Men's Studies
For the Love of Men: A New Vision for Mindful Masculinity
For the Love of Men
A New Vision for Mindful Masculinity
Hardcover      ISBN: 1250196248
An award-winning correspondent links societal enforcement of traditional masculinity to current crime rates, outlining actionable steps based on today
Fraternity: An Inside Look at a Year of College Boys Becoming Men
An Inside Look at a Year of College Boys Becoming Men
Hardcover      ISBN: 1101986727
"Meet Jake, a studious new freshman weighing how far to go to find a brotherhood that will introduce him to lifelong friends and help conquer his social awkwardness; and Oliver, a hardworking chapter president trying to keep his misunderstood fraternity out of trouble despite multiple run-ins with the police. Their year-in-the-life stories help explain why students are joining fraternities in record numbers despite scandalous headlines. To find out what it's like to be a fraternity brother in the twenty-first century, Robbins contacted hundreds of brothers whose chapters don't make headlines. Brothers who suggested that many fraternities can be safe spaces for men. Fraternity is more than just an engrossing, character-driven read that includes a stunningtwist. It's a vital book about the transition from boyhood to manhood; it weaves psychology, current events, neuroscience, and interviews to explore the state of masculinity today, and what that means for students and their parents. It's a different kindof story about college boys, a story in which they candidly discuss navigating identity, sex, social media, drinking, peer pressure, gender roles, and even porn. And it's a book about boys at a vulnerable age who, in a climate that can stigmatize them merely for being male, are trying to forge a path to manhood while on their own for perhaps the first time--and they don't want to navigate this complicated, coming-of-age journey alone"--
From Boys to Men: Spiritual Rites of Passage in an Indulgent Age
From Boys to Men
Spiritual Rites of Passage in an Indulgent Age
Paperback      ISBN: 1594771405
A guide to restoring the successful models used by ancient cultures the world over to raise adolescent boys • Explains the negative effects of Western youth culture and how it can be transformed • Offers instructions for integrating basic rites of passage into modern family life and youth programs For tens of thousands of years all across the globe, societies have been coping with raising adolescents. Why is it then that native cultures never had the need for juvenile halls, residential treatment centers, mood-altering drugs, or boot camps? How did they avoid the high incidence of teen violence America is experiencing, and how did they prevent their youth from relying on drugs and alcohol, the use of which has become so prevalent in Western society? In From Boys to Men, Bret Stephenson shows readers that older cultures didn't magically avoid adolescence; instead they developed successful rituals and rites of passage for sculpting teen boys into healthy young men. From Aleutian Eskimos to Polynesian Islanders, from tribal Africans to Australian Aborigines, each culture found archetypal ways to initiate their boys into the adult community. Stephenson explains the basics of rites of passage and offers insight into how to reintroduce these successful practices and traditional understandings into modern family life and programs for youth. He discusses the damaging effects of our youth culture and the negative teen products that are fueled by corporate America and reveals how we can counteract these negative forces by using meaningful rites of passage to create a society with happy and healthy adolescent boys.
From Chivalry To Terrorism: War And The Changing Nature Of Masculinity
From Chivalry To Terrorism
War And The Changing Nature Of Masculinity
Paperback      ISBN: 0679768300
Explores the ways in which European and American cultures established a definition of masculinity based on the roles of soldiers and warriors, tracing warfare from the middle ages to the present to reveal how perceptions and images of masculinity changed in relation to specific wars and technologies. Reprint. 10,000 first printing.
Paperback      ISBN: 0399591427
Soon to be a major motion picture starring Nick Jonas, this searing memoir of fraternity culture and the perils of hazing provides an unprecedented window into the emotional landscape of young men. Reeling from a terrifying assault that has left him physically injured and psychologically shattered, nineteen-year-old Brad Land must also contend with unsympathetic local police, parents who can barely discuss “the incident
God of the Rodeo: The Quest for Redemption in Louisiana's Angola Prison
God of the Rodeo
The Quest for Redemption in Louisiana's Angola Prison
Paperback      ISBN: 0345435532
Traces a year in the lives of six convicts at Louisiana's most fearsome maximum security prison, revealing both the brutality of their lives and the human emotions that surface as they compete in the annual prison rodeo. Reprint. NYT.
Gods in Everyman: Archetypes That Shape Men's Lives
Gods in Everyman
Archetypes That Shape Men's Lives
Paperback      ISBN: 0062329944
The companion volume to Goddesses in Everywoman reveals the powerful inner patterns, or archetypes, that shape men’s personalities, careers, and personal relationships—offering a insights into Greek mythology, Jungian archetypal psychology, and into themselves and the people in their lives. A Jungian analyst, Dr. Bolen introduces our inner patterns in the guise of eight archetypal gods. From the authoritarian, power-seeking gods (Zeus, Poseidon) to the gods of creativity (Apollo, Hephaestus) to the sensual Dionysis, Dr. Bolen shows men how to identify their ruling gods, how to decide which to cultivate and which to overcome, and how to tap the power of these enduring archetypes in order to enrich and strengthen their lives. She stresses the importance of understanding which gods you are attracted to and which are incompatible with your expectations, uncovers the origins of the often-difficult father-son relationship, and explores society’s deep conflict between nurturing behavior and the need to foster masculinity. In Gods in Everyman, Dr. Bolen presents us with a compassionate and lucid male psychology that will help all men and women to better understand themselves and their relationships with their fathers, their sons, their brothers and their lovers.
The Guy Book: An Owner's Manual for Teens
The Guy Book
An Owner's Manual for Teens
Paperback      ISBN: 0679890289
From purchasing birth control to getting rid of acne, this is a helpful and informative guide for young men dealing with puberty and the common challenges of teen years. Simultaneous.
A Guy's Guide to Being a Man's Man
A Guy's Guide to Being a Man's Man
Paperback      ISBN: 0425215369
The popular actor from The Sopranos provides a humorous guide designed to help any man be all that he can be to succeed in love, work, play, and life, offering advice on everything from the art of dressing like a champ or winning big money and big respect in Vegas to how to select, smoke, and savor a great cigar.
Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men
The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men
Paperback      ISBN: 0060831359
The passage from adolescence to adulthood was once clear. Today, growing up has become more complex and confusing, as young men drift casually through college and beyond—hanging out, partying, playing with tech toys, watching sports. But beneath the appearance of a simple extended boyhood, a more dangerous social world has developed, far away from the traditional signposts and cultural signals that once helped boys navigate their way to manhood—a territory Michael Kimmel has identified as "Guyland." In mapping the troubling social world where men are now made, Kimmel offers a view into the minds and times of America's sons, brothers, and boyfriends, and he works toward redefining what it means to be a man today—and tomorrow. Only by understanding this world and this life stage can we enable young men to chart their own paths, stay true to themselves, and emerge safely from Guyland as responsible and fully formed male adults.