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Sadhana: A Way to God
A Way to God
Paperback      ISBN: 0385196148
A series of spiritual exercises which combine Eastern meditation techniques with Christian prayer is designed to aid in achieving inner peace
Praying Successfully
Praying Successfully
Paperback      ISBN: 0883684438
Tragic circumstances surprisingly changed, a desperate cry for help heard and answered, a nagging need met--how can such things happen? Through the powerful resource of prayer. As you read these pages, you will understand how to... - Turn adversity into advantage - Get ahead without competing - See your desires fulfilled - Obtain the wealth available to you - Find peace in life’s storms - Be free from sin - Receive the free gift of salvation Begin to receive whatever you need from the Lord today. The blessings of God are yours for the asking!
All Things for Good
All Things for Good
Paperback      ISBN: 0851514782
Gracias: A Latin American Journal
A Latin American Journal
Paperback      ISBN: 0883448513
Now and Then
Now and Then
Paperback      ISBN: 0060611820
Spiritual and autobiographical reflections on the author's seminary days, early ministry, and writing career.
Listening to Your Life: Daily Meditations With Frederick Buechner
Listening to Your Life
Daily Meditations With Frederick Buechner
Paperback      ISBN: 0060698640
Three hundred and sixty-six meditations include excerpts from the author's novels and essays that seek to heighten perception of life by exploring, with energy and clarity, the grace and sacredness of the ordinary. Original. Tour.
The Sermon on the Mount: The Key to Success in Life and the Lord's Prayer : An Interpretation
The Sermon on the Mount
The Key to Success in Life and the Lord's Prayer : An Interpretation
Paperback      ISBN: 0060628626
Examines the biblical text of the Sermon on the Mount as a source of spiritual power and direction
Can You Drink the Cup?
Can You Drink the Cup?
Paperback      ISBN: 0877935815
Letters from a Skeptic
Letters from a Skeptic
Hardcover      ISBN: 1564762440
Dear Greg, I find your idea of dialoguing about the subject of Christianity very interesting, and I'd be happy to do it. I've got enough time on my hands...You invited me to raise whatever objections come to mind, so I'll jump right in. Here's one I've wondered about a lot: how could an all-powerful and all-loving God allow the church to do so much harm to humanity for so long? Isn't this supposed to be His true church, His representation on earth?...To my mind, this alone is quite enough to prove that the church does not possess any true philosophy...Well, you wanted an objection; you've got one. I look forward to your response... Love always, Dad In Letters from a Skeptic Dr. Gregory Boyd and his father Edward Boyd "debate" many other objections to Christianity, the church, and the Bible. • Why is the world so full of suffering? • Does God know the future? • How can you believe that a man rose from the dead? • Why do you think the Bible is inspired? • Do all non-Christians go to hell? • How can I be holy and sinful at the same time? Greg Boyd initiated this correspondence with his father in the hope that his father would eventually come to know Christ. After three years, 30 letters, and numerous phone calls, Edward K. Boyd did just that. Letters from a Skeptic will help you wrestle with the rational foundation of your own faith. It will also help you know how to share that faith with the skeptics you love.
Proper Confidence: Faith, Doubt, and Certainty in Christian Discipleship
Proper Confidence
Faith, Doubt, and Certainty in Christian Discipleship
Paperback      ISBN: 0802808565
Looking to end the divisive conflict that has raged between Christians who attack each other either as "liberals" or as "fundamentalists," Newbigin here gives a historical account of the roots of this conflict in order to begin laying the foundation for a middle ground that will benefit the Christian faith as a whole. What results is a perspective that allows Christians to confidently affirm the gospel as public truth in our pluralistic world.