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Tree Finder: A Manual for the Identification of Trees by Their Leaves
Tree Finder
A Manual for the Identification of Trees by Their Leaves
Paperback      ISBN: 0912550015
Guide to identifying native (and some widely introduced) trees of U.S. and Canada east of the Rocky Mountains. Organized as a dichotomous key, the book leads the user through a series of simple questions about the shape or appearance of different parts of a tree. Includes 161 species. Illustrated with line drawings. The small (6" by 4") format fits in pocket or pack to take along on a hike.
The Golden Age of American Gardens: Proud Owners, Private Estates, 1890-1940
The Golden Age of American Gardens
Proud Owners, Private Estates, 1890-1940
Hardcover      ISBN: 0810933586
Examines over 500 gardens
Burpee Complete Gardener: A Comprehensive, Up-To-Date, Fully Illustrated Reference for Gardeners at All Levels
Burpee Complete Gardener
A Comprehensive, Up-To-Date, Fully Illustrated Reference for Gardeners at All Levels
Hardcover      ISBN: 0028603788
A team of horticultural experts presents a comprehensive, lavishly illustrated gardening reference that encompasses information and tips on soil preparation, drainage, climate, plant propagation and cultivation, landscape design, and much more.
Ortho's All About Sprinklers and Drip Systems
Ortho's All About Sprinklers and Drip Systems
Paperback      ISBN: 0897214137
Tells how to design a customized watering system, offers advice on selecting and installing parts, and explains how to create an irrigation schedule
Lois Hole's Favorite Trees & Shrubs
Lois Hole's Favorite Trees & Shrubs
Paperback      ISBN: 1551050811
The New Urbanism: Toward an Architecture of Community
The New Urbanism
Toward an Architecture of Community
Hardcover      ISBN: 0070338892
The move to liveable communities--ideal ``small towns'' and neighborhoods where people work, live, play, and walk from place to place--is on. Profit from what a visionary group of architects leading this movement has learned about designing new ``small towns'' in Peter Katz's The New Urbanism. You'll discover the amazing potential for this kind of work as well as case studies, site plans, project analyses, and 180 beautiful photographs. This unique reference also tackles--and answers--the critical issues of crime, health, traffic, environmental degradation, and economic vitality and opens a startling window on the look and feel of future communities. Every designer can profit from this guide to building the utopias of tomorrow--today!

Gardening for the Small Property
Gardening for the Small Property
Paperback      ISBN: 155591084x
Veteran garden writer Jack Kramer teaches the basics on planning, surfacing, watering, tree, shrub and plant choice, maintenance, and disease and pest control.
Epitaph for a Peach: Four Seasons on My Family Farm
Epitaph for a Peach
Four Seasons on My Family Farm
Paperback      ISBN: 0062510258
The author describes the daily life of a California peach farmer, and the difficult decisions that have to be made to stay in business
The Bird Garden
The Bird Garden
Hardcover      ISBN: 0789401398
Birds are the most visible and familiar form of wildlife, fascinating millions with their brilliant colors, varied songs, and entertaining behavior. By planting certain carefully selected trees and shrubs, you can create an attractive landscape that will encourage a wide variety of birds to visit your backyard, whether you have acres of land or just a small garden. The National Audubon Society's Bird Garden provides a fully illustrated guide to garden birds, and the plants that will attract them, all conveniently organized into five geographic regions. Here is complete information concerning the nest, the song, and the food preferences of 100 familiar garden birds. Descriptions and lists of more than 300 trees, shrubs, and other plants explain their growth habits and cultural preferences, their hardiness, and the birds that rely on them for food or cover. Birds are often attracted to the garden by nestboxes and platforms, feeders, dust baths, and water sources. These features are described and illustrated, with clear, concise directions for construction.
Understanding the Alcoholic's Mind: The Nature of Craving and How to Control It
Understanding the Alcoholic's Mind
The Nature of Craving and How to Control It
Paperback      ISBN: 0195059182
Despite the immense obstacles they face, many alcoholics do manage to recover. In this groundbreaking book, Arnold M. Ludwig--a doctor with over twenty-five years of experience working with alcoholics--goes inside the minds of alcoholics in order to explain the behaviors and thought processes they use to get and stay sober. Whether alcoholics achieve recovery through Alcoholics Anonymous, a church, counseling, hospitalization, or entirely of their own initiative, the basic methods remain essentially the same. This book offers the first detailed examination of these successful methods. Ludwig has discovered that in most cases a lasting recovery can only begin after certain crucial attitude changes occur. Regardless of the motivation of alcoholics, powerful forces lure them back to drink. To remain sober, alcoholics not only must recognize these forces and the dangerous frame of mind that fuels them, but also must use a variety of techniques for resisting temptation. Recovery involves far more than simply not drinking; it means a sober life style. Over the years, Ludwig has worked with over one thousand alcoholics from all walks of life and within many different settings, including hospital clinics, Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, detoxification centers, and private homes. Using clinical vignettes, research findings, and personal anecdotes, he documents the basic principles necessary for conquering craving and achieving recovery. Ludwig offers an optimistic message: no matter how bad things get, there is always hope. This book will provide insights not only for recovering alcoholics, but also for their families, counselors, and doctors.