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William L. Price: Arts and Crafts to Modern Design
William L. Price
Arts and Crafts to Modern Design
Hardcover      ISBN: 1568982208

Architect George Howe thought there were three pioneers of American architecture: Louis Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright, and William L. Price. Although history has borne out Howe's observation on Sullivan and Wright, Will Price still awaits discovery.

Architect George Howe thought there were three pioneers of American architecture: Louis Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright, and William L. Price. Although history has borne out Howe's observation on Sullivan and Wright, Will Price still awaits discovery.

Price, a disciple of Frank Furness who practiced in Philadelphia from 1833 to 1916, established the architectural character of the two of the nation's greatest resorts, Atlantic City and Miami, thus shaping the architecture of the Roaring Twenties. Although his biggest and best-known projects, the Art Deco Traymore Hotel in Atlantic City and the Chicago Freight Terminal, are both destroyed, his arts and crafts utopian community in Arden, Delaware survive to attest to the vigor of his ideas and the leadership he exerted.

Price left a legacy of exquisite houses, railway stations, and commercial structures stretching from Atlantic City to Chicago and from Canada to Florida taht were widely emulated and reacall the best works of Frank Lloyd Wright and Greene & Greene. In addition, Price was accomplished writer and furniture designer whose work was regularly featured in Gustav Stickley's "The Craftsman."

Price's role in shaping American architecture in uncovered in this lavishingly illustrated volume, which documents the architects complete works--including over 350 hotels, houses, and pieces of furniture--bringing to light this unknown American master.

Espinet & Ubach
Espinet & Ubach
Paperback      ISBN: 8425216737

This catalogue is a chronological survey of the work constructed between 1981 and 1994 by the architects Miguel Espinet (Lleida, 1948) and Antoni Ubach (Barcelona, 1944), who have their office in Barcelona. Their activity as practising architects has always been combined with teaching: Miguel Espinet at the Eina School of Design, of which he is now director, and Antoni Ubach as professor in the Architectural Projects Department of the ETSAB School of Architecture since 1992.
Oriol Bohigas (Barcelona, 1925) considers in his introduction a number of factors that have influenced these architects, and identifies a fidelity to social use and the intervention in the social fabric together with a genuine respect for the laws of construction and a highly developed compositional sensibility as undisputable principles in their work.

Louis Le Vau: Mazarin's College, Colbert's Revenge
Louis Le Vau
Mazarin's College, Colbert's Revenge
Hardcover      ISBN: 0691001863

From Vaux-le-Vicomte to Versailles, the buildings of Louis Le Vau shaped the image of French court society. None, however, has had as dramatic an effect as Mazarin's Coll ge (1661-70), the Parisian landmark that now houses the Institut de France. In this first English-language book on Louis XIV's celebrated architect, Hilary Ballon deftly portrays the brilliance and controversy of Le Vau's late career through an exploration of this masterpiece, a hybrid of baroque and classical styles. She tracks the design and construction of the Coll ge on the basis of splendid drawings, fully illustrated here, integrating into this account previously unknown dimensions of Le Vau's creative personality, his financial entanglements, and his feuds with government leaders.

The story of the Coll ge begins in 1661 with the death of Cardinal Mazarin, who left an extravagant sum of money for a school to be built in his memory. Le Vau responded with an ambitious architectural tribute intended to launch the development of Paris in a new artistic direction. As Ballon shows, many personal factors figured into the final product, including Le Vau's activities as a real estate developer and entrepreneur, and his explosive response to the Italian baroque master Gianlorenzo Bernini, who visited Paris in 1665. The project ended up significantly over budget, and officials charged Le Vau shortly after his death with embezzling funds. The chief minister, Jean-Baptiste Colbert, led the attack on Le Vau, turning the ethical scandal into an aesthetic crusade to maintain a "classical" look for central Paris.

By relating the intriguing context in which the Coll ge was created, Ballon explains why traditional definitions of the baroque and classical styles have failed to offer a cohesive understanding of the building. Her examination of the elements informing Le Vau's personal style and his relationship with Colbert brings into sharper focus the phenomenon of royal patronage and opens a new perspective on the development of French classicism at a turning point in Parisian architectural history.

Barragan: The Complete Works
The Complete Works
Hardcover      ISBN: 1568983220

Mexican architect Luis Barragan (1902-88) was one of the twentieth centurys most creative designers and one of its best-known architects. Self-taught, he achieved international renown for his remarkable personal artistic vision. Using vegetation, water, primary geometric forms, and vivid colors, Barragan created a poetic and painterly yet elegantly simple architectural style that transformed the Mexican building tradition into an abstract architectural language.
This revised edition of our best-selling monograph the first comprehensive compilation of Barragans work (102 buildings and 12 additional projects) contains new photographs and an updated bibliography. Its intelligent analyses and superb illustrations demonstrate the complexity and scope of this genius, as both an architect and a landscape designer.
Barragan The Complete Works collects over 300 illustrations including Barragans drawings; photographs of his work; re-drawn plans, elevations, and scale models of important projects; texts by Alvaro Siza, Antonio Toca, and J. M. Buendia, as well as an essay by Barragan himself; and an unabridged transcription of his Pritzker Prize acceptance speech. this book is the essential compendium on the work of this great master architect.

"4to, 232 pgs. Illustrated paper covered boards. Binding is tight and interior is clean and bright, except for faint toning to edges of pages. Profusely illustrated with images of the work of Luis Barragan, arguably the most important Modernist Architect to come out of Mexico. Heavily annotated and explained. Boards show very minor wear to extremities and the vibrantly colorful dust jacket is in excellent condition.

Nbbj: Selected and Current Works
Selected and Current Works
Hardcover      ISBN: 1875498540
Ackerberg House & Addition: Richard Meier
Ackerberg House & Addition
Richard Meier
Paperback      ISBN: 188525427x
Otto Wagner: Reflections on the Raiment of Modernity
Otto Wagner
Reflections on the Raiment of Modernity
Hardcover      ISBN: 0892362588

These essays explore the parameters of Wagner's rich literary and architectural creations.

Rural Studio: Samuel Mockbee and an Architecture of Decency
Rural Studio
Samuel Mockbee and an Architecture of Decency
Paperback      ISBN: 1568982925

For almost ten years, Samuel Mockbee, a recent MacArthur Grant recipient, and his architecture students at Auburn University have been designing and building striking houses and community buildings for impoverished residents of Alabama's Hale County. Using salvaged lumber and bricks, discarded tires, hay and waste cardboard bales, concrete rubble, colored bottles, and old license plates, they create inexpensive buildings that bear the trademark of Mockbee's work, which he describes as "contemporary modernism grounded in Southern culture."In a time of unexampled prosperity, when architectural attention focuses on big, glossy urban projects, the Rural Studio provides an alternative of substance. In addition to being a social welfare venture, the Rural Studio--"Taliesin South" as Mockbee calls it--is also an educational experiment and a prod to the architectural profession to act on its best instincts. In giving students hands-on experience in designing and building something real, it extends their education beyond paper architecture. And in scavenging and reusing a variety of unusual materials, it is a model of sustainable architecture. The work of Rural Studio has struck such a chord-both architecturally and socially--that it has been featured on Oprah, Nightline, and CBS News, as well as in Time and People magazines.The Studio has completed more than a dozen projects, including the Bryant "Hay Bale" House, Harris "Butterfly" House, Yancey Chapel, Akron Chapel, Children's Center, H.E.R.O. Playground, Lewis House, Super Sheds and Pods, Spencer House addition, Farmer's Market, Mason's Bend Community Center, Goat House, and Shannon-Dutley House. These buildings, along with the incredible story of the Rural Studio, the people who live there, and Mockbee and his student architects, are detailed in this colorful book, the first on the subject."I tell my students, it's got to be warm, dry, and noble"--Samuel Mockbee

Robert Mills: America's First Architect
Robert Mills
America's First Architect
Hardcover      ISBN: 1568982968

The first architect trained in America, Robert Mills is best known as the designer of many iconic buildings in our nation's capital: the Washington Monument, the Department of Treasury headquarters, the Patent Office Building (now National Portrait Gallery), and the Post Office Headquarters. Mills, whose career spanned the period 1810 to 1855, was a colleague of James Hoban, architect of the White House, and Thomas Jefferson, designer of Monticello and the University of Virginia. He trained with Benjamin Henry Latrobe, designer of the Virginia State Capitol and the Bank of Pennsylvania. With this circle of friends, Mills was instrumental in creating the physical design of the new republic. Robert Mills: America's First Architect is the first complete monograph on this pivotal architect--beautifully illustrated with never-before-published watercolors and renderings and new color photography commissioned for the book. Author John Bryan, a best-selling historian and wonderful storyteller, weaves the history of Mills's architectural designs and engineering inventions together with the lives of the individuals who most influenced him, and shows how he can rightly be called our founding father of architecture.

Xyz: The Architecture of Dagmar Richter
The Architecture of Dagmar Richter
Paperback      ISBN: 1568982488

Dagmar Richter is one of the few architects working today who seek to radically reinvent urban design. Her work explores new solutions to architecture and planning by giving voice to elements deemed inappropriate or undesirable--traces of a site's history, contemporary photographs or drawings, and texts or spoken words. Richter's work on re-skinning the city proposes that the act of designing is an act of editing, appropriating, and layering. Her work, characterized by an absolute intensity of technical skill, addresses contemporary issues of authorship, precedence, site, and memory. XYZ: The Architecture of Dagmar Richter catalogs over 10 years of Dagmar Richter's design practice. This book combines a descriptive, hyper-linked text arrangement with drawings, models, and computer renderings of over 15 competition entries, urban design proposals, and built projects.