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Biba's Taste of Italy: Recipes from the Homes, Trattorie, and Restaurants of Emilia-Romagna
Biba's Taste of Italy
Recipes from the Homes, Trattorie, and Restaurants of Emilia-Romagna
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0688158153
The popular chef and best-selling author of From Biba's Italian Kitchen introduces readers to the home-grown country cuisine of the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, in a collection of more than three hundred recipes for such dishes as tortellini, lasagne, anolini, and other authentic treats. 75,000 first printing.
Cafe Firenze Cookbook
Cafe Firenze Cookbook
Hardcover      ISBN: 0981929095
Cafe Firenze Cookbook celebrates the best of Italian cuisine, coupling gourmet recipes by Top Chef Season 5 fan favorite Fabio Viviani with martini recipes by award-winning mixologist Jacopo Falleni. Viviani's recipes--the same that made him a top contender in the most popular cooking show currently on television--are healthy, easy to prepare, and incredibly tasty, and each one is paired with one of Falleni's fabulous and completely original drink recipes. Each chapter covers a different type of recipe (appetizers, pasta, fish, meat, and desserts), and each begins with Viviani's personal background with each type of food and contains anecdotes, history, garnish instructions, and tips for buying ingredients.Friends since the age of twelve in Florence, Italy, Viviani and Falleni are business partners in their popular Ventura county restaurant, Cafe Firenze Restaurant and Martini Bar, which brings Tuscan dishes and Florentine flair to Southern California. This incredible book of their authentic recipes from their home country will delight all Fabio Viviani's followers and fans, as well as anyone interested in Italian cuisine. Includes beautiful four-color photography by Antonio Busiello, whose work has appeared everywhere from National Geographic to Animal Planet, and a foreword by William Shatner, one of Viviani's biggest fans.

Staining to bottom corner of pages throughout (does not affect text).

The Italian Way: Food & Social Life
The Italian Way
Food & Social Life
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0226317242
Outside of Italy, the country’s culture and its food appear to be essentially synonymous. And indeed, as The Italian Way makes clear, preparing, cooking, and eating food play a central role in the daily activities of Italians from all walks of life. In this beautifully illustrated book, Douglas Harper and Patrizia Faccioli present a fascinating and colorful look at the Italian table. The Italian Way focuses on two dozen families in the city of Bologna, elegantly weaving together Harper’s outsider perspective with Faccioli’s intimate knowledge of the local customs. The authors interview and observe these families as they go shopping for ingredients, cook together, and argue over who has to wash the dishes. Throughout, the authors elucidate the guiding principle of the Italian table—a delicate balance between the structure of tradition and the joy of improvisation. With its bite-sized history of food in Italy, including the five-hundred-year-old story of the country’s cookbooks, and Harper’s mouth-watering photographs, The Italian Way is a rich repast—insightful, informative, and inviting.
Cucina Rustica: Simple, Irresistible Recipes in the Rustic Italian Style
Cucina Rustica
Simple, Irresistible Recipes in the Rustic Italian Style
Paperback      ISBN: 0060935111
Featuring fresh, hearty food, a collection of more than 250 recipes reduces the time and effort involved in preparing traditional Italian fare, featuring an innovative array of antipasti, soups, savory meats, and pasta sauces. Reprint. 10,000 first printing.
Italy Dish by Dish
Italy Dish by Dish
Paperback      ISBN: 1892145901
Italy Dish by Dish describes more than 3,000 dishes you’ll find throughout every region of Italy. Even if you speak fluent Italian, regional terms for food and dishes can be confusing. No longer—with this translator you’ll know exactly what’s on the menu, how it’s cooked, what ingredients it contains, and how it fits into la cucina italiana. Lovers of good food and Italian culture will find this guide an irresistible and indispensable stew of culinary information, definitions, and local lore. And any cook will soon realize that the detailed descriptions of hundreds of dishes also serve as mini recipes that can easily be followed to create hundreds of authentic meals at home.
Mario Batali's Simple Italian Food: Rustic Cooking from Two Villages
Mario Batali's Simple Italian Food
Rustic Cooking from Two Villages
Hardcover      ISBN: 0609603000
Presents 250 recipes that offer an innovative culinary blend of classic northern Italian cookery with an American touch
Pasta: The Essential New Collection from the Master of Italian Cookery
The Essential New Collection from the Master of Italian Cookery
Hardcover      ISBN: 1849496641
This is the ultimate book on pasta, imagined, created and cooked by the master of Italian cookery. Antonio Carluccio'sPasta combines his inimitable knowledge with his expert taste buds to provide over 100 original and irresistible pasta recipes in this definitive book. The book begins with an instructional masterclass, teaching the reader everything they will need to know about pasta—how to cook it and how to marry it with the perfect sauce—with accompanying step-by-step photography should you choose to make your own. This title covers everything any cook will need to know in order to create the perfect bowl of pasta.
Molto Italiano: 327 Simple Italian Recipes For Cooking At Home
Molto Italiano
327 Simple Italian Recipes For Cooking At Home
Hardcover      ISBN: 0060734922
A collection of accessible Italian recipes, many culled from the author's popular Molto Mario cooking show, instructs home chefs on how to simplify and understand everything from purchasing ingredients to mastering elaborate preparation procedures, in a volume featuring historical and cultural information as well as tips for special occasions. 150,000 first printing.
Giuliano Bugialli's Foods of Italy
Giuliano Bugialli's Foods of Italy
Hardcover      ISBN: 0941434524
The author shares anecdotes about each of the 125 recipes collected, which represent an extensive menu of vegetables, grains, fish, meat, poultry, game, fruits, and desserts drawn from the classic cuisine of Italy
Sauces and Shapes: Pasta the Italian Way
Sauces and Shapes
Pasta the Italian Way
Hardcover      ISBN: 0393082431
Sauces and Shapes showcases some 150 straight-forward, flavorful, and very Italian recipes for sauces, soups, and handmade pasta, adapted with a minimum of compromise for the American kitchen. And every recipe features the right shapes to accompany the sauce. Why tagliatelle for Bolognese? Why linguine for spicy tuna sauce? Some recipes will be familiar while others may surprise, such as a sauce of spareribs with horseradish or the real Alfredo, but everywhere ingredients rule. As a bonus, the book features 100 illustrations of ingredients and pasta-making techniques and no-nonsense instructions for stocking an Italian pantry, cooking al dente, stuffing ravioli, and choosing cheese. No other cookbook combines such rigorous authenticity with such user-friendly, delicious recipes.