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Zen Training: Methods and Philosophy
Zen Training
Methods and Philosophy
Paperback      ISBN: 0834801140
Explains physical and mental processes and the significance of psychological experiences in zazen and examines the nature of cognition, self-awareness, and the different levels of consciousness. Bibliogs
Three Treatises
Three Treatises
Paperback      ISBN: 0800616391
Choosing a Path
Choosing a Path
Paperback      ISBN: 0893890774
Describes a range of spiritual disciplines to help you choose the one most appropriate.
Understanding Genesis
Understanding Genesis
Paperback      ISBN: 0805202536
"This designed to make the Bible of Israel intelligible, relevant, and hopefully, inspiring to a sophisticated generation, possessed of intellectual curiosity and ethical sensitivity...It is based on the belief that the study of the Book of Books must constitute a mature intellectual challenge, an exposure to the expanding universe of scientific biblical scholarship...Far from presenting a threat to faith, a challenge to the intellect may reinforce faith and purify it."--from the Introduction
Mind of Jesus
Mind of Jesus
Paperback      ISBN: 0060604514
Jesus suffered, doubted, hoped, feared, dreamed, wept, knew loneliness, planned, and built. William Barclay achieves in The Mind of Jesus his aim "to make the figure of Jesus more vividly alive, so that we may know him better and love him more." More than a study of the historical Jesus, this book radiates the author's devotion to him and breathes a real, compassionate understanding of the Christ who walked among and suffered for common humanity. Barclay's enthusiasm quickly draws the Jesus. Written in a vivid, immediate, almost conversational style, The Mind of Jesus conveys with fresh impact the complete humanity and perfect divintiy that evokes Barclay's -- and ultimately the reader's -- wholehearted devotion.
The Long Loneliness: The Autobiography of the Legendary Catholic Social Activist
The Long Loneliness
The Autobiography of the Legendary Catholic Social Activist
Paperback      ISBN: 0060617519
The founder of the Catholic Worker Movement recounts her experiences as a young journalist, her conversion to Catholicism, and the circumstances that led to her political activism
Paperback      ISBN: 014044114x
Dedicated to truth and the celebration of his individuality, the eighteenth-century French philosopher reexamines his life, ideals, and experiences
The I Ching: Or, Book of Changes
The I Ching
Or, Book of Changes
3rd Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 069109750x
A translation of the early document of Chinese philosophy with explanatory notes
The Churches the Apostles Left Behind
The Churches the Apostles Left Behind
Paperback      ISBN: 0809126117
Scientific Healing Affirmations: Theory and Practice of Concentration
Scientific Healing Affirmations
Theory and Practice of Concentration
Paperback      ISBN: 087612144x
A collection of meditations reveal hidden laws for harnessing thought to heal the body, develop confidence, awaken wisdom, and cure bad habits