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The 10 Stupidest Mistakes Men Make When Facing Divorce: And How to Avoid Them
The 10 Stupidest Mistakes Men Make When Facing Divorce
And How to Avoid Them
Paperback      ISBN: 0307589803
An accessible reference for men facing divorce by the creator of offers counsel on such topics as safeguarding a home, retaining custody rights and protecting income, citing informative examples of real-world legal mistakes to avoid. Original.
The 5 Love Languages for Men: Tools for Making a Good Relationship Great
The 5 Love Languages for Men
Tools for Making a Good Relationship Great
Paperback      ISBN: 0802412726
Falling in love is easy. Keeping the sizzle in your marriage? That's more like grilling the perfect steak-it takes time, attention, and some secret spices. Mastering your wife's heart doesn't have to be complicated, but it will take a little effort. Good intentions alone will not get the job done. Gary Chapman gears this edition of his #1 New York Times multi-million best seller to your needs, challenges, and interests as a husband. What really fills your wife's love tank? (It may not be what you think.) How can you let her know what you're thinking and feeling? What can you do to make sex more meaningful and pleasurable for you both? This book offers a straightforward approach that will equip you for relational success. Discover the secret that has already transformed millions of relationships worldwide. As you learn this simple, yet profound, concept for communicating love, you'll be more confident and courageous in the ways that matter most. Really! "When you express your love for your wife using her primary love language, it's like hitting the sweet spot on a baseball bat or golf club. It just feels right-and the results are impressive." -Gary Chapman Includes an updated version of The 5 Love Languages® personal profile.
50 Things Every Young Gentleman Should Know: What to Do, When to Do It & Why
50 Things Every Young Gentleman Should Know
What to Do, When to Do It & Why
Hardcover      ISBN: 140160465x
Absent Fathers, Lost Sons: The Search for Masculine Indentity
Absent Fathers, Lost Sons
The Search for Masculine Indentity
Paperback      ISBN: 0877736030
The men of the baby-boom generation are often faced with a common set of problems. According to Jungian analyst Guy Corneau, these problems revolve around an overwhelming experience of the fragility that underlines conventional images of masculinity.
The Achilles Effect: What Pop Culture Is Teaching Young Boys About Masculinity
The Achilles Effect
What Pop Culture Is Teaching Young Boys About Masculinity
Paperback      ISBN: 145028499x
Act Like a Man: Challenging Masculinities in American Drama
Act Like a Man
Challenging Masculinities in American Drama
Paperback      ISBN: 0472065726
How men communicate with each other on stage when no women are present--and what it tells us about power and gender
Adam's Return: The Five Promises of Male Initiation
Adam's Return
The Five Promises of Male Initiation
Paperback      ISBN: 082452280x
The author of Everything Belongs and Enneagram introduces a guide to male spirituality that is designed to initiate young men into life's most important lessons--life is hard, you are not that important, life is not about you, you are not in control, and you are going to die. Original.
Amateur: A True Story About What Makes a Man
A True Story About What Makes a Man
Hardcover      ISBN: 1501168746
From an award-winning writer whose work bristles with “hard-won strength, insight, agility, and love” (Maggie Nelson), an exquisite and troubling narrative of masculinity, violence, and society. In this groundbreaking new book, the author, a trans man, trains to fight in a charity match at Madison Square Garden while struggling to untangle the vexed relationship between masculinity and violence. Through his experience boxing—learning to get hit, and to hit back; wrestling with the camaraderie of the gym; confronting the betrayals and strength of his own body—McBee examines the weight of male violence, the pervasiveness of gender stereotypes, and the limitations of conventional masculinity. A wide-ranging exploration of gender in our society, Amateur is ultimately a story of hope, as McBee traces a new way forward, a new kind of masculinity, inside the ring and outside of it. In this graceful, stunning, and uncompromising exploration of living, fighting, and healing, we gain insight into the stereotypes and shifting realities of masculinity today through the eyes of a new man.
The American Elsewhere: Adventure and Manliness in the Age of Expansion
The American Elsewhere
Adventure and Manliness in the Age of Expansion
Hardcover      ISBN: 0700624783
"Adventure is a common thread in the mythology of the American West. In the era of manifest destiny, mountain men and frontiersmen blazed trails across the continent in ways that still loom large in the American imagination. The life of mountain man HughGlass, for example, has inspired numerous books and movies, including Oscar-winner The Revenant. In folklore and popular culture, these men are typically portrayed as bold adventurers and American heroes. By contrast, scholars, especially in the past fifty years, tend to view them as villains, agents of violent conquest. In The American Elsewhere, Jimmy Bryan proposes a third view, a middle ground that considers the influence of Romanticism on the emotional motivations behind both the violent actions andself-aggrandizing views of adventurers in antebellum America. Bryan bases his study on "adventurelogues," novels and memoirs about the West written in the decades before the Civil War. He argues that these writings reveal the Romantic emotionalism adventurers brought to their time in the West as they sought escape from the Market Revolution and an Eastern world they perceived as dull and stifling. While Romantic artists and philosophers encountered the sublime in nature, these adventurers found the sublime in dangerous, violent interactions. They sought out situations where they could act boldly, experience profound emotions, and demonstrate their masculinity. And by then publishing accounts and fictionalizations of their adventures, these men created narratives of American manhood that viewed brutality, avarice, and chauvinism as noble--narratives that supported conquest and colonialism."--Provided by publisher.
American Honor Killings: Desire and Rage Among Men
American Honor Killings
Desire and Rage Among Men
Paperback      ISBN: 1617751324
Paints a portrait of the killers of several gay men through research and jailhouse interviews, exploring the roots of hatred and sexual violence and claiming that the murders may be considered "honor killings" by their perpetrators.