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Stephen King's The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born
Stephen King's The Dark Tower
The Gunslinger Born
Hardcover      ISBN: 0785121447
Roland, an implacable gunslinger in search of the enigmatic Dark Tower, powers his way through a dangerous land filled with ancient technology and deadly magic, and now, his past is finally revealed.
Stormwatch 3: Change or Die
Stormwatch 3
Change or Die
Paperback      ISBN: 156389534x
The Road To Civil War
The Road To Civil War
Paperback      ISBN: 0785119744
Thanks to his new best friend Tony Stark, Spidey's got a new lease on life, new powers, and a new costume, but with clouds quickly building on the horizon, the bonds that Spider-Man now forges may determine his capacity to withstand the storm, and an explosive hidden story of Marvel's secret past is revealed, uncovering how Marvel's most secret team came together and how they were torn apart.
Wonder Woman Archives 2
Wonder Woman Archives 2
Hardcover      ISBN: 1563895943
Collects comic books following the development of Wonder Woman's powers and philosophy as she battles villains including Dr. Psycho and the Cheetah.
Tales of the Batman
Tales of the Batman
Hardcover      ISBN: 1567310761
The All New Atom: Future/Past
The All New Atom
Paperback      ISBN: 1401215688
Superman/Batman 2: Supergirl
Superman/Batman 2
Paperback      ISBN: 1401202500
Superman and Batman work together to battle evil in many forms.
Adventures of the Batman
Adventures of the Batman
Hardcover      ISBN: 156731077x
Green Arrow 9: Road to Jericho
Green Arrow 9
Road to Jericho
Paperback      ISBN: 1401215084
The Green Arrow, aided by friends including Batman and the Black Canary, must fight almost every killer he has ever encountered as the master assassin Deathstroke wages a battle to end his life.
Invincible 2: Ultimate Collection
Invincible 2
Ultimate Collection
Hardcover      ISBN: 1582405948
In the aftermath of Mark's revelation concerning his father, he's forced to pick up the pieces of his life and carry on. The Ultimate Collection, Vol. 2 collects Invincible's struggle to become his own man, to stand on his own and live his own life. This is a can't-miss for any Invincible fan and a perfect addition to any bookshelf.