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Sorcerer Hunters
Sorcerer Hunters
Paperback      ISBN: 1892213540
Garfield Thinks Big
Garfield Thinks Big
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0345416716
A new collection of hilarious cartoons featuring the wisecracking, lasagna-loving cat follows the inimitable feline and his friends through a lazy, food-consuming day. Original.
Garfield Worldwide
Garfield Worldwide
Paperback      ISBN: 0345351584
A collection of cartoons featuring fat-cat Garfield and his friends John and Odie, up to their usual hijinks
Make Way for the King of the Jungle: A Peanuts Collection
Make Way for the King of the Jungle
A Peanuts Collection
Paperback      ISBN: 0836217888
A collection of cartoons from the popular Peanuts comic strip featuring the coronation of Woodstock also offers a set of adventures that highlight Snoopy's many identities and the foibles of Charlie Brown's gang
Garfield Food for Thought/His 13th Book
Garfield Food for Thought/His 13th Book
Paperback      ISBN: 0345341295
The fat, lazy, and cynical feline examines his soul to discover why he's so mean to Odie, so nice to Nermal, and so exasperating and lovable to Jon
Garfield Hangs Out
Garfield Hangs Out
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0345368355
A collection of the irrepressible feline's daily comic strips relates the adventures of Jon, Odie, and the rest of the gang
Garfield Beefs Up
Garfield Beefs Up
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0345441095
In a new collection of full-color cartoons, America's most famous comic-strip feline pokes fun at Jon's latest dating disaster, bullies Odie, pigs out on dinner, and enjoys his insatiable appetite for trouble. Original.
Fushigi Yugi the Mysterious Play: Castaway
Fushigi Yugi the Mysterious Play
Paperback      ISBN: 1591160375
About to embark on a journey to the frozen northern country along with her Celestial Warriors, Miaka is unaware that some of her new enemies are willing to do anything, even sacrifice children, in order to stop them.
Strangehaven: Brotherhood
Paperback      ISBN: 0946790051
Alex Hunter tries to make sense of being trapped in England's weirdest village, the ghost of the beautiful woman who haunts his dreams, and why the villagers celebrate Christmas in mid-summer. The Amazonian Shaman, Megaron, reveals his tribe's deadly cycle of vengeance; and the village's resident extraterrestrial, Adam, explains away the UFO phenomenon, while behind the scenes a clandestine brotherhood pulls the strings. A complex and intriguing journey through romance, mystery, and the supernatural with a twist of bizarre humor, beautifully illustrated with pencil, pen & ink, painted watercolor, and manipulated photographs. Introduction by Heart of Empire creator Bryan Talbot. New, full-color painted cover by Millidge.
From Girls to Grrrlz: A History of Women's Comics from Teens to Zines
From Girls to Grrrlz
A History of Women's Comics from Teens to Zines
Paperback      ISBN: 0811821994
Chronicles more than fifty years of girl comics, paying tribute to the authors, artists, characters, and trends that made them popular.