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A Heart's Obsession
A Heart's Obsession
Paperback      ISBN: 0718031652
Will Sarah’s journey west lead her back into the arms of the one man she can trust? When her father succumbs to a long illness, Sarah Montgomery is freed from duty to family. At last she can be with the love of her life, Rand Campbell, who has gone out west to Fort Laramie, Wyoming. Sarah and her younger brother Joel make the arduous journey filled with hope. But at Fort Laramie, the reception Sarah meets isn’t what she had hoped for. Her friend Amelia is thrilled to have her, but Rand seems to be in the clutches of Jessica DuBois, the scheming daughter of the post commander. Sarah resolves to remain at Fort Laramie and try to win Rand back. But things will get tougher before they get easier . . . especially when her ex-fiancé Ben Croftner arrives in Wyoming, obsessed with having her back in his arms.
Paperback      ISBN: 1414358466
Dedicated law enforcement officers Adam Mitchell and Nathan Hayes face a different kind of challenge when they become fathers, but as their children begin to drift farther away, and tragedy hits home, they must find a way to become closer to God.
Freedom's Stand
Freedom's Stand
Paperback      ISBN: 1414314760
Three foreigners living in war-ravaged Afghanistan--Jamil, a newly-converted Christian; relief worker Amy Mallory; and Special Forces veteran Steve Wilson--search for love and freedom in a country where religious injustice runs rampant.
All Saints: The Surprising True Story of How Refugees from Burma Brought Life to a Dying Church
All Saints
The Surprising True Story of How Refugees from Burma Brought Life to a Dying Church
Paperback      ISBN: 0764230271
The author shares the story of how he was hired as a pastor of a small struggling church with plans to shut it down, until the community decided to welcome a group of Karen refugees from Burma who brought new life to the church.
The Harbinger
The Harbinger
Paperback      ISBN: 161638610x
An anonymous man has received nine seals from The Prophet, with each seal containing mysterious sayings and prophecies from the Book of Isaiah about America's recent past and possible future destruction.
Gold in Your Memories: Sacred Moments, Glimpses of God
Gold in Your Memories
Sacred Moments, Glimpses of God
Paperback      ISBN: 0877936641
Joshua in the Holy Land
Joshua in the Holy Land
Hardcover      ISBN: 0025434454
Retracing the path taken two thousand years earlier, Joshua must lead his followers to peace
Paperback      ISBN: 0764226053
A powerful contemporary novel that reunites two former high school sweethearts. Can they provide the help the other needs, or are their own problems too great to overcome?
Left Behind: A Novel of the Earth's Last Days
Left Behind
A Novel of the Earth's Last Days
Paperback      ISBN: 0842342702
The first book in the author's successful "last days" series follows a 747 pilot as he tries to recover from the effects of "The Rapture." Reprint.
Big George: The Autobiography of an Angel
Big George
The Autobiography of an Angel
Hardcover      ISBN: 1561701211