Screen Printing at Home: Print Your Own Fabric to Make Simple Sewn Projects
Screen Printing at Home
Print Your Own Fabric to Make Simple Sewn Projects
Paperback      ISBN: 1446304094
Do you love the idea of printing your own fabrics at home but don't know where to start? This comprehensive guide to screen printing shows you just how easy it is to create beautiful, hand printed fabrics at your kitchen table. Screen printing expert, Karen Lewis, demonstrates two screen printing techniques - stencilling and screen filler - and how they can be used to create stunning, professional results with basic, inexpensive equipment. Both techniques are explained using step-by-step text and photography. Karen also explains how to create simple sewn projects from your hand printed fabrics. The sewing patterns include an apron, tote bag and tea cosy, as well as ideas for how to print on ready made items such as tea towels to make fantastic gifts for friends and family.
Shibori Designs & Techniques
Shibori Designs & Techniques
Paperback      ISBN: 1844482693
Features step by step photographs and instructions that demonstrate how to use acid dyes and cold water reactive dyes, and techniques such as steam fixing, discharging on silk, and space dyeing. This work shows how shibori techniques such as binding, hand painting, capping, stitching, and folding and clamping can be used to create dyed fabrics.
Stumpwork Dragonflies
Stumpwork Dragonflies
Hardcover      ISBN: 1863512624
Taking a close look at the anatomy of dragonflies and damselflies and their representation in natural history, this book combines observations with designs from as far back as the 16th century, and uses a variety of materials and techniques to build works of beauty.
Synthetic Dyes for Natural Fibers
Synthetic Dyes for Natural Fibers
Paperback      ISBN: 0934026238
Uniquely Felt: Dozens of Techniques from Fulling and Shaping to Nuno and Cobweb
Uniquely Felt
Dozens of Techniques from Fulling and Shaping to Nuno and Cobweb
Paperback      ISBN: 1580176739
Describes the concepts and theories of feltmaking, equipment needed, and the techniques of feltmaking, along with a variety of projects for such items as bags, shawls, curtains, and bath mats.

The Upholsterer's Step-by-Step Handbook: A Practical Reference
The Upholsterer's Step-by-Step Handbook
A Practical Reference
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 1250049857
A professional upholsterer provides guidance and detailed information for those looking to update their home furnishings themselves, including information on tools of the trade, woodworking techniques and surface finishes and how to choose and work with different materials, fabrics and trimmings.
Upholstery Basics
Upholstery Basics
Paperback      ISBN: 0865733198
Think of the money you can save by recovering your favorite chair instead of replacing it. This book covers all of the basic techniques you'll need to reupholster outdated furniture. From wood footstools to over stuffed chairs, there's a good variety of projects you can accomplish with the help of this bestselling book. The fantastic how-to photos and easy-to-understand text make this a must-have for anyone interested in learning upholstery.
Vintage Made Modern: Transforming Timeworn Textiles into Treasured Heirlooms
Vintage Made Modern
Transforming Timeworn Textiles into Treasured Heirlooms
Paperback      ISBN: 1611801230
Create modern heirlooms using vintage materials--a collection of 35 innovative projects showcasing the exceptional beauty in timeworn textiles. Vintage Made Modern is a book devoted to recycling just as generations before us have, utilizing timeworn textiles with histories of their own. With a little resourcefulness, gentle care, and some creative repurposing, the 35 innovative projects in this book breathe life back into these textiles, refresh their beauty, and create new memories. Whether iT be Granny's well-worn apron, a threadbare family quilt, or a tattered tea towel you picked up at the thrift shop, each of these textiles has a tale to tell. Vintage Made Modern will have you collaborating with makers from the past and continuing stories composed long ago, with you becoming part of the narrative.
Weave This: Over 30 Fun Projects for the Modern Weaver
Weave This
Over 30 Fun Projects for the Modern Weaver
Paperback      ISBN: 1784881473
Weave This is a stylish introduction to weaving. Using a range of creative colorways from vibrant neons to Navajo-inspired prints, Francesca Kletz and Brooke Dennis will teach a whole host of loom weaving techniques. Chapters include how to warp (prepare your loom), create tassels, macramé, bubbling, basket weave, and more. The book focuses on handheld tapestry looms, which can be made out of anything from an old wooden frame, to sticks, to cardboard – so simple to make yourself. Projects are more contemporary than your average craft book – you'll learn how to make eclectic tapestry wall hangings, lampshades, bags, baskets, frames, rugs, charms, accessories – there's loads you can do! Decorate your home with a Mondrian-inspired wall hanging or channel the 80s with a Space Invaders design. All the designs can be customized so once you've learned the basics, there's an unbelievable range of weaving creations waiting to be discovered.
Weaving As an Art Form: A Personal Statement
Weaving As an Art Form
A Personal Statement
Paperback      ISBN: 088740068x