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Margaret Mead Made Me Gay: Personal Essays, Public Ideas
Margaret Mead Made Me Gay
Personal Essays, Public Ideas
Paperback      ISBN: 0822326124
Margaret Mead Made Me Gay is the intellectual autobiography of cultural anthropologist Esther Newton, a pioneer in gay and lesbian studies. Chronicling the development of her ideas from the excitement of early feminism in the 1960s to friendly critiques of queer theory in the 1990s, this collection covers a range of topics such as why we need more precise sexual vocabularies, why there have been fewer women doing drag than men, and how academia can make itself more hospitable to queers. It brings together such classics as “The Mythic Mannish Lesbian” and “Dick(less) Tracy and the Homecoming Queen” with entirely new work such as “Theater: Gay Anti-Church.” Newton’s provocative essays detail a queer academic career while offering a behind-the-scenes view of academic homophobia. In four sections that correspond to major periods and interests in her life—”Drag and Camp,” “Lesbian-Feminism,” “Butch,” and “Queer Anthropology”—the volume reflects her successful struggle to create a body of work that uses cultural anthropology to better understand gender oppression, early feminism, theatricality and performance, and the sexual and erotic dimensions of fieldwork. Combining personal, theoretical, and ethnographic perspectives, Margaret Mead Made Me Gay also includes photographs from Newton’s personal and professional life. With wise and revealing discussions of the complex relations between experience and philosophy, the personal and the political, and identities and practices, Margaret Mead Made Me Gay is important for anyone interested in the birth and growth of gay and lesbian studies.
Homosexuality and Christian Faith: Questions of Conscience for the Churches
Homosexuality and Christian Faith
Questions of Conscience for the Churches
Paperback      ISBN: 0800631862
Ideal for individual or group use, this unique resource presents short pieces from some of the nation's most preeminent church leaders - women and men, Protestant and Catholic, mainline and evangelical - who address fundamental moral imperatives about homosexuality. Through personal testimony, factual clarification, and moral suasion, they invite the reader to open his or her heart to the Spirit, to Gospel values, and to full acceptance of gay and lesbian persons in the "family of God."
Soulfully Gay: How Harvard, Sex, Drugs and Integral Philosophy Drove Me Crazy and Brought Me Back to God
Soulfully Gay
How Harvard, Sex, Drugs and Integral Philosophy Drove Me Crazy and Brought Me Back to God
Paperback      ISBN: 1590304187
Encompassing fourteen months in the life of a gay intellectual, an insightful memoir chronicles his personal struggle to reconcile the conflicts between homosexuality and Christianity, mysticism and madness, as he deals with fundamental issues of meaning, self-acceptance, addiction and recovery, and life with AIDS. Original.
Where Joy Resides
Where Joy Resides
Paperback      ISBN: 0816640823
This collection presents two complete novels, Pruter Violet (1945) and A Single Man (1964); episodes from three other novels, Goodbye to Berlin (1939), Down There on a Visit (1962), and Lions and Shadows (1938); and excerpts from his nonfiction works, Exhumations (1966), Kathleen and Frank (1971), and My Guru and His Disciple (1980).
Queer 13: Lesbian and Gay Writers Recall Seventh Grade
Queer 13
Lesbian and Gay Writers Recall Seventh Grade
Hardcover      ISBN: 0688158110
Provocative and humorous, a collection of true accounts from such contributors as Jacqueline Woodson, David Bergman, and Rebecca Walker details the trials and tribulations of seventh grade, including gym class, kissing parties, crushes, and coming to terms with their sexuality, making the transition into adulthood even more difficult. 50,000 first printing.
The Prime Time Closet: A History of Gays and Lesbians on TV
The Prime Time Closet
A History of Gays and Lesbians on TV
Paperback      ISBN: 1557835578
Television history was made on April 30, 1997, when comedian Ellen DeGeneres and her sitcom alter-ego Ellen Morgan, "came out" to her close friends and 36 million viewers. This groundbreaking episode represented a significant milestone in Amerian television. For the first time, a TV series centered around a lesbian character who was portrayed by an openly gay actor. The millions of viewers who tuned in that historic night were witnesses to a new era in television. THE PRIME TIME CLOSET offers an entertaining and in-depth glimpse into homosexuality on television from the 1950s through today. Divided into four sections, each devoted to a major television genre, this unique book explores how gay men and lesbians have been depicted in over three hundred television episodes and made-for-TV films. These include medical series, police/detective shows, situation comedies and TV dramas. THE PRIME TIME CLOSET also reveals how television's treatement of homosexuality has reflected and reinforced society's ignorance about and fear of gay men and lesbians. At the same time, it celebrates programs like Ellen and Will and Grace that have broken new ground in their sensitive and enlightened approach to homosexuality and gay-related themes. This book is witty and insightful, accessible and illuminating, a look into what has become an integral part of American media culture.
Femmes: Masterpieces of Erotic Photography
Masterpieces of Erotic Photography
Paperback      ISBN: 1560253665
Femmes provides a comprehensive review of erotic photography over the last century. It is a celebration of the female nude; featuring female couples in images that have been selected to highlight the erotic charge when two women are photographed together, between the women themselves, between models and photographer, and between the photograph and the viewer. Erotic photography is now at the forefront of fashion, and Femmes focuses on one of the most exciting and perennially popular subjects, bringing together a collection of the most significant work in this field. This photographic celebration is wonderfully illustrated with 190 outstanding color, duotone, and black-and-white photographs, including those by Michael Childers, Bob Carlos Clarke, Wolfgang Eichler, Nan Goldin, James & James, Pierre et Gilles, Housk Randall, Wolfgang Tillmans, and Trevor Watson.
Young Man from the Provinces: A Memoir
Young Man from the Provinces
A Memoir
Hardcover      ISBN: 0571198805
The author describes his life as a gay man, from his entry into New York City's gay community in the 1950s to his battles with drug abuse and depression in the 1980s
The Bill from My Father: A Memoir
The Bill from My Father
A Memoir
Paperback      ISBN: 0743249631
The award-winning author of the memoir collections Maps to Anywhere and Truth Serum explores the themes of family, memory, and identity in his life, which he describes through his relationship with his enigmatic and eccentric father. Reprint. 15,000 first printing.
Barbie's Queer Accessories
Barbie's Queer Accessories
Paperback      ISBN: 082231620x
She’s skinny, white, and blond. She’s Barbie—an icon of femininity to generations of American girls. She’s also multiethnic and straight—or so says Mattel, Barbie’s manufacturer. But, as Barbie’s Queer Accessories demonstrates, many girls do things with Barbie never seen in any commercial. Erica Rand looks at the corporate marketing strategies used to create Barbie’s versatile (She’s a rapper! She’s an astronaut! She’s a bride!) but nonetheless premolded and still predominantly white image. Rand weighs the values Mattel seeks to embody in Barbie—evident, for example, in her improbably thin waist and her heterosexual partner—against the naked, dyked out, transgendered, and trashed versions favored by many juvenile owners and adult collectors of the doll. Rand begins by focusing on the production and marketing of Barbie, starting in 1959, including Mattel’s numerous tie-ins and spin-offs. These variations, which include the much-promoted multiethnic Barbies and the controversial Earring Magic Ken, helped make the doll one of the most profitable toys on the market. In lively chapters based on extensive interviews, the author discusses adult testimony from both Barbie "survivors" and enthusiasts and explores how memories of the doll fit into women’s lives. Finally, Rand looks at cultural reappropriations of Barbie by artists, collectors, and especially lesbians and gay men, and considers resistance to Barbie as a form of social and political activism. Illustrated with photographs of various interpretations and alterations of Barbie, this book encompasses both Barbie glorification and abjection as it testifies to the irrefutably compelling qualities of this bestselling toy. Anyone who has played with Barbie—or, more importantly, thought or worried about playing with Barbie—will find this book fascinating.