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French Slanguage: A Fun Visual Guide to French Terms and Phrases
French Slanguage
A Fun Visual Guide to French Terms and Phrases
French    Paperback      ISBN: 1423622448

Learn simple French in a snap

With this fun visual guide, simply follow the illustrated prompts and read the English words out loud with emphasis on the words in red: soon you'll be speaking French Learn to be polite by saying please: See Voo Play (S'il vous pla t). Or let someone know what a good idea that was: Set Tune Bunny Day (C'est une bonne id e).

The simple icons are easy to follow and this pocket-sized guide is easy to carry with you. It will give you the basic phrases you need to get around while traveling, whether asking directions, ordering food at a restaurant, or shopping. But most of all, it's just plain fun

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French Made Simple
French Made Simple
Paperback      ISBN: 0385265212

Provides an introduction to French culture, teaching language elements needed to conduct everyday conversations and travel in French-speaking countries

Tous les Accords au Piano en Photos / Complete Piano Photo Chords
Tous les Accords au Piano en Photos / Complete Piano Photo Chords
French    Paperback      ISBN: 0786677643
Le Nelemwa (Nouvelle-Caledonie): Analyse Syntaxique Et Semantique
Le Nelemwa (Nouvelle-Caledonie)
Analyse Syntaxique Et Semantique
French    Paperback      ISBN: 9042912227

Nelemwa et Nixumwak sont deux variantes dialectales de l'une des vingt-huit langues de la Nouvelle-Caledonie, parlee par un millier de locuteurs dans l'Extreme-Nord de la Grande Terre (ile principale de l'archipel), dans la region de Koumac, Poum, Tiabet, ainsi que les ilots voisins. Cette grammaire fait suite au Dictionnaire nelemwa-nixumwak (2000) et presente une analyse descriptive de la structure syntaxique de l'enonce et ses correlats semantiques; elle comporte aussi un texte illustratif en annexe. Nelemwa et Nixumwak font partie du groupe Nord, ces langues sont typologiquement differentes de celles du Sud par leur systeme phonologique, leur ordre et leur systeme de marque actancielle. Le dictionnaire deja publie et cette grammaire constituent des documents permettant une meilleure connaissance de ces langues et de la diversite des systemes linguistiques de l'archipel.

Mass Market Paperback      ISBN: 2877142175
Paperback      ISBN: 1586636413

SparkChartsTM-created by Harvard students for students everywhere-serve as study companions and reference tools that cover a wide range of college and graduate school subjects, including Business, Computer Programming, Medicine, Law, Foreign Language, Humanities, and Science. Titles like How to Study, Microsoft Word for Windows, Microsoft Powerpoint for Windows, and HTML give you what it takes to find success in school and beyond. Outlines and summaries cover key points, while diagrams and tables make difficult concepts easier to digest. This six-page chart reviews:
NounsArticlesAdjectivesComparatives and superlativesPrepositionsPronouns and relative pronounsPossessive and demonstrative adjectives and pronounsNegations and asking questionsIndefinite constructionsVerb tensesSpecial tables on conjugation and compound tenses

French Phrase Book & CD [With CDROM]
French Phrase Book & CD [With CDROM]
by DK
French    Compact Disc      ISBN: 0789495058

A travel phrasebook for anyone planning on visiting a French-speaking country, with an included CD so you can listen for the correct pronunciations. The book includes all the essential words and phrases for every traveler. Even experienced speakers will benefit from the detailed travel-specific knowledge, and first-time speakers will find it easy to pick up the key words and phrases they need to get by.

Part of the DK Eyewitness Travel Guides Phrase Book series. These pocket dictionaries give business and vacation travelers everything they need for a smooth, successful trip. Organized by subject, they help the traveler quickly find the vocabulary relevant to any situation, whether transportation, hotels, meals, shopping, post offices and banks, sports, or health care, and the phrasebook and glossary are accompanied by a pronunciation guide. At the end of each guide book is a 2,000-word mini-dictionary.

Fully updated from the original editions to reflect currency changes such as the Euro.
Tschumi Parc de la Villette ( in French )
Tschumi Parc de la Villette ( in French )
French    Paperback      ISBN: 1908967447

Tschumi Parc de la Villette is the first publication to document comprehensively Bernard Tschumi's first, and arguably still most celebrated project. With new and republished writing including a text by Bernard Tschumi and Anthony Vidler's "Trick-Track" originally published in 1986, alongside a newly-commissioned essay assesing the Parc from a contemporary and historical perspective, this book documents Parc de la Villette from its conception, through the 30 years of its existence, to the present.
Tschumi Parc de la Villette includes drawings, concept sketches, models and photographs showing the development of the Parc over three decades, brought together in a single volume for the first time since the 1980s.
One of the "Grands Projets" commissioned by the French Government in the 1980s, Parc de la Villette set a benchmark for urban parks in the latter part of the twentieth century and into the twenty-first. Tschumi constructed a series of follies across the site, creating what he called "the largest discontinuous building in the world". Published to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the Parc, Tschumi Parc de la Villette broadly celebrates the project, and articularly the way in which it has been embraced by generations of Parisians and a diverse international public.

Guitare Acoustique Debutante: Beginning Acoustic Guitar (French Language Edition), Book & CD
Guitare Acoustique Debutante
Beginning Acoustic Guitar (French Language Edition), Book & CD
French    Paperback      ISBN: 8863881561

Toute personne souhaitant apprendre jouer de la guitar acoustique peut prendre ce livre et d buter imm diatement. En commen ant au tout d but, ce livre vous enseigne les bases telles que la tenue de l'instrument, les techniques main droite et main gauche, et la lecture musicale. Vous apprendrez jouer avec un m diator, compter le temps, et jouer les accords de base tout en appr ciant l'humour que Greg Horne apporte sa m thode facile et progressive. Apr s avoir acquis les bases, vous approcherez le fingerpicking, le blues, l'improvisation, les accords en barr , le jeu avec des lignes de basse et m me l'arrangement. Un must pour d buter s rieusement la guitare acoustique.

Hide This French Book for Lovers
Hide This French Book for Lovers
Hardcover      ISBN: 9812469796
Hide This French Book for Lovers is the perfect pocket-sized guide to romance. Learn French as it is really spoken between lovers, and get the scoop on the language of love. Chapters cover hot topics ranging from Hooking Up and Sweet Talk to Love and Sex and Breaking Up.