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Fragments of Your Ancient Name: 365 Glimpses of the Divine for Daily Meditation
Fragments of Your Ancient Name
365 Glimpses of the Divine for Daily Meditation
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 1933495286
The Majesty of God in the Old Testament: A Guide for Preaching and Teaching
The Majesty of God in the Old Testament
A Guide for Preaching and Teaching
Paperback      ISBN: 080103244x
This new book by a trusted Old Testament scholar directs the student and pastor to an aspect of biblical truth often lacking in contemporary preaching and teaching: God's unsurpassed majesty and greatness. Kaiser suggests that a key way to recapture this important doctrine in the pulpit is through the preaching of the Old Testament--itself an oft-neglected or mishandled discipline. By expositing ten great Old Testament passages that are rife with evidence of God's majesty, he shows how today's preacher might address this deficiency. He also shows how such exercises as word studies and historical/archaeological studies can be used to help pastors make the Old Testament relevant to their congregations.
God's Joyful Surprise: Finding Yourself Loved
God's Joyful Surprise
Finding Yourself Loved
Paperback      ISBN: 0060645814
Essays deal with acceptance, positive attitude, meditation, prayer, Bible reading, and leading a religious life
365 Santos/365 Saints: Su Guia Diaria De Meditacion
365 Santos/365 Saints
Su Guia Diaria De Meditacion
Spanish    Paperback      ISBN: 0061189561
Revealing how the saints actually lived, a daily guide offers a saint for each day, detailing their hopes, joys, fears, and sorrows, as well as a full year of meditations.
Life in Christ: Studies in 1 John
Life in Christ
Studies in 1 John
Paperback      ISBN: 1581344392
Previously released in five volumes, this comprehensive study and application of the Apostle John's dynamic first epistle is now gathered together in one book.
For the Love of God: Daily Companion for Discovering the Riches of God's Word
For the Love of God
Daily Companion for Discovering the Riches of God's Word
Paperback      ISBN: 1581348150
In a world that views absolute truth, right and wrong, and salvation as being subject to individual interpretation, the Bible’s unwavering proclamations and miraculous stories seem obsolete in modern times. But it is not God’s Word that has changed. Indeed, its relevancy and its power to transform lives are intact. What has changed is the number of people who consult it. Now more than ever the need to read the Bible, to understand the big picture of its storyline, and to grasp the relevance this has for your life is critical. As with its companion volume, For the Love of God—Volume 2, this devotional contains a systematic 365-day plan, based on the M’Cheyne Bible-reading schedule, that will in the course of a year guide you through the New Testament and Psalms twice and the rest of the Old Testament once. In an effort to help preserve biblical thinking and living, D. A. Carson has also written thought-provoking comments and reflections regarding each day’s scriptural passages. And, most uniquely, he offers you perspective that places each reading into the larger framework of history and God’s eternal plan to deepen your understanding of his sovereignty—and the unity and power of his Word.
Money, Possessions, and Eternity
Money, Possessions, and Eternity
Paperback      ISBN: 0842353607
Offers a biblical view of money and possessions, including discussion of debt, investments, inheritance, materialism, and charity.
My Life With the Saints
My Life With the Saints
Hardcover      ISBN: 0829420010
One of Publishers Weekly’s Best Books of the Year — Winner of a Christopher Award — Winner of a Catholic Press Association Book Award Meet some surprising friends of God in this warm and wonderful memoir James Martin has led an entirely modern life: from a lukewarm Catholic childhood, to an education at the Wharton School of Business, to the executive fast track at General Electric, to ministry as a Jesuit priest, to a busy media career in Manhattan. But at every step he has been accompanied by some surprising friends—the saints of the Catholic Church. For many, these holy men and women remain just historical figures. For Martin, they are intimate companions. “They pray for me, offer me comfort, give me examples of discipleship, and help me along the way,
Prayers for Healing: 365 Blessings, Poems, & Meditations from Around the World
Prayers for Healing
365 Blessings, Poems, & Meditations from Around the World
Paperback      ISBN: 1573245224
An inspirational anthology compiles an array of international prayers, poems, blessings, meditations, and devotions for every day of the year, based on such sources as the Bible, the Tao Te Ching, the Koran, the Torah, and Native American texts, as well as works by Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Rumi, and Martin Luther King, Jr., among others. Reprint.
100 Days in the Secret Place
100 Days in the Secret Place
Paperback      ISBN: 0768420652
100 Days of Journeying Deeper Into God’s Presence ...featuring Devotions by Christian Mystics: Miguel de Molinos, Jeanne Guyon and Francois Fenelon Bored with the exercises of religious ritualism and parched by the teaching of dry dogma, man searches for a way back home to the place of God’s presence. Unfortunately, this journey inward is a “road less traveled