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Margaret Helfand Architects: Essential Architecture
Margaret Helfand Architects
Essential Architecture
Paperback      ISBN: 1885254938

In a collection of projects developed during the 1990s, Margaret Helfand Architects argues for an architecture of logic, simplicity, and sensuality. Presented chronologically, nineteen projects ranging from showrooms, residences, academic buildings, parks, and functional objects are examined in photographs and texts along the three axes fundamental to the firm's work: geometry, structure, and materials. Basic materials such as steel, wood, glass, and stone are used with a minimum of transformation, allowing their inherent colors, textures, and structural properties to create visual stimulation. Seen are such diverse works as Vertical House on a Trapezoidal Site, Octagon: Structure and Landscape, and Apartment for Art and Music, as well as the Time Out New York offices, Williamsburg Community Center, and a child development center.
This architecture points to a future in which buildings will rely on their own function, materiality, and craftsmanship to express their time in history. A theoretical context for the work is provided in an essay by Paola Antonelli, associate curator of architecture and design at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, along with photographs by the acclaimed architectural photographer Paul Warchol.

Gwathmey Siegel: Buildings and Projects 1965-2000
Gwathmey Siegel
Buildings and Projects 1965-2000
Paperback      ISBN: 0789304015

The international residential, commercial, and institutional work that positioned this New York firm among the world's architectural elite is featured in this volume, which takes an unprecedented look at Gwathmey Siegel's contributions over the last 35 years. More than 30 projects are documented in photographs, drawings, and descriptions. From Charles Gwathmey's design and construction of Gwathmey Studio and House to the Levitt Center for University Advancement at the University of Iowa, this is the most complete survey of the firm's work published. It reveals the Gwathmey Siegel design philosophy and certifies why their work, along with that of Frank Gehry, Robert Stern, and Richard Meier, is the most powerful in American architecture.

Covering + Exposing: The Architecture of Coop Himmelblau
Covering + Exposing
The Architecture of Coop Himmelblau
Hardcover      ISBN: 3764360798

To combine architecture and imagination in a fashion as light and variable as clouds was the credo proclaimed by Wolf D. Prix and Helmut Swiczinsky when they founded the practice of Coop Himmelb(l)au in 1968 in Vienna (Himmelblau = heavenly blue). Their radical, iconoclastic and deconstructivist approach to architecture expresses the energy and tension of each site and location in spectacular fashion. Among the projects that established their international reputation are the Groningen Museum pavilion and Dresden UFA Cinema Complex. Their work has also featured in numerous exhibitions and they have represented Austria at the Architecture Biennial in Venice. This monograph is the first publication to present the theoretical and conceptual content of Coop Himmelb(l)au's oeuvre.

Cesar Pelli: Buildings and Projects 1965-1990
Cesar Pelli
Buildings and Projects 1965-1990
Paperback      ISBN: 0847812626
Louis I. Kahn
Louis I. Kahn
Paperback      ISBN: 3764359641

1999 ist das Jahr des 25. Todestages von Louis Kahn. In der zweiten HAlfte des 20. Jahrhunderts hat das Entwerfen Louis Kahns eine herausragende Bedeutung fA1/4r die internationale Architektur. Kahn gehArt zur Generation der Architekten, die an der Vollendung und zugleich Aoeberwindung der klassischen Moderne teilhatten.Er realisierte die meisten seiner Projekte in den USA und errichtete einige bedeutende GroAprojekte in Asien. Von dem lange Zeit wenig beachteten FrA1/4hwerk Kahns, A1/4ber GroAprojekte wie das National Capital of Bangladesh in Dhakar bis hin zum Kimbell Art Museum in Forth Worth veranschaulichen die Werke die humanitAre Idee in der Architektur Kahns. Die vorliegende Monographie dokumentiert alle wichtigen Bauten und Projekte mit eigens fA1/4r diesen Band angefertigten Planzeichnungen und unverAffentlichten Photographien, ergAnzt durch das Material des Kahn-Archivs.

Greene and Greene Architecture As a Fine Art
Greene and Greene Architecture As a Fine Art
Paperback      ISBN: 0879051264

This comprehensive overview of the architectural careers of Charles and Henry Greene is the crowning achievement of Randell Makinson's career as the foremost authority on their works. Makinson organizes the projects of Greene and Greene into recognizable periods and styles, beginning in 1894 in Pasadena, rising to their masterworks crested from 1907-1909, and culminating in their separate but cooperative careers in the teens, with Charles practicing in Carmel and Henry remaining in Pasadena. It is the yin and yang that the brothers brought to each project which is cause for that undeniable spirit pervading each of their joint works, says Makinson. The Greene brothers' sensual blending of architecture, landscape, interiors, furnishings, and the decorative arts is the hallmark of their Craftsman style. New color photography throughout highlights their furniture and lighting designs, as well as their classic bungalow-style exteriors. The book also includes some important archival images and plans. This is a must-have addition to every architectural library.

Architecture, Industry and Innovation: The Work of Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners
Architecture, Industry and Innovation
The Work of Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners
Paperback      ISBN: 0714839345

Nicholas Grimshaw is one of the pre-eminent figures of the British architectural scene. alongside Lord Norman Foster and Lord Richard Rogers he is a leading light of the high-tech movement, responsible for some of the outstanding buildings of the last decade. The period 1965-1988, which is covered in this volume of his work, established his reputation worldwide as a master architect of great subtlety.

Masters: Arata Isozaki, Jean Nouvel, Legorreta Arquitectos, Steven Holl
Arata Isozaki, Jean Nouvel, Legorreta Arquitectos, Steven Holl
Paperback      ISBN: 8481851094
The Not So Big House: A Blueprint for the Way We Really Live
The Not So Big House
A Blueprint for the Way We Really Live
Paperback      ISBN: 1561583766

This best-seller was met with an extraordinary response when it was published in 1998. In it, visionary architect Sarah Susanka embraced the notion of smaller, simpler shelters that better meet the needs of the way we live today. The book created a groundswell of interest among homeowners, architects, and builders. More than 200 photographs bring the spirit of the "Not So Big" house alive.

In the Nature of Materials, 1887-1941: The Buildings of Frank Lloyd Wright
In the Nature of Materials, 1887-1941
The Buildings of Frank Lloyd Wright
Paperback      ISBN: 0306800195

This is the definitive study of Frank Lloyd Wright and his work, an eloquent summation of an outstanding career that spanned nearly seventy years of American architectural history. Writing with warmth and penetrating intelligence, Henry-Russell Hitchcock, America's leading architectural expert, explores Wright's distinctive approach to the design and construction of homes, civic centers, housing projects, country clubs, and office buildings--emphasizing throughout Wright's skillful use of materials to create harmony between structure and environment.Hitchcock covers each of the major phases in Wright's first fifty years as an architect: the apprenticeship with J.L. Selsbee; the movement toward maturity with "Lieber Meister" Sullivan, and the links with Richardson, the "prairie" architecture of the early 1900s and the non-domestic work of the same period which exerted so great an influence upon the development of modern European architecture; the textile block housing and cantilevered skyscraper projects of the early '20s; the creative hiatus of the late '20s and early '30s; and the projects of the Depression years, interrupted in 1942 by World War II.More than 400 illustrations are presented in chronological order in a format Wright himself designed, revealing an endless assortment of shapes, materials and structural ornament that indicate the scope and focus of Wright's genius. Accompanying the photographs, plans, and perspectives is Hitchcock's perceptive commentary, linking each building to a particular phase in Wright's development and showing how in each case the architect forged the elements of materials, mass, space, and ornament into a powerful visual statement.Hitchcock also contributes a list of the architect's completed projects through 1941, and, in a new foreword specially prepared for this Da Capo edition, assesses Wright's major projects during the last two decades of his life.