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The Taste of Giverny: At Home With Monet and the American Friends
The Taste of Giverny
At Home With Monet and the American Friends
Hardcover      ISBN: 2080136879

By the end of the nineteenth century, a "colony" of Anglo-Saxon painters, mostly American, had settled in Giverny. They were drawn by the beauty of this picturesque village and its surrounding countryside, and by the presence of Calude Monet who had settled there in 1883. The link between the master of Impressionism and the new arrivals was strong: not only did Monet influence their painting style, but socially the artists lived in a close-knit community, enjoying moments of relaxation together before or after long hours spent at the easel.
For the first time, this book tells the little-known story of the everyday life of this community: daily meetings at the tennis courts; entertaining in the Butler household (Theodore Butler married Monet's daughter); and the central role played by the Hô tel Baudy. The proprietors of this family-run hotel offered the artists a convivial meeting place, affordable lodgings, and good food, which the artists often paid for in paintings.
Madame Baudy adapted her fare so that porridge could be ordered for breakfast and Thanksgiving dinner enjoyed on the appropriate day. Here French chef Monique Mourgues has adapted over thirty recipes from the menus served at the Hô tel and from the Butler recipe book, including dandelion omelet and baked trout from the local river Epte.
Illustrated throughout with specially commissioned photographs of the painters' homes and the Hô tel Baudy, alongside period paintings of country scenes and daily life in the impressionistic style, "The Taste of Giverny" allows the reader to savor the lively atmosphere and gastronomic delights of this small artists' village at the turn of the last century.
The fate of Giverny, a quiet village in Normandy, was changed forever when Monet moved there in 1883. Picnics, games of tennis, outdoor teas, billiards tournaments, dinners, and masked balls . . . the numerous artists who flocked to this rural idyll pursued not only the art of painting, but also the art of living.
Here author Claire Joyes unveils the everyday activities of the community, the reactions of the locals to their new neighbors, and the central role played by Madame Baud, hotel proprietor, talented cook, and matchmaker.
Stunning original photographs featuring the artists' studios, their houses, Giverny itself, and
the surrounding countryside, plunge us into the atmosphere of the village as it was at the height of the Impressionist period.

Tasting Paris: 100 Recipes to Eat Like a Local: A Cookbook
Tasting Paris: 100 Recipes to Eat Like a Local
A Cookbook
Hardcover      ISBN: 045149914x
Tasting Paris features new and classic French recipes and cooking techniques that will demistify the art of French cooking and transport your dinner guests to Paris. Whether you have experienced the charm of Paris many times or dream of planning your first trip, here you will find the food that makes this city so beloved. Featuring classic recipes like Roast Chicken with Herbed Butter and Croutons, and Profiteroles, as well as newer dishes that reflect the way Parisians eat today, such as Ratatouille Pita Sandwich with Chopped Eggs and Tahini Sauce and Spiralized Zucchini Salad with Peach and Green Almonds. With 100 recipes, 125 evocative photographs, and native Parisian Clotilde Dusoulier's expertise, Tasting Paris transports you to picnicking along the Seine, shopping the robust open-air markets, and finding the best street food--bringing the flavors and allure of this favorite culinary destination to your very own kitchen.
Teatime in Paris: A Walk Through Easy French Patisserie Recipes
Teatime in Paris
A Walk Through Easy French Patisserie Recipes
Hardcover      ISBN: 1849341923

In 'Teatime In Paris ' Jill Colonna shows you the easiest way to make many French patisserie classics, while keeping it authentic, full of flavour and creative.

This Good Food: French Vegetarian Recipes from a Monastery Kitchen
This Good Food
French Vegetarian Recipes from a Monastery Kitchen
Paperback      ISBN: 0881509248

These classic and contemporary vegetable dishes emphasize the connection to nature that is so vital to monastery cooking and the key to making meals that nourish both the body and the soul.

From a healthy Peasant Soup to a Leek Tart, Fava Beans Castilian Style to a Mushroom Salad with Lemon to Basque Cake with Pears, Brother Victor will show you how rich and delicious flavors can be coaxed from simple ingredients when combined and prepared in the appropriate way.
Under the Table: Saucy Tales from Culinary School
Under the Table
Saucy Tales from Culinary School
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1416565299

A deliciously entertaining memoir about one woman's adventures in the student kitchens of the legendary French Culinary Institute--flavored with celebrity chefs, eccentric characters, and mouthwatering recipes

To anyone who has ever dreamed of life in a French kitchen, Katherine Darling serves up a savory dose of reality in this funny, fascinating, and altogether delightful account of her time spent slaving over a hot stove, wrestling with veal calves, and cleaning fish heads at The French Culinary Institute.

As she goes from clueless amateur to certified chef, Katherine and her quirky fellow students frequently find themselves the objects of scorn as their teachers wage psychological warfare over steaming pots of bisque. It's a cutthroat world, and no one ever made a souffl without breaking a few eggs--or cracking a few heads together.

Filled with delicious food lore and trivia, and including dozens of classic and original French recipes, Under the Table takes readers deep into the trenches of one of the world's most prestigious cooking schools--and shows what really goes on behind the doors of every great restaurant kitchen.
Vegetable Harvest: Vegetables at the Center of the Plate
Vegetable Harvest
Vegetables at the Center of the Plate
Hardcover      ISBN: 0060752440

The potager, or French vegetable garden, represents the very best of French cuisine: fresh, flavorful, and easily accessible for home cooks everywhere. In Vegetable Harvest, Patricia Wells presents a collection of recipes inspired by the garden she tends at her home in Provence.

No one has done more than Patricia to bring the art and techniques of French cooking into American kitchens. Now, in her tenth cookbook, she covers every kind of produce favored by French cooks from north to south. In addition, there are charming profiles of French farmers, home gardeners, and cooks, with sixty-five stunning color photographs.

From arugula to zucchini, Patricia offers up a wealth of dishes that incorporate vegetables, herbs, nuts, legumes, and fruits fresh from the garden. And her recipes aren't limited to summer's bounty--there are plenty for fall squash and winter potatoes, too.

The recipes in Vegetable Harvest include everything from appetizers, soups, and salads, to meats, poultry, and pasta. There are classics like Spicy Butternut Squash Soup, Roast Leg of Lamb with Honey and Mint Crust, and Pea and Mint Risotto, as well as innovative new dishes that are sure to become time-honored favorites, such as Potato-Chive Waffles with Smoked Salmon, Capers, and Cr me Fra che, Tomato and Strawberry Gazpacho, and Zucchini Blossoms Stuffed with Goat Cheese and Basil. To finish your meal with a flourish, there are decadent, fruity desserts like Pistachio-Cherry Cake with Cherry Sorbet, Rhubarb-Berry Compote in Grenadine, and Crunchy Almond-Pear Cake. In addition, there is a chapter on pantry staples that includes Patricia's recipes for Zesty Lemon Salt, Truffle Butter, and Fresh Cilantro Sauce.

And while Patricia's wonderful dishes sound sinful, they are in fact quite healthful, low in fat and calories; nutritional information is given for each recipe.

With Vegetable Harvest, you'll be eating the best nature has to offer--fresh, flavorful produce--all year round.

Vegetables: The French Way
The French Way
Paperback      ISBN: 0892813318

With infectious enthusiasm, Jack Santa Maria shows how insistence on interesting sauces, charming presentation, and exciting aromas can transform mere vegetables into tantalizing main and side dishes. More than 200 new and traditional Gallic recipes--arranged alphabetically from artichokes to watercress--feature such imaginative fare as Eggplant Fritters, Red Cabbage with Chestnuts, Pumpkin Pancakes, and Dandelion with Cheese and Walnuts.

Santa Maria is well known for his highly successful books on Italian, Greek, Chinese, Indian, and international vegetarian cooking. Vegetables The French Way is an invaluable addition to the bookshelf of vegetarians and meat-eaters alike, proving that vegetables can be easily prepared so as to embody the very best in classic French cuisine.
Voilà!: The Effortless French Cookbook: Easy Recipes to Savor the Classic Tastes of France
Voilà!: The Effortless French Cookbook
Easy Recipes to Savor the Classic Tastes of France
Paperback      ISBN: 1623159369

Classic French cuisine--American-style easy.

Souffl s, boeuf bourguignon, macarons, and more--the French make it look so easy--and now it is for you too. The Voil Effortless French Cookbook serves up simple recipes to bring classic French fare and flare to your table for everyday delicacies.

From the cafes in Paris straight to your kitchen, this French cookbook combines tried-and-true recipes with the convenience of easy-to-find ingredients and fast prep and cook times. Complete with guidance to help you get savvy about sauces or poach the perfect egg, Voil Effortless French Cookbook lets you say au revoir to the hassle of complicated recipes.

Voil Effortless French Cookbook includes:

  • French Cuisine 101--Learn basic skills, techniques, and fun facts about French culinary culture.
  • 125+ Classic Recipes--Feast on a full range of recipes from aperitifs, main dishes, desserts, and more.
  • Easy-to-find Ingredients--Find affordable ingredients at your local grocery store and forget about expensive imports once and for all.

Get ready to say bon app tit with Voil Effortless French Cookbook. No passport needed.

When French Women Cook: A Gastronomic Memoir with Over 250 Recipes
When French Women Cook
A Gastronomic Memoir with Over 250 Recipes
Paperback      ISBN: 158008365x

Part memoir, part cookbook, this classic of food literature is an immersion course in authentic, regional French home cooking from a world-renowned culinary authority.

As a young woman, Madeleine Kamman developed her passion for food by working in the kitchens of France's most respected regional cooks. She dedicates one chapter to each of these remarkable women, who nourished her appetite for the tradition, rigor, and deeply personal nature of cooking. Her exuberant memoir--originally published over 30 years ago--tells of collecting mussels at the shore, churning butter from the milk of village cows, gathering mushrooms in nearby woods, and then transforming them into glorious meals under the tutelage of her beloved mentors. Over 250 recipes for the simple dishes Kamman learned at their sides accompany her evocative reminiscences of a bygone era in rural France. Now in paperback, this classic is required reading for anyone who wants to know more about la cuisine fran aise and the life, times, and tastes of a woman who helped to shape American cooking.