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Greatest Hits, Volume 1
Greatest Hits, Volume 1
Paperback      ISBN: 0826419038

The writings in this book are extracted from volumes 1 through 20 of our 33 1/3 series - short books about individual albums. In here you'll find a wide variety of authors, albums, and approaches to writing about those albums. So sit back, put on your headphones, cue up your favourite songs, and let our writers transport you to a time when:
Dusty Springfield headed south to Memphis to record a pop/soul classic;
The Kinks almost fell to pieces, and managed to make their best album while doing so;
Joy Division and their mad, brilliant producer created a debut record that still sounds painfully hip today;
James Brown mesmerized a sell-out crowd at the Apollo, in the midst of the Cuban Missile Crisis;
The Rolling Stones shacked up in the South of France and emerged with one of the best double-albums ever;
The Ramones distilled punk rock into its purest, most enduring essence...

33 1/3 Greatest Hits, Volume 1: it's like a compilation album, without the filler.

Tougher Than the Rest: 100 Best Bruce Springsteen Songs
Tougher Than the Rest
100 Best Bruce Springsteen Songs
Paperback      ISBN: 0825634709

Bruce Springsteen, writer of more than 250 songs, is among the most literate rock singers. His songs touch people's hearts and minds. Simply put, he is the story teller of our generation. Tougher Than the Rest discusses the best of Springsteen's vast body of work, from Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ to Devils & Dust. The author comments on each song's origin and the critical response it received. The book shares insights into the songs' literary, historical, and cultural references. It's packed with numerous sidebars and is accompanied by photographs and lots of extras, including a complete song list, discography, and bibliography. It is a must for all Springsteen fans

A Gershwin Companion: A Critical Inventory and Discography, 1916-1984
A Gershwin Companion
A Critical Inventory and Discography, 1916-1984
Hardcover      ISBN: 1560750197

A descriptive inventory of the works of George Gershwin, including published and unpublished compositions. For each of the published pieces, the lyricist, key, time and tempo, the history of the work, background commentary or anecdotes connected with it and a listing of recordings are given.

Home Recording Tips And Tricks: Strategies And Solutions for Your Home Studio
Home Recording Tips And Tricks
Strategies And Solutions for Your Home Studio
Paperback      ISBN: 1575605627

108 pointers, hints and just plain good advice culled from the pages of Home Recording magazine. Here, you'll find pages of professional secrets on studio setup and organization, gear care, computer issues, recording, effects and mixing. Topics include: homemade cable ties * use an aux track to control levels * create a live feel the P.A. way * make your own drum booth * fix bleed on drum tracks * panning stereo tremolo * sink sync problems * fatten those rhythm guitars * and more.

Music 2000, Volume 2: Student Workbook
Music 2000, Volume 2
Student Workbook
Paperback      ISBN: 0769252303

In two volumes, Music 2000 gives students a strong background to enhance their participation in music. The books are set in a textbook/workbook format, and present music fundamentals in a clear, concise, well-sequenced manner. Each volume is design

Shinichi Suzuki: His Speeches and Essays
Shinichi Suzuki
His Speeches and Essays
Paperback      ISBN: 0874875889

Dr. Suzuki's writings and addresses, some of which are not generally available, are collected here to present his philosophies on the Mother Tongue Approach and the education of children with the Suzuki Method.

The Secret Power of Music: The Transformation of Self and Society Through Musical Energy
The Secret Power of Music
The Transformation of Self and Society Through Musical Energy
Paperback      ISBN: 0892810564

This study of the hidden side of music and its subtle effects is one of the most detailed books ever written on the subject.
Klaviersonaten: Urtext Editions
Urtext Editions
Paperback      ISBN: 8872077419

An urtext edition for piano.

The Heart of Rock and Soul: The 1001 Greatest Singles Ever Made
The Heart of Rock and Soul
The 1001 Greatest Singles Ever Made
Paperback      ISBN: 0452263050
South by Southwest: A Roadmap to Alternative Country
South by Southwest
A Roadmap to Alternative Country
Paperback      ISBN: 1860744613

Alternative country is one of the fastest growing genres in contemporary music. Acclaimed music journalist (Uncut magazine) Nigel Williamson examines where it came from and where it's going and turns the spotlight on today's leading practitioners, from the beautiful haunting voice of Emmylou Harris to the rowdy, brash face of the future of this genre, Ryan Adams. Complete with interviews of those bands riding the crest of a populist wave (Lambchop, The Handsome Family and Ryan Adams), Kings of America charts the rise of each band, supported with a detailed discography.