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Family Album of Knits
Family Album of Knits
Hardcover      ISBN: 1592171044

Fill your family album with knitted creations that will become treasured memories. A lovingly made garment knit just for you can evoke warm thoughts of the person who made it or of the events that happened while wearing it.Items knit to decorate a home can transform it into a uniquely comforting backdrop for living, loving and taking photos to record it all.We've chosen projects with family members and events in mind.

Vogue Knitting Beginner Basics: On the Go!
Vogue Knitting Beginner Basics
On the Go!
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 1931543313

This book teaches you the basics of knitting through a series of short, focused lessons. By mastering one skill at a time, you build your repertoire and confidence and work your way up to more challenging projects. Practice the various tips and techniques on a variety of easy-to-make scarves, hats, sweaters, accessories, baby booties, blankets and other items - all made with readily-available yarns - that are as much fun to knit as they are to wear.

Brave New Knits: 26 Projects and Personalities from the Knitting Blogosphere
Brave New Knits
26 Projects and Personalities from the Knitting Blogosphere
Paperback      ISBN: 1605295906

Brave New Knits by Julie Turjoman, cofounder of is the first book to celebrate the convergence of traditional hand-knitting and modern technology. The Internet has made it possible for the knitting community to connect through photos, pattern-sharing, and blogs that document the knitting projects and passions of dozens of designers and enthusiasts. With a Foreword written by Jessica Marshall Forbes, co-founder of, Brave New Knits includes 26 must-have garment and accessory patterns, all gorgeously photographed by knitting celebrity Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed. Contributors range from established designers like Norah Gaughan, Wendy Bernard, Anne Hanson, and knitgrrl Shannon Okey, to rising stars such as Melissa Wehrle, Connie Chang Chinchio, and Hilary Smith Callis. In-depth interviews with the designers reveal their design philosophy and passions. From shapely sweaters and delicate shawls to fingerless gloves and stylish hats, each of the knitted designs features detailed directions and charts to inspire both the beginner and experienced knitter.

Paperback      ISBN: 1933064021

Including over 40 bright and colourful projects suitable for all skill levels, this book puts colour into practice, showing how some simple and classic patterns can be enlivened by creative and original designs.

The Very Easy Guide to Lace Knitting: Step-By-Step Techniques, Easy-To-Follow Stitch Patterns, and Projects to Get You Started
The Very Easy Guide to Lace Knitting
Step-By-Step Techniques, Easy-To-Follow Stitch Patterns, and Projects to Get You Started
Paperback      ISBN: 0312675321

This easy-to-follow lace knitting guide transforms the complete beginner into an accomplished expert is a perfect gift book for anyone interested in the art of crafting.

With step-by-step instructions and a preliminary section explaining all the essentials--yarn, needles, gauge, techniques, and how to read knitting charts--this guide could not be more accessible. All swatches are clearly photographed and each stitch pattern appears in both written and chart form, so even novices can start right away.

Hone your skills with stylish projects, including delicately-trimmed linen, silk pillow covers, elegant stoles, and heirloom baby blankets. And with each stitch pattern illustrated in both fine and thicker yarns, you can create a truly individual garment. So whether you covet a vintage look or desire a more contemporary feel, Lynne Watterson's The Very Easy Guide to Lace Knitting will give you the skills--and the inspiration.
Glam Knits: 25 + Designs for Luxe Yarns
Glam Knits
25 + Designs for Luxe Yarns
Paperback      ISBN: 1600610358

'Glam Knits' showcases 25 patterns utilising speciality embellished yarns as well as truly luxe fibers like rich, thick cashmeres, angelic angoras, and delicate silks.

The Knitting Experience: The Knit Stitch
The Knitting Experience
The Knit Stitch
Paperback      ISBN: 1893762130

Teaches the techniques of knitting, including materials, equipment, stitches, increasing and decreasing, and preventing and fixing mistakes, and includes patterns for dozens of projects.

The Knitting Way: A Guide to Spiritual Self-Discovery
The Knitting Way
A Guide to Spiritual Self-Discovery
Paperback      ISBN: 1594730792

Knitting is the miracle of creating new dimensions from a strand of yarn. Let it bring that miraculous transformation to your spiritual life too.

"This book is about seeing and listening. It's about becoming aware that through knitting you can hear and give attention to what's in your heart and soul--that knitting can be a place of rest and thought and a place for the Divine. It's about connection--to yourself, to the world, to others and to the Holy."
--from the Preface

What can you learn about yourself through your knitting? What deeper symbolism lies behind the loops and patterns that you create? How can this simple activity help you make your way down a spiritual path? Delve into these questions and more in this imaginative book that will become your spiritual friend, your teacher and your sanctuary. Follow the knitting journeys of the authors and other knitters to discover how they have used their knitting to explore and strengthen their spiritual selves, and how you can do the same. In this joyful and engaging look at a time-honored craft you are invited to:

  • Find time and space that was previously hidden in plain sight
  • Try creative, thought-provoking original knitting patterns
  • Recognize and deepen spiritual connections through knitting
  • Meet other knitters on the journey to spiritual and self- discovery
  • Explore new ways to expand and savor your knitting community
  • Recognize your own power to pass along the knitting wisdom
Knitting in Plain English: The Only Book Any Knitter Will Ever Need
Knitting in Plain English
The Only Book Any Knitter Will Ever Need
Paperback      ISBN: 0312353537

The first edition of this indispensable classic gave knitters easy-to-follow (and fun-to-read) advice on producing the knits of their dreams. Drawing on decades of experience as a knitting instructor and designer, Maggie Righetti offered step-by-step directions on avoiding common mistakes and getting out of tricky spots.

Now, in this completely updated and revised version, Righetti gives readers what they've asked for: advice on making all different garments, working with new patterns and different kinds of yarn, and even an introduction to her own legendary history. Neither aggressively hip nor bafflingly encyclopedic, Knitting in Plain English offers basic principles that will make any project---from a basic blanket to an intricate sweater---rewarding.

Having Knitting in Plain English on the shelf is like having the gift of your own knitting teacher available to help at all times with any thorny problem.

Comfort Knitting & Crochet Afghans: More Than 50 Beautiful, Affordable Designs Featuring Berroco's Comfort Yarn
Comfort Knitting & Crochet Afghans
More Than 50 Beautiful, Affordable Designs Featuring Berroco's Comfort Yarn
Paperback      ISBN: 1584798262

For many of us, afghans are the epitome of comfort. Colorful and inviting, they are a staple of the home, without which a living room or bedroom just wouldn't feel complete. And whether you're making one for yourself, as a housewarming gift, or to welcome a new baby into the world, the process of creating a handmade afghan can be as rewarding as the finished product.

Comfort Knitting and Crochet: Afghans features 50 patterns for these cozy blankets, made with Berroco Comfort yarn--an affordable, ultra-soft acrylic/nylon blend--and designed by the Berroco team, headed by Norah Gaughan. The book includes something for everyone: The designs range from ultra-modern to traditional, from spare to embellished, and are inspired by sources as varied as Scottish tweeds, Japanese Ikat, and Delft pottery. Intended for knitters and crocheters of every skill level, this collection brings new life to the well-loved and versatile afghan.

Also available from Norah Gaughan: Norah Gaughan's Knitted Cable Sourcebook, Comfort Knitting & Crochet: Babies & Toddlers, and Knitting Nature.