Minnesota Writing
The Great American Scrapbook
The Great American Scrapbook
Paperback      ISBN: 1539590747
Beginning during George W. Bush's “Mission Accomplished
Growing Up in Minnesota: Ten Writers Remember Their Childhoods
Growing Up in Minnesota
Ten Writers Remember Their Childhoods
Hardcover      ISBN: 0816607656
Paperback      ISBN: 0878394044
Russ, an eighty-two-year old widower, is awakened one blustery winter night by a phone alert from an emergency monitoring center—his best friend Rich has pressed the Help button. The situation that night is more than just some quick action for Russ. It’s a wake-up call to the dark reality of Rich’s failing health. Now Russ will have to consider his loyalty to the remaining cohorts in his self-made support group of old guys eating together. Limited to the six that fit in a car, the Gang, as they are known in the rural Minnesota town, has a reputation, even in the neighboring counties. Russ’s loyalty will be tested again when Agnes happens by with her home cooking and woodsy pleasures. But how can Russ, “the driver,
Gunflint: The Trail, the People, the Stories
The Trail, the People, the Stories
Paperback      ISBN: 159193009x
Happy Birthday Dear Darrell and Other Stories
Happy Birthday Dear Darrell and Other Stories
Paperback      ISBN: 1622882075
Wonderfully new and vividly descriptive, Happy Birthday, Dear Darrell and other Stories provides an unflinching portrait of everyday life that is a true and rare find. Lacy writes with both courage and compassion in every story he creates. From the desperate lives of soldiers to the vibrant yet nostalgic roads of rural America, Lacy is confident in the sweep of his attentions, his play of idiom and culture in this pulsating collection of stories that have been previously published in such places as The Sewanee Review, Antioch Review, Crescent Review, Carolina Quarterly, Beloit Fiction Journal and North Dakota Quarterly.
Hard Gold : Nuggets From the Mother Lode
Hard Gold : Nuggets From the Mother Lode
Paperback      ISBN: 0974038229
The Haunted Northwoods
The Haunted Northwoods
Paperback      ISBN: 0878391444
"You're not going to believe this, but . . ." is the beginning of most tales by Tom Hollatz. Ghost stories seem to grow from the pine-needle coated floor of the Northwoods. From haunted mansions on the shores of northern lakes to tales of the Wisconsin werewolf or a Minnesota town plagued by ghostly events, this book is full of tales sure to set any spine a tingle!
The Heart Can Be Filled Anywhere on Earth
The Heart Can Be Filled Anywhere on Earth
Paperback      ISBN: 157131251x
Growing up, Bill Holm knew what failure was: “to die in Minneota.” But after returning to his hometown (“a very small dot on an ocean of grass”) after 20 years’ absence, he wasn’t so sure. Finding pleasure in the customs and characters of small-town life, in The Heart Can Be Filled Anywhere on Earth he writes with affection about the town elders, seen by those in the outside world as misfits and losers. “They taught me what to value, what to ignore, what to embrace, and what to resist.” In his trek through the heartland, Holm covers a satisfyingly wide emotional terrain, from scandalous affairs in the 1950s to his aunt’s touching attempts to transcend poverty with perfume and movie-star airs.
Heroes Among Us: Uncommon Minnesotans
Heroes Among Us
Uncommon Minnesotans
Paperback      ISBN: 1570250855
Hit by a Farm: How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love the Barn
Hit by a Farm
How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love the Barn
Paperback      ISBN: 1569242984
Describes how an urban bookworm and children's book author, along with her partner, set out to fulfill a lifelong dream of owning a working farm in Minnesota, offering a heartwarming, frequently humorous take on their crash course in living off and living with the land. Original.