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A Century of Thai Graphic Design
A Century of Thai Graphic Design
Hardcover      ISBN: 9748225429
Featuring over 5,500 items ranging from the mid-19th century to the 1960s, A Century of Thai Graphic Design examines the changes in everyday Thai life and culture by studying its printed material. The first printing machines were introduced into Thailand by missionaries in the 17th century, but printing in general did not really take off until the 1830s, during the reign of King Rama III. Since that time, Thailand has developed a rich library of graphic images using an alphabet unique to the language. A Century of Thai Graphic Design examines the many facets of Thai graphics, from early newspapers and funeral books, to political propaganda, film posters, children's cartoon books, labels and advertisements for household products. With the help of the foremost collectors in each particular field, Anake Nawigamune has assembled a collection of words and imagery which provides a visual history that will fascinate designers, historians and all those interested in Thai culture and society.
Poster Collection 04: Hors-Sol-Poster Actions in Switzerland
Poster Collection 04
Hors-Sol-Poster Actions in Switzerland
Paperback      ISBN: 3907078543
Play Loud!
Play Loud!
by Klanten
Paperback      ISBN: 3899551575
Football (or soccer as it is called in the US) is unquestionably the most popular and celebrated sport worldwide. Children start kicking the ball around the streets and playgrounds at a young age, most of them dreaming of becoming charismatic football stars. Every four years, the globe goes football crazy over the most exclusive of competitions, the World Championship (World Cup), which this year, 2006, is being hosted by Germany. Companies support the game with millions on advertising campaigns using the very stars of the sport, but there is another side to traditional football advertising. Enthusiasm and celebration of the sport are visually and unofficially expressed at street level in cities the world over and, like music, football culture is a theme of major influence for many young designers. Play Loud! presents graphic street art as well as football-inspired illustrations, posters and flyers from around the world. Each country has its own way of showing its passion for the game. It is an eclectic, visual compilation taking you on a fantastically colorful journey around the world. With stunning visuals, Play Loud! also appeals to a general audience along with all those interested in the sport.
1,000 Greetings: Creative Correspondence Designed for All Occasions
1,000 Greetings
Creative Correspondence Designed for All Occasions
Paperback      ISBN: 1592530214
With designers constantly working for clients and having a limited amount of freedom in much of their work, the chance to strike out on their own and do something truly original and personal is a real luxury. The cards included represent some of the most creative design available so are a wonderful source of inspiration for all types of projects. All designers and design firms, whether in-house or freelance, create their own greeting cards which serve not only as a greeting card, but as an opportunity to show off their work in a totally unique and uninhibited light. In addition, they are the perfect project because they are small enough so they are not incredibly time consuming nor are they very expensive to produce, even with unique materials or treatments.
Poster Collection 05: Typotecture : Typography As Architectural Imagery
Poster Collection 05
Typotecture : Typography As Architectural Imagery
Paperback      ISBN: 3907078896
Stylepedia: A Guide to Graphic Design Mannerisms, Quirks, And Conceits
A Guide to Graphic Design Mannerisms, Quirks, And Conceits
Paperback      ISBN: 0811833461
A chunky, distinctive object of brilliant design in and of itself, Stylepedia is the first handy, cross-referenced desk guide to the kaleidoscope that is modern design. In hundreds of illustrated entries, Heller and Fili, the award-winning authors of Euro Deco and numerous other popular design titles, survey the designers, schools, and movements that comprise the practice today as well as take a fascinating glimpse back at some of the seminal early leaders. From the first Santa Claus to appear on a Coca-Cola bottle to the increasingly ubiquitous camouflage tee shirt, iconic everyday items of yesterday and today provide valuable inspiration to designers and design aficionados. As quirky as it is useful and positively packed with lavish color illustrations, this designer's design compendium is the only one of its kind.
Gas Book 23: Kuntzel And Deygas
Gas Book 23
Kuntzel And Deygas
Hardcover      ISBN: 4861003814
False Flat: Why Dutch Design Is So Good
False Flat
Why Dutch Design Is So Good
Hardcover      ISBN: 0714840696
False Flat documents the vitality of the current design scene in The Netherlands, one of today's most important centers of innovation and experimentation in architecture, urban planning, industrial design, and graphic design. Contemporary Dutch designers artfully recast and reinterpret known forms and modernist archetypes through technological know-how, creativity, and wit. The authors compare this transformation to the "false flat" of the subtly sloping Dutch landscape - the product of centuries of reclaiming territory from the waters of the North Sea and the Rhine. Written by Aaron Betsky with Adam Eeuwens, and designed by acclaimed Dutch graphic artist Irma Boom, False Flat brings to life the dynamism, diversity, and underlying structures of a unique and prolific design culture.
The World on Sunday: Graphic Art in Joseph Pulitzer's Newspaper, 1898-1911
The World on Sunday
Graphic Art in Joseph Pulitzer's Newspaper, 1898-1911
Hardcover      ISBN: 0821261932
Celebrates the artistry and graphic design that transformed Joseph Pulitzer's New York World at the turn of the twentieth century, presenting a wide array of cartoons, caricatures, typography, photography, drawings, maps, and other artwork from a variety of legendary illustrators. 10,000 first printing.
New Talent Annual '07/ '08
New Talent Annual '07/ '08
Hardcover      ISBN: 1932026428