Media Biographies
20th Century Journey: A Memoir of a Life and the Times : The Start : 1904-1930
20th Century Journey
A Memoir of a Life and the Times : The Start : 1904-1930
Hardcover      ISBN: 0316787124
The Accidental Life: An Editor's Notes on Writing and Writers
The Accidental Life
An Editor's Notes on Writing and Writers
Paperback      ISBN: 1101970510
A celebration of the writing and editing life, as well as a look behind the scenes at some of the most influential magazines in America (and the writers who made them what they are). You might not know Terry McDonell, but you certainly know his work. Among the magazines he has top-edited: Outside, Rolling Stone, Esquire, and Sports Illustrated. In this revealing memoir, McDonell talks about what really happens when editors and writers work with deadlines ticking (or drinks on the bar). His stories about the people and personalities he’s known are both heartbreaking and bitingly funny—playing “acid golf
All at Sea: A Memoir
All at Sea
A Memoir
Hardcover      ISBN: 0385540655
A memoir from an award-winning journalist at The Guardian describes how her life changed forever when her boyfriend was swept out to sea attempting to save her 4-year old son from a rogue wave in Jamaica.
All over but the Shoutin'
All over but the Shoutin'
Paperback      ISBN: 0679774025
A correspondent for "The New York Times" recounts growing up in the Alabama hills, the son of a violent veteran and a mother who tried to insulate her children from poverty and ignorance
All That You Leave Behind: A Memoir
All That You Leave Behind
A Memoir
Hardcover      ISBN: 0399179712
The influential documentary filmmaker reflects on the missteps that shaped her life, her relationship with her late journalist father, David Carr, and their shared battle with alcoholism.
All This in 60 Minutes
All This in 60 Minutes
Paperback      ISBN: 1760631175
For more than thirty years Nicholas Lee was a cameraman on 60 Minutes, Australia's most respected and watched current affairs program, alongside Ray Martin, George Negus, Ian Leslie, Richard Carleton, Mike Munro, Jennifer Byrne, Liz Hayes and Tara Brown, among others. All This in 60 Minutes is the revealing and often hilarious memoir of his time with the show - of the crazy days of unlimited expense accounts, of late nights and bleary mornings, the fun and fear on the road, and in the refugee camps and war zones. It goes inside the IRA, Idi Amin's torture cells, and into palaces and mud huts. It recounts unforgettable trips on B-52s, ultra-lights and the Orient Express. And it takes you behind the interviews with the famous and infamous - from presidents, rock stars, despots and kings, to pygmies and manic, charismatic gurus.The result is a book that is compelling, funny and utterly eye-opening. As Ellen Fanning describes it, All This in 60 Minutes "Perfectly captures the controlled chaos, the seat-of-the-pants improvisation, the behind the scenes exhilaration of 60 Minutes. All of which goes to prove that often the best bits never make it to the screen."
All Tomorrow's Parties
All Tomorrow's Parties
Hardcover      ISBN: 0802124836
A memoir from the award-winning, cofounding editor of Tin House magazine describes his childhood in West Berlin, his entrance into the literary world of New York and his return to Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall.
All You Can Ever Know
All You Can Ever Know
Hardcover      ISBN: 1936787970
"This book moved me to my very core. As in all her writing, Nicole Chung speaks eloquently and honestly about her own personal story, then widens her aperture to illuminate all of us. All You Can Ever Know is full of insights on race, motherhood, and family of all kinds, but what sets it apart is the compassion Chung brings to every facet of her search for identity and every person portrayed in these pages. This book should be required reading for anyone who has ever had, wanted, or found a family
All You Can Ever Know: A Memoir
All You Can Ever Know
A Memoir
Paperback      ISBN: 1948226375
Ambrose Bierce and the Period of Honorable Strife: The Civil War and the Emergence of an American Writer
Ambrose Bierce and the Period of Honorable Strife
The Civil War and the Emergence of an American Writer
Hardcover      ISBN: 1621901793
In the spring of 1861, Ambrose Bierce, just shy of nineteen, became Private Bierce of the Ninth Indiana Volunteer Infantry. For the next four years, Bierce marched and fought throughout the western theater of the Civil War. Because of his searing wartime experience, Bierce became a key writer in the history of American literary realism. Scholars have long asserted that there are concrete connections between Bierce’s fiction and his service, but surprisingly no biographer has focused solely on Bierce’s formative Civil War career and made these connections clear. Christopher K. Coleman uses Ambrose Bierce’s few autobiographical writings about the war and a deep analysis of his fiction to help readers see and feel the muddy, bloody world threatening Bierce and his fellow Civil War soldiers. Across the Tennessee River from the battle of Shiloh, Bierce, who could only hear the battle in the darkness writes, “The death-line was an arc of which the river was the chord.