Super Heroes
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Superman: Return to Krypton
Return to Krypton
Paperback      ISBN: 1401201946
Batman: The Ultimate Evil
The Ultimate Evil
Hardcover      ISBN: 044651912x
When millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne experiences a revelation about his childhood and transformation into Batman, he follows a trail of perversion to Southeast Asia to destroy the Ultimate Evil . . . or die. By the author of Down in the Zero.
Hardcover      ISBN: 1563897814
Follows as caveman Tor is banished from his tribe and forced to wander, alone except for his simian friend Chee-Chee, battling evil and trying to understand the world he inhabits.
Stormwatch 2: Lightning Strikes
Stormwatch 2
Lightning Strikes
Paperback      ISBN: 1563896508
Offers the story of how the one-hundred-year-old electric woman, Jenny Sparks, finds herself aligned with StormWatch--The United Nations Special Crisis Intervention Team.
Civil War: X-Men
Civil War
Paperback      ISBN: 078512313x
As the civil war rips apart the Marvel universe, the X-Men find themselves crumbling from the inside out and must admit defeat or finally start to fight back.
Batman: Ego and Other Tails
Ego and Other Tails
Paperback      ISBN: 1401213596
Presents early stories of the Dark Knight, including the epic tale "Ego" in which Batman confronts his inner demons, and also features Catwoman in an adventure involving a multi-million dollar heist with a group of professional criminals.
Marvel Visionaries
Marvel Visionaries
Paperback      ISBN: 0785109447
Paperback      ISBN: 1563890216
Planetary: The Fourth Man
Planetary: The Fourth Man
Paperback      ISBN: 1563897644
This second PLANETARY collection focuses on the team's mysterious benefactor, the "Fourth Man." After paying their final respects to a British occultist with ties to their group, Elijah Snow, Jakita Wagner, and The Drummer continue their super-human archeological studies as they visit a hidden government compound full of radioactive human guinea pigs, discover a fictional construct that has been made real and learn of a malevolent group known simply as "The Four." As these investigations take place, Elijah begins to learn some truths about both the Fourth Man's identity as well as his own hidden past. Featuring an introduction by Buffy The Vampire Slayer creator, Joss Whedon!
Planetary: Leaving The 20th Century
Leaving The 20th Century
Paperback      ISBN: 1401202942
Still piecing together his memory, Elijah Snow recalls his past as a member of Planetary, including his meeting with Sherlock Holmes and Dracula, and his defeat by The Four.