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The Architecture of Ulrich Franzen: Selected Works
The Architecture of Ulrich Franzen
Selected Works
Hardcover      ISBN: 3764359056
The Architecture of Frank Gehry
The Architecture of Frank Gehry
Paperback      ISBN: 0847807630
Mary Colter: Builder upon the Red Earth
Mary Colter
Builder upon the Red Earth
Paperback      ISBN: 0938216457
An architect for the Santa Fe Railway and the Fred Harvey Company, Colter laid the groundwork for female architects who followed. Seven of her remarkable structures are preserved in Grand Canyon's historic district. This is her story.
Brunelleschi's Dome: How a Renaissance Genius Reinvented Architecture
Brunelleschi's Dome
How a Renaissance Genius Reinvented Architecture
Paperback      ISBN: 0142000159
Describes how a fifteenth-century goldsmith and clockmaker, Filippo Brunelleschi, came up with a unique design for the dome to crown Florence's magnificent new cathedral, Santa Maria del Fiore, in a dramatic study set against the turbulent backdrop of Renaissance Italy. Reprint.
In the Nature of Materials, 1887-1941: The Buildings of Frank Lloyd Wright
In the Nature of Materials, 1887-1941
The Buildings of Frank Lloyd Wright
Paperback      ISBN: 0306800195
"This is the definitive study of Frank Lloyd Wright and his work, an eloquent summation of an outstanding career that spanned nearly seventy years of American architectural history. Writing with warmth"
Philip Johnson/Alan Ritchie Architects
Philip Johnson/Alan Ritchie Architects
Hardcover      ISBN: 1580930840
Highlights structures, both in the planning and executed stages, designed in the 1990s by the firm of Philip Johnson/Alan Ritchie Architects, that demonstrate the firm's sculptural achievements, including Da Monsta and the Glass House in New Canaan, Connecticut, and its larger projects including the Cathedral of Hope in Dallas.
Heinz Tesar
Heinz Tesar
Hardcover      ISBN: 3211827242
Greene & Greene: Creating a Style
Greene & Greene
Creating a Style
Hardcover      ISBN: 1586851160
n this fascinating new look at the work of Charles and Henry Greene, masters of the bungalow design, renowned authors Randell L. Makinson and Thomas A. Heinz assert that not only were the brothers Greene geniuses of their time, but that they also developed a distinct architectural and design style that has been the model for generations of architects since, and continues to reign today.Examining the individual plans, materials, and interiors of some of the most distinguished work of the Greenes, and illustrated with stunning photography, the authors revisit designs that exemplify a highly refined set of proportional relationships and a level of detail and craftsmanship that remains unsurpassed today.
Coming from the South
Coming from the South
Paperback      ISBN: 8495273039
One gets the impression from most books about architecture and the city that the world is a flat place inhabited by very rich countries, plus others that are very poor and who are trying as fast as they can -via primitive capitalism - to stop being so. More complex physical and geographical realities exist, however, as well as places with middling economies. In this book Eduard Bru speaks of some of these places in the South of Europe, as well as on other continents. He does this through his own projects and writings, and those of different friends, organized according to a certain mise en scene: The book opens with a number of theoretical articles and schemes oriented towards thinking about the specific conditions of the project in those contexts.
Christian Hauvette
Christian Hauvette
Paperback      ISBN: 8425216575