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Claiming the City: Politics, Faith, and the Power of Place in St. Paul
Claiming the City
Politics, Faith, and the Power of Place in St. Paul
Paperback      ISBN: 0801488850
Are Minneapolis and St. Paul "Twin Cities" in proximity only? How can two cities, spoken of so often in one breath, differ so greatly in their histories and characteristics? Claiming the City traces the contours of St. Paul's "civic identity" to show how personal identities and political structures of power are fundamentally informed by the social geography of place. St. Paul proves a particularly fruitful site for such analysis because it has developed along a divergent path from that of Minneapolis, its sister city just across the Mississippi river. While Minneapolis in the last part of the nineteenth century bore the stamp of Scandinavians, Protestants, and Republican Yankee progressives, St. Paul emerged as an Irish, Catholic, Democratic stronghold. Increasingly overshadowed by the economic might of Minneapolis, out of necessity St. Paul evolved complex alliances among business, labor, and the Catholic Church that cut across class and ethnic lines—a culture of compromise that sharply contrasted with Minneapolis' more strident labor politics.Mary Lethert Wingerd brings together the voices of citizens and workers and the power dynamics of civic leaders including James J. Hill and Archbishop John Ireland. She crafts a portrait of St. Paul remarkable for its specificity as well as its relevance to broader interpretations of place-based culture and politics. Wingerd's rich and lively history of St. Paul is a clear demonstration that place—the lived experience and memory located in a specific spatial context—is a constitutive element of all other aspects of identity.
Butler's Lives of the Saints
Butler's Lives of the Saints
Paperback      ISBN: 0060692995
Offers, for each day of the year, a brief account of a saint's life and accomplishments and includes information on recently canonized saints
Catholic Church in Japan
Catholic Church in Japan
Paperback      SKU: 1199308536
Diary: Divine Mercy in My Soul
Divine Mercy in My Soul
3rd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0944203043
I (Jesus)am King of Mercy, I desire that this image be displayed in public on the first Sunday after Easter. That Sunday is the Feast of Mercy. Through the Word Incarnate I make known the bottomless depth of My mercy. (p. 44, Item 47)*
Radical Grace: Daily Meditations by Richard Rohr
Radical Grace
Daily Meditations by Richard Rohr
Paperback      ISBN: 0867162570
The author invites readers to be faithful, to turn to God, to reform their hearts and lives and to call their culture and Church to radical transformation, in a collection of 408 meditations that spans two decades and combines reflections from the author's popular lectures and published and unpublished writings. Reprint.
Constantine's Sword: The Church and the Jews
Constantine's Sword
The Church and the Jews
Hardcover      ISBN: 0395779278
The National Book Award-winning author of An American Requiem takes a close-up look at the two-thousand-year relationship between Christianity and Judaism, examining the long entrenched tradition of anti-Semitism that culminated in the Church's failure to protest the Holocaust during World War II. 50,000 first printing.
The Catholic Church: A Short History
The Catholic Church
A Short History
Paperback      ISBN: 0812967623
Presents the history of the Roman Catholic Church from its origins to the present, discussing the role of the Pope, the schisms that split the Church, and its role in the twenty-first century.
The Rosary: Prayer Comes Round
The Rosary
Prayer Comes Round
Paperback      ISBN: 0143037978
An exploration of the spiritual significance, practice, and history of the rosary explains the symbolism of the beads as they represent mysteries and events in the lives of Jesus and Mary, in an account that reflects on biblical teachings and cites the ways in which the rosary can reconnect readers to their faith. By the author of Saint Augustine. Reprint. 75,000 first printing.
No Greater Love
No Greater Love
Paperback      ISBN: 1577312015
A collection of inspirational writings and observations by the late Nobel Peace Prize winner includes reflections on love, prayer, giving, service, poverty, generosity, hope, forgiveness, and Jesus. Reprint.
Armchair Mystic: Easing into Contemplative Prayer
Armchair Mystic
Easing into Contemplative Prayer
Paperback      ISBN: 0867164301
This user-friendly book blends theory and practice, gently and concretely taking the reader through the first steps of contemplative prayer. Armchair Mystic begins with the necessary details of time and place to pray, then presents the maturation of the prayer life in four stages: Talking at God, Talking to God, Listening to God and Being With God. Each chapter begins with an Orientation and ends with a concluding summary. Step-by-step exercises throughout the book provide concrete examples of how to use the concepts discussed. Armchair Mystic will prove invaluable to individuals and small groups who are new to contemplative prayer, or who wish to deepen their experience of it.