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Superman for Tomorrow 1: For Tomorrow
Superman for Tomorrow 1
For Tomorrow
Paperback      ISBN: 1401203523

A cataclysmic event has struck the Earth. Millions of people have vanished without a trace. No one is left unaffected--not even Superman. A year has passed and the Man of Steel is left with many questions and very few answers. For a hero who tries to have all the answers, it's torture. And just as the action heats up and the stakes are raised, one huge question emerges: Just how far is Superman willling to go "For Tomorrow"?

Justice League of America 1: The Tornado's Path
Justice League of America 1
The Tornado's Path
Paperback      ISBN: 1401215807

New York Times best-selling author Brad Meltzer (IDENTITY CRISIS, The Book of Fate) redefines the World's Greatest Super Team for a new generation in this hardcover collecting the first six issues of the all-new JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA series, featuring art by Ed Benes and Sandra Hope Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman decide to re-form the Justice League and must choose the new roster of members. A new villain appears during their selection process, and he's just one of the many sinister forces gathering to bring an end to the league.

Stormwatch 1: Force of Nature
Stormwatch 1
Force of Nature
Paperback      ISBN: 156389646x

by Warren Ellis; art by Tom Raney & Randy Elliott; cover by Raney & Sandra Hope Seminal Warren Ellis-scripted tales of the team that would become the stars of The Authority are collected in Stormwatch: Force of Nature, a Wildstorm Productions trade paperback reprinting Ellis's first Stormwatch issues, Stormwatch Volume 1 #37-42. Written by Ellis (Transmetropolitan, Planetary), with art by Stormwatch: Change or Die's Tom Raney - who also provides a new cover (inked by CRIMSON's Sandra Hope) - and Randy Elliott, Force of Nature includes the stories that introduced The Authority's Jenny Sparks and Jack Hawksmoor, as well as WildStorm's most infamous villainess, Rose Tattoo. The companion volume to Stormwatch: A Finer World, the new collection begins with StormWatch Weatherman Henry Bendix planning big changes for the group, beginning with a total reorganization of the team. Gathering new StormWatch operatives - including Jack Hawksmoor and woman of the century Jenny Sparks - the Weatherman positions himself as an international superpower, setting in motion the events that would cause the 'Watch's final demise. SC, 7x10, 160pg, FC

John Constantine Hellblazer: Joy Ride
John Constantine Hellblazer
Joy Ride
Paperback      ISBN: 140121651x

In this volume collecting HELLBLAZER #230-237 by fan-favorite writer Andy Diggle, Constantine discovers that there is a supernatural cause for the violence, crime and drug abuse of South London's Hunger Hill housing estate, and he must bring this cycle of misery and violence to an any cost.

Planetary: The Fourth Man
Planetary: The Fourth Man
Paperback      ISBN: 1563897644

This second PLANETARY collection focuses on the team's mysterious benefactor, the "Fourth Man." After paying their final respects to a British occultist with ties to their group, Elijah Snow, Jakita Wagner, and The Drummer continue their super-human archeological studies as they visit a hidden government compound full of radioactive human guinea pigs, discover a fictional construct that has been made real and learn of a malevolent group known simply as "The Four." As these investigations take place, Elijah begins to learn some truths about both the Fourth Man's identity as well as his own hidden past. Featuring an introduction by Buffy The Vampire Slayer creator, Joss Whedon

Lightning Strikes
Lightning Strikes
Paperback      ISBN: 1563896508

by Warren Ellis; art by Raney, Lee, Elliott, & Bennett; cover by Raney Completing writer Warren Ellis' Stormwatch run, this exciting colection reprints Stormwatch #43-47. SC, 7x10, 144pg, FC

Invincible Volume 1: Family Matters
Invincible Volume 1
Family Matters
Paperback      ISBN: 1582407118
  • Back in print Mark Grayson is just like most everyone else his age. The only major difference being that his dad is the most powerful superhero on the planet And, Mark seems to be inheriting his father's powers See Mark thwart super-vill
Jim Starlin's Cosmic Guard
Jim Starlin's Cosmic Guard
Paperback      ISBN: 1933305029
  • With such past creative credits as Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers, Batman, Breed, Captain Marvel, Cosmic Odyssey, Dreadstar, The Infinity Saga, and a list of so many more, creator/writer
Tales of the Batman
Tales of the Batman
Hardcover      ISBN: 1567310761
Civil War: X-Men
Civil War
Paperback      ISBN: 078512313x

Enough is enough. The tension between the X-Men, the 198 and the O*N*E* has finally reached breaking point. As Civil War rips apart the Marvel Universe, the X-Men also find themselves crumbling from the inside out. Will they admit defeat, or will they finally start to fight back.