artists, furniture makers, boat builders, gardeners, collectors and those who like to maintain and restore old cars. And workshops don't have to be expensive - one of the workshops in this book was constructed inside a closet. Even the most elaborate separate building can be put up for a very reasonable cost if you follow the instructions in this book and do the work yourself. Based on the success of their previous best selling books - Cabins, Sheds and Playhouses You Can Build - the author team of David and Jeanie Stiles have combined their skills and experience to walk you step-by-step through the selection and construction of a workshop that will give you years of enjoyment and add to the value of your house when you come to sell. Just a few of the other fact-filled chapters in this book include: - Why and Where to Build -- how to design and plan a workshop in your basement, garage, attic, or building an addition or separate building - Building the Workshop -- construction and design fundamentals - Portable and Mini-Workshops -- no matter how little space you have, you can make something worthwhile - Skill Review -- a basic primer on woodworking skills that covers all the basics - no experience necessary. Workshops You Can Build is packed with over 300 detailed and beautiful illustrations by the author which show every step of the building process in detail.
Poster Collection 06: Visual Strategies Against AIDS/Visuelle Strategien Gegen AIDS : International AIDS Prevention Posters/Internationale Aids-praventionsplakate
Poster Collection 06
Visual Strategies Against AIDS/Visuelle Strategien Gegen AIDS : International AIDS Prevention Posters/Internationale Aids-praventionsplakate
German    Paperback      ISBN: 390707890x
Gas Book 23: Kuntzel And Deygas
Gas Book 23
Kuntzel And Deygas
Hardcover      ISBN: 4861003814
Poster Collection 04: Hors-Sol-Poster Actions in Switzerland
Poster Collection 04
Hors-Sol-Poster Actions in Switzerland
Paperback      ISBN: 3907078543
Storyboard Design Course: Principles, Practice, and Techniques: the Ultimate Guide for Artists, Directors, Producers, and Scriptwriters
Storyboard Design Course
Principles, Practice, and Techniques: the Ultimate Guide for Artists, Directors, Producers, and Scriptwriters
Paperback      ISBN: 0764137328
This profusely illustrated book of practical tutorials and interactive exercises is an essential instruction guide and textbook for aspiring movie and television storyboard artists. It will also serve as a valuable reference source and general orientation for everybody involved in the production process, including directors, producers, actors, and scriptwriters. Students will learn - How to develop sketching skills - How to interpret a film or a TV script in visual terms - How to understand the jargon and the conventions of the media - How to build scenes, plan shot sequences, and make use of special effects The author demonstrates uses of the storyboard in preparing advertising segments, live action films, TV dramatizations, music videos, animated cartoons, and computer games. He also offers advice on marketing and promotion, building a portfolio, creating a web site, and working with agencies and production companies. Case studies show readers how to create different types of storyboard for a wide range of professional assignments. Experienced storyboard artists advise students on how to succeed in this exciting industry. The book features more than 450 color illustrations.
A Century of Thai Graphic Design
A Century of Thai Graphic Design
Hardcover      ISBN: 9748225429
Featuring over 5,500 items ranging from the mid-19th century to the 1960s, A Century of Thai Graphic Design examines the changes in everyday Thai life and culture by studying its printed material. The first printing machines were introduced into Thailand by missionaries in the 17th century, but printing in general did not really take off until the 1830s, during the reign of King Rama III. Since that time, Thailand has developed a rich library of graphic images using an alphabet unique to the language. A Century of Thai Graphic Design examines the many facets of Thai graphics, from early newspapers and funeral books, to political propaganda, film posters, children's cartoon books, labels and advertisements for household products. With the help of the foremost collectors in each particular field, Anake Nawigamune has assembled a collection of words and imagery which provides a visual history that will fascinate designers, historians and all those interested in Thai culture and society.
Firecrackers: The Art and History
The Art and History
Paperback      ISBN: 1580081517
Provides a history of firecrackers, offering information on the manufacturing process, cultural use, and brands of firecrackers both common and rare.
Making and Breaking the Grid: A Graphic Design Layout Workshop
Making and Breaking the Grid
A Graphic Design Layout Workshop
Paperback      ISBN: 1592531253
For designers working in every medium, layout is arguable the most basic, and most important, element. Effective layout is essential to communication and enables the end user to not only be drawn in with an innovative design but to digest information easily. Making and Breaking the Grid is a comprehensive layout design workshop that assumes that in order to effectively break the rules of grid-based design, one must first understand those rules and see them applies to real-world projects. Text reveals top designersÆ work in process and rationale. Projects with similar characteristics are linked through a simple notational system that encourages exploration and comparison of structure ideas. Also included are historical overviews that summarize the development of layout concepts, both grid-based and non-grid based, in modern design practice.
Letters from the Avant-Garde: Modern Graphic Design
Letters from the Avant-Garde
Modern Graphic Design
Paperback      ISBN: 1568980523
Letters from the Avant-Garde presents designs for business ephemera -- including stationery, envelopes, postcards, and business cards -- created by F.T. Marinetti, André Breton, Herbert Bayer, Kurt Schwitters, El Lissitzky, Mies van der Rohe, Jan Tschichold, Ladislav Sutnar, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, and many others. Working in Europe and the U.S. between 1909 and 1950, these designers used printed stationery to project the public identities of avant-garde movements to an international community, disseminating modernist theory and practice around the globe via the postal service. Letters from the Avant-Garde features over 150 illustrations, in color and black and white, of printed ephemera from the collections of Elaine Lustig Cohen and other sources. Letters from the Avant-Garde is an invaluable resource for all those interested in graphic design, typography, and the history of modernism. Critical essays show how artists and designers mobilized the techniques of commercial communication to promote their ideals and ambitions. Gathered together for the first time, the materials presented in this book are typographic self-portraits of the most influential people and institutions in the development of modern design.