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Unveiled: The Hidden Lives of Nuns
The Hidden Lives of Nuns
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0425195112
Drawing on interviews with more than three hundred nuns from a variety of orders and reflecting a diversity of beliefs, this candid study of life behind the walls of the convent describes their daily lives, their daily worship services, vow ceremonies, friendships, attitude toward the modern world and its consumerism, and interior lives. 40,000 first printing.
Wounded Prophet: A Portrait of Henri J.m. Nouwen
Wounded Prophet
A Portrait of Henri J.m. Nouwen
Paperback      ISBN: 0385493738
The first in-depth portrait of Henri Nouwen to be published since his 1996 death draws on extensive interviews with colleagues, friends, and family members to profile the acclaimed spiritual writer, from his youth to his life as a priest and member of Toronto's L'Arche Daybreak Community. Reprint.
Living Justice: Catholic Social Teaching in Action
Living Justice
Catholic Social Teaching in Action
Paperback      ISBN: 1580510469
Through Scripture,Tradition, world events, and living examples of heroism and holiness ranging from the simple to the extraordinary, Living Justice develops your understanding of Catholic social teaching and inspires you for service.
Claiming the City: Politics, Faith, and the Power of Place in St. Paul
Claiming the City
Politics, Faith, and the Power of Place in St. Paul
Paperback      ISBN: 0801488850
Are Minneapolis and St. Paul "Twin Cities" in proximity only? How can two cities, spoken of so often in one breath, differ so greatly in their histories and characteristics? Claiming the City traces the contours of St. Paul's "civic identity" to show how personal identities and political structures of power are fundamentally informed by the social geography of place. St. Paul proves a particularly fruitful site for such analysis because it has developed along a divergent path from that of Minneapolis, its sister city just across the Mississippi river. While Minneapolis in the last part of the nineteenth century bore the stamp of Scandinavians, Protestants, and Republican Yankee progressives, St. Paul emerged as an Irish, Catholic, Democratic stronghold. Increasingly overshadowed by the economic might of Minneapolis, out of necessity St. Paul evolved complex alliances among business, labor, and the Catholic Church that cut across class and ethnic lines—a culture of compromise that sharply contrasted with Minneapolis' more strident labor politics.Mary Lethert Wingerd brings together the voices of citizens and workers and the power dynamics of civic leaders including James J. Hill and Archbishop John Ireland. She crafts a portrait of St. Paul remarkable for its specificity as well as its relevance to broader interpretations of place-based culture and politics. Wingerd's rich and lively history of St. Paul is a clear demonstration that place—the lived experience and memory located in a specific spatial context—is a constitutive element of all other aspects of identity.
G. K. Chesterton: The Apostle of Common Sense
G. K. Chesterton
The Apostle of Common Sense
Paperback      ISBN: 0898708575
G.K. Chesterton, one of the most prolific writers of the 20th century, is most famous for a series of mystery stories and novelettes that feature the Roman Catholic priest, Fr. Brown. The stories have proved to be enduringly popular, containing profound observations of the world, human character, philosophy, morality and religion. John Peterson, the editor of Father Brown of the Church of Rome, takes the reader through this group of stories, giving valuable annotations as well as an introduction that gives a fascinating look at Chesterton's detective fiction. Fans of Father Brown and Chesterton will be delighted by this latest volume in the Collected Works.
Ecclesiogenesis: The Base Communities Reinvent the Church
The Base Communities Reinvent the Church
Paperback      ISBN: 0883442140
Examines whether Catholicism should be adapted to suit an individual country's culture and analyzes the structure of the Catholic Church
A Reader's Companion to Augustine's Confessions
A Reader's Companion to Augustine's Confessions
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0664226191
The Monks of Tibhirine: Faith, Love, and Terror in Algeria
The Monks of Tibhirine
Faith, Love, and Terror in Algeria
Paperback      ISBN: 0312302940
Details the true story of seven monks kidnapped from a Trappist monastery in war-torn Algeria to be used as negotiation tools to free imprisoned terrorists and whose severed heads were found in a tree two months later, in a powerful account of Christian martyrdom set against the turbulent backdrop of political terrorism in modern Algeria. Reprint.
Dark Night of the Soul
Dark Night of the Soul
Paperback      ISBN: 0385029306
The classic Spanish poem about the struggle of the soul to find God, written by the sixteenth-century Carmelite monk, mystic, and saint while in prison, follows the soul's odyssey from a state of darkness and abandonment to a loving union with God. Reissue.
The Truth of Catholicism: Ten Controversies Explored
The Truth of Catholicism
Ten Controversies Explored
Hardcover      ISBN: 0066213304
A relevatory glimpse into the realm of Catholicism by an acclaimed Catholic commentator delves into the many controversies incited by Catholicism from inside the convictions that make the teachings of the Church essential and explains the Catholic faith and practice in society today. 50,000 first printing.