Minnesota Writing
The Weight of All Things
The Weight of All Things
Paperback      ISBN: 0786887036

"Bentez's third novel seamlessly blends fact with imagination, evoking the trauma of war more vividly than any newspaper account . . . beautifully illuminating." (Publishers Weekly starred review)

Sandra Bentez received international acclaim for her first two novels: A Place Where the Sea Remembers ("A quietly stunning work that leaves soft tracks in the heart" --Washington Post Book World) and Bitter Grounds ("The kind of book that fills your dreams for weeks" --Isabel Allende). Now she returns with an unforgettable tale of life in war-torn El Salvador.
Where One Voice Ends Another Begins: 150 Years of Minneosta Poetry
Where One Voice Ends Another Begins
150 Years of Minneosta Poetry
Hardcover      ISBN: 0873515846

Poetry gives us a quickened sense of pleasure, of recognition for something close to what we might call home. Thus, it is the unique gift of a poet to distill a place, a moment, a feeling in such a way that draws readers into his or her intimate world, inviting them to make it their own. In Where One Voice Ends Another Begins, seventy-six extraordinary poets from across generations invite readers to experience Minnesota through hundreds of diverse and deeply personal works. Quiet observations of daily life, the effects of political movements, feelings of love lost and found are explored in the poetry of such literary greats as Louise Erdrich, Barton Sutter, Mary Carr, G. E. Patterson, and Ray Gonzalez. The nurturing song-lyrics of the early Dakota and Ojibwe offer uncommonly personal glimpses into Minnesota's past. Works by a remarkable generation of poets who emerged in the '60s--John Berryman, Robert Bly, James Wright, and many others--showcase an astonishing literary vitality in a place far removed from the poetry hot spots of the coasts. Poetry "is what it is because an extraordinary genius paused at that point in history and touched it," wrote F. Scott Fitzgerald. The poets in this collection share this amazing gift and together present a moving portrait that is Minnesota--its people, landscape, and culture. Born and raised in Red Wing, Minnesota, Robert Hedin is the author, translator, and editor of nineteen volumes of poetry and prose. He serves as director of the Anderson Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Red Wing.

Who Goosed the Moose?: Wild, Up North Cartoons & Jokes
Who Goosed the Moose?
Wild, Up North Cartoons & Jokes
Paperback      ISBN: 1591931428

Hiking, hunting, fishing and camping are fun, but just like life, it isn't always easy. It's work. There's aching muscles, bad weather and mosquitoes. There's danger from bears, moose in heat and Big Foot. That's why outdoors people need this book as a first-aid kit for the mind and disposition. Ed Fischer is a cartoonist syndicated throughout the Upper Midwest. Here, he lends his perspective to the great outdoors. The Up North cartoons and jokes will fix you up - guaranteed.

Woodland Manitou
Woodland Manitou
Paperback      ISBN: 1938846729

Woodland Manitou: To Be on Earth is a collection of essays rooted in the rhythm of the natural world. Through the turn of the seasons, Heidi Barr illustrates how the cycles of the earth have informed her everyday life from community to vocation to the food that finds its way to the dinner table. Through gardening, simple living, and prioritizing sustainability, Barr paints a picture of how remaining close to the earth provides a solid foundation even as the climate changes and the story of the world shifts. Part stories, part wonderings, and part call to act, this collection of meditations invites reflection, encourages awareness, and inspires action.

You Know You're a Minnesotan If...
You Know You're a Minnesotan If...
Paperback      ISBN: 1885061625

Ed Fischer is a cartoonist syndicated throughout the Upper Midwest. Here, he lends his perspective on what it means to be a Minnesotan. Clever cartoons portray the stamina, fortitude and practical nature of residents of the Land of 10,000 Lakes. You'll laugh as you relate to the outrageously funny observations about life in Minnesota.