Minnesota Ecology and Nature
Water Birds of the Midwest
Water Birds of the Midwest
Paperback      ISBN: 1591933978
Simple and convenient, this Quick Guide is organized by group for quick and easy identification. Narrow your choices by group, and view just a few water birds on each page to ID your sighting. The Quick Guide is pocket-sized, portable and durable.
What's Doin' the Bloomin'?: A Guide to Wildflowers of the Upper Great Lakes Regions, Eastern Canada And Northeastern USA
What's Doin' the Bloomin'?
A Guide to Wildflowers of the Upper Great Lakes Regions, Eastern Canada And Northeastern USA
Paperback      ISBN: 1933272228
A comprehensive guide with over 340 species of native and naturalized plants with more than 620 full color photographs. Organized by bloom time for your spring to fall nature hikes. Complete index of scientific and common names of herbaceous and native woody plants included. New to the third edition are tips for incorporating native wildflowers into your home landscaping projects, a list of nurseries where you can find rare and unique species to complete your collections, more plants and new photos, and updates to the scientific naming of families, genera and species.

Wild Berries & Fruits Field Guide: Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan
Wild Berries & Fruits Field Guide
Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan
Paperback      ISBN: 1591932246
We all have our favorite berries and fruits, but whenís the best time to pick them? Are you aware of look-alikes that may be poisonous? These topics and more are covered in this incomparable field guide. It features every detail youíll need to know.
Wild Berries & Fruits Field Guide Minnesota, Wisconsin & Michigan
Wild Berries & Fruits Field Guide Minnesota, Wisconsin & Michigan
2nd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1591937965
Focusing on wild berries and fruits of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan, this updated field guide features full-color photographs and information, organized by color, to help readers quickly and easily identify the wild berries and fruits they find.
Wild Flowers of Minnesota: Field Guide
Wild Flowers of Minnesota
Field Guide
Paperback      ISBN: 1885061633
This is your guide to 200 of Minnesotaís flowers. Full-page photos and descriptions make this a great guide for beginners. The material also includes important information useful to those more familiar with plants. Species are organized by color.
Wild Minnesota
Wild Minnesota
Hardcover      ISBN: 1559712260
Winter Sign
Winter Sign
Paperback      ISBN: 0816629692
The focus of Jim dale Huot-Vickery's life is a remote cabin in the northern wilderness of Minnesota's Boundary Waters region. More often that not, it is winter here, a fierce, beautiful season that dominates all living things with its relentless cold grip. This is the inspiration for Winter Sign, the profound story of fifteen years of surviving the seven-month-long odyssey of winter in the far north. Against this backdrop, Huot-Vickery writes authoritatively on the ecology of the area and philosophically about winter's probing of the human spirit. He describes the animals surrounding him - the wolves, deer, fox, and other wildlife who draw him into their age-old struggle. He experiences love, pain, grief, and circles around paradoxes and themes that invade the land and his life: nature's beauty and bounty pitted against danger and death.