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The Road To Civil War
The Road To Civil War
Paperback      ISBN: 0785119744
Thanks to his new best friend Tony Stark, Spidey's got a new lease on life, new powers, and a new costume, but with clouds quickly building on the horizon, the bonds that Spider-Man now forges may determine his capacity to withstand the storm, and an explosive hidden story of Marvel's secret past is revealed, uncovering how Marvel's most secret team came together and how they were torn apart.
Batman Black and White 1
Batman Black and White 1
Paperback      ISBN: 1401215890
Collects stories of the caped crusader from writers and illustrators including Warren Ellis, Harlan Ellison, Alex Ross, Paul Dini, Ty Templeton, Chris Claremont, Jim Lee, Eduardo Risso, and Alan Grant.
Adventures of the Batman
Adventures of the Batman
Hardcover      ISBN: 156731077x
Batman: Ego and Other Tails
Ego and Other Tails
Paperback      ISBN: 1401213596
Presents early stories of the Dark Knight, including the epic tale "Ego" in which Batman confronts his inner demons, and also features Catwoman in an adventure involving a multi-million dollar heist with a group of professional criminals.
John Constantine Hellblazer: Joy Ride
John Constantine Hellblazer
Joy Ride
Paperback      ISBN: 140121651x
"Constantine discovers that there is a supernatural cause for the violence, crime and drug abuse of South London's Hunger Hill housing estate, and he must bring this cycle of misery and violence to an end-- at any cost"--Publisher's website.
Savage Dragon Archives 1
Savage Dragon Archives 1
Paperback      ISBN: 1582407231
A collection of the earliest adventures of fandom's favorite fin-head. Considered to be the Savage Dragon saga, this is an Overlord epic from start to finish, culminating in a battle that can only end one way.
Invincible 3: Perfect Strangers
Invincible 3
Perfect Strangers
Paperback      ISBN: 1582407932
Having your father be the most powerful superhero on the planet makes life interesting for Mark Grayson, but the typical high school senior's life really starts to heat up when he finds himself inheriting his father's powers.
Dynamo 5 1: Post-Nuclear Family
Dynamo 5 1
Post-Nuclear Family
Paperback      ISBN: 1582408599
- He was the world's greatest hero, but Captain Dynamo was not a faithfulhusband. Now he's dead and his family is trying to piece their lives together.As his enemies descend on his unprotected city. Captain Dynamo's widow rounds uphis five illegitimate children, each of whom have inherited one of theirfather's super-powers. Can these total strangers come to terms with theirpowers, their father's legacy and each other as total chaos erupts?
Planetary All over the World and Other Stories
Planetary All over the World and Other Stories
Paperback      ISBN: 1563896486
Follows Jakita Wagner, Elijah Snow, and The Drummer, investigators for the underground organization named Planetary, as they search to uncover the world's secret and supernatural history.
Marvel 1602: Fantastick Four
Marvel 1602
Fantastick Four
Paperback      ISBN: 0785122931
Doom returns! The Four from the Fantastik's greatest enemy has an insidious plan that takes them to the ends of the Earth! Peter David (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, X-Factor) takes the reins with superstar artist-to-be Pascal Alixe (Superman, The Legion) for the eagerly awaited spin-off from Neil Gaiman's 1602. What does Doom want? Why doesn't Invisible Woman want to fight him? And what does Shakespeare have to do with it? Collects Marvel 1602: Fantastick Four #1-5.