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Mary, Queen of Scots and the Murder of Lord Darnley
Mary, Queen of Scots and the Murder of Lord Darnley
Hardcover      ISBN: 034543658x
The best-selling author of Henry VIII reexamines an array of source material to describe the relationship between Mary, Queen of Scots, and her ambitious second husband, Lord Darnley, and to investigate the 1567 murder of Lord Darnley, to assess the potential involvement of Mary, and to provide a solution to this four-hundred-year-old mystery.
Queen of Scots: The True Life of Mary Stuart
Queen of Scots
The True Life of Mary Stuart
Paperback      ISBN: 0618619178
A new historian of Mary Queen of Scots draws on new sources to shatter various myths surrounding this odd monarch and uncover some of the scandals and political machinations underpinning, and undermining, her throne. Winner of the Whitbread Award for Biography. Reprint.
Kings & Queens of England & Scotland
Kings & Queens of England & Scotland
Paperback      ISBN: 0756617715
A lavishly illustrated, compact biographical encyclopedia of Britain's royal monarchs ranges from the first Saxon king to Prince Charles, documents the key events and milestones of each reign, and features a genealogy that links the various dynasties. Reprint.
The Shadow King: The Bizarre Afterlife of King Tut's Mummy
The Shadow King
The Bizarre Afterlife of King Tut's Mummy
Hardcover      ISBN: 0306821338
A New Scientist editor draws on myriad disciplines to address mysteries surrounding the mummy of young Tutankhamun, providing coverage of the first autopsy of the mummy in 1925, recent arguments over its DNA and the stories behind hyped-up archaeological documentaries. 25,000 first printing.
Grace of Monaco
Grace of Monaco
Paperback      ISBN: 1602862419
Presents the romance of the American film actress and Prince Rainier of Monaco that led to her giving up her movie career and becoming a world famous royal princess.
Marie Antoinette: The Journey
Marie Antoinette
The Journey
Paperback      ISBN: 0307277747
The acclaimed author of The Six Wives of Henry VIII describes the life of the doomed queen of France, from her betrothal as an unsophisticated, poorly educated fourteen-year-old girl betrothed to the future King Louis XVI, through her difficult marriage in the French court, to her courage in the face of revolutionaries who sent her to the guillotine twenty-three years later. Reissue. 75,000 first printing. (A Columbia Pictures film, directed by Sofia Coppola, releasing Fall 2006, starring Kirsten Dunst, Jason Schwartzman, Rip Torn, Judy Davis, & Asia Argento) (Biography & Autobiography)
The Wars of the Roses: The Fall of the Plantagenets and the Rise of the Tudors
The Wars of the Roses
The Fall of the Plantagenets and the Rise of the Tudors
Paperback      ISBN: 0143127888
The best-selling author of The Plantagenets traces the 15th-century civil wars that irrevocably shaped the British crown, particularly evaluating the roles of strong women including Margaret of Anjou, Elizabeth Woodville and Margaret Beaufort in shifting power between two ruling families. Includes six maps and four genealogies. 100,000 first printing.
Eleanor of Aquitaine: Queen of the Troubadours
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Queen of the Troubadours
Paperback      ISBN: 1594771952
"A comprehensive view of the mythical and historic significance of the great medieval queen"--Provided by publisher.
Six Wives of Henry VIII
Six Wives of Henry VIII
Paperback      ISBN: 0802136834
Profiles each of Henry VIII's six wives, describing their backgrounds, personalities, relationship to the king, and ultimate demise, and shows how each reflected the perceptions of women and marriage at the time.
Catherine of Aragon: The Spanish Queen of Henry VIII
Catherine of Aragon
The Spanish Queen of Henry VIII
Hardcover      ISBN: 0802779166
Describes the life of the youngest child of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain, whose refusal to divorce England's Henry VIII put her in the center of one history's greatest power struggles between the King and the Catholic Church.