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Baghdad Sketches
Baghdad Sketches
Paperback      ISBN: 0810160234
In the fall of 1928, Freya Stark, a thirty-five-year-old Englishwoman, set out on her first journey to the Middle East. Bolstered by a command of Arabic, a fair knowledge of Farsi, and an irrepressible drive that would characterize her more than five decades as a traveler and explorer, Stark spent most of the next four years in Iraq and Persia. Stark traveled alone throughout some of the wilder areas of the Middle East at a time when this area was gaining new worldwide importance. For Stark, risk-taking was the essence of a life worth living: while never hunting out danger for its own sake, she nevertheless viewed her travels as a way of expressing her freedom. Such views make her essays as fresh and startling today as when they were written.
A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail
A Walk in the Woods
Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail
Paperback      ISBN: 0767902521
A wry account by the author of The Lost Continent traces an adventurous and arduous trek past the Appalachian Trail's natural pleasures, human eccentrics, and offbeat comforts. Reprint. $175,000 ad/promo. Tour.
Under the Tuscan Sun: At Home in Italy
Under the Tuscan Sun
At Home in Italy
Paperback      ISBN: 0767900383
Applies a poet's sensibility, a traveler's eye, and a cook's palate to the pleasures of the Tuscan countryside, where the author began restoring an abandoned villa
Journey to the Alcarria Travels Through the Spanish Countryside. Reprint
Journey to the Alcarria Travels Through the Spanish Countryside. Reprint
Paperback      ISBN: 0871133792
The Nobel Prize-winning author, describes his experiences traveling through the Alcarria territory, northeast of Madrid, and shares his impressions of the people
Neither Here Nor There: Travels in Europe
Neither Here Nor There
Travels in Europe
Paperback      ISBN: 0380713802
An entertaining account of a European trip blends anecdotes with worldly insights as the author describes the bleak lands of Norway, the exotic scenes of Istanbul, and the cities of Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Rome, Geneva, and Vienna. Reissue.
Children's Travel Journal: Help Your Favorite Little Globetrotter Create a Masterpiece of Memories
Children's Travel Journal
Help Your Favorite Little Globetrotter Create a Masterpiece of Memories
Paperback      ISBN: 0964126206
Your favorite little globetrotter will create a masterpiece of memories with The Children's Travel Journal. While on the road, this unique diary is a fun-filled work-in-progress. When completed, it becomes a treasured keepsake that vividly preserves memories of a special trip. TOPICS include: Calendar * Making Plans * The Destination * First Impressions * People * Food & Restaurants * Money * Landmarks & Monuments * Museums & Galleries * Best Day / Worst Day * I'll Never Forget & more SPECIAL FEATURES: Fits easily into a backpack * Plastic cover for durability * Pocket for mementos * Heavy paper stock
Italian Hours
Italian Hours
Paperback      ISBN: 0140435077
'The charm of certain vacant grassy spaces, in Italy, overfrowned by masses of brickwork that are honeycombed by the suns of centuries, is something that I hereby renounce once for all the attempt to express; but you may be sure that whenever I mention such a spot enchantment lurks in it.' ?Henry James In these essays on travels in Italy written from 1872 to 1909, Henry James explores art and religion, political shifts and cultural revolutions, and the nature of travel itself. James's enthusiastic appreciation of the unparalleled aesthetic allure of Venice, the vitality of Rome, and the noisy, sensuous appeal of Naples is everywhere marked by pervasive regret for the disappearance of the past and by ambivalence concerning the transformation of nineteenth-century Europe. John Auchard's lively introduction and extensive notes illuminate the surprising differences between the historical, political, and artistic Italy of James's travels and the metaphoric Italy that became the setting of some of his best-known works of fiction. This edition includes an appendix of James's book reviews on Italian travel-writing.
One Man's Wilderness: An Alaskan Odyssey
One Man's Wilderness
An Alaskan Odyssey
Paperback      ISBN: 0882405136
Shares the experience of living alone in the Alaskan wilderness
In Tuscany
In Tuscany
Hardcover      ISBN: 0767905350
The author of Under the Tuscan Sun and Bella Tuscany collaborates with an award-winning photographer to celebrate the region's feasts, festivals, food, wine, people, and culture. 175,000 first printing.
River-Horse: A Voyage Across America
A Voyage Across America
Hardcover      ISBN: 0395636264
The acclaimed author of Blue Highways and PrairyErth chronicles his journey across America's waterways in his dory Nikawa (River Horse), encountering strange people, hostile cities, and hair-raising dangers. Tour.