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Ranma 1/2, Volume 9
Ranma 1/2, Volume 9
Paperback      ISBN: 1569312036
The Kindaichi Case Files 2: The Mummy's Curse
The Kindaichi Case Files 2
The Mummy's Curse
Paperback      ISBN: 1591823552

Hajime Kindaichi is a teenage crime solver who's part Sherlock Holmes and part Hardy Boy. Each story or file takes Kindaichi to various places where a murder has occurred. Using ingenious deduction to debunk ghosts, curses, myths or folklore, Kindaichi proves that no mystery is unsolvable.

Please Save My Earth: Volume 3
Please Save My Earth
Volume 3
Paperback      ISBN: 1591161428

Are the woes of the present meant to be endured for the promise of a better future or to atone for past wrongs? In a captivating epic of love, fate and faith, seven young people must struggle with this spiritual puzzle as their alien past lives threaten the future.

Alice has had her own moon dream, in which she was the beautiful Mokuren. Sure in the knowledge that, if they have found Mokuren, perhaps they can find the other people in their moon dreams, Jinpachi sets out to do just that. But it's Issei's odd idea of running a letter in a cult magazine that brings them success--they have foound Hiiragi and Shusuran Their real names are Daisuke and Sakura, and it's from them the others learn the tragic truth. The dreams are not of their future lives, but of their past as alien observers on the moon. After their home star system was destroyed, they contracted an incurable disease and quickly died, one by one. That's why they're all about the same age.

What they don't know is that the reborn Shion and Shukaido are also in the Tokyo area. But what does all this have to do with Rin and his quest for the Tokyo Tower?
Battle Vixens 4
Battle Vixens 4
Paperback      ISBN: 1591827469

In order to become stronger, Hakufu sets off in search of Master Choushou. Upon arrival at the designated shrine, she encounters a little girl who tells her she can only meet Choushou if she can bend one of three swords sticking out of a rock. After Hakufu tries for hours, the swords remain unbent.

Love Hina 13
Love Hina 13
Paperback      ISBN: 1591821193

This is one of a series of slapstick teen comedy manga titles in the spirit of 'American Pie' and 'Animal House'. Naru and Keitaro have been acting lovey-dovey since they returned from their trip. Keitaro's grandmother announces she will hand over Hinata House to him when he marries one of the girls.

Gravitation 9
Gravitation 9
Paperback      ISBN: 1591823412

Determined to become a rock star, Shuichi Shindou is discouraged by some harsh criticism he receives, and must find the strength to overcome his fears and keep trying.

Alice 19th, Vol. 3, Volume 3
Alice 19th, Vol. 3, Volume 3
Paperback      ISBN: 1591162300

Alice Seno seems like a normal girl in high school. She's a bit shy, she's got a crush on a boy named Ky , and she's got an older sister who is more popular than she is...pretty normal stuff, until Alice has an encounter with a mysterious and magical rabbit girl that changes the course of her life, and Alice is introduced to the sublime power of the Lotis Words.

Jealous of Alice and Ky 's feeling for each other, Mayura embraces the forces of the dark nether world she is trapped in and ventures to use the negative power of the Maram Words. Sibling rivalry reaches new heights when the Seno sisters are pitted against each other armed with the power of words
Hana-Kimi, Vol. 7: American Girl
Hana-Kimi, Vol. 7
American Girl
Paperback      ISBN: 1591164990

What happens when the hottest guy in school is a girl? ?

The Prettiest Boy In School...Isn't A Boy Japanese-American track-and-field star Mizuki has transferred to a high school in Japan...but not just any school To be close to her idol, high jumper Izumi Sano, she's going to an all-guys' high school...and disguising herself as a boy But as fate would have it, they're more than classmates...they're roommates Now, Mizuki must keep her secret in the classroom, the locker room, and her own bedroom. And her classmates--and the school nurse--must cope with a new transfer student who may make them question their own orientation...

American Girl

Julia is Mizuki's girlfriend? As the shocking lie tears Osaka High School apart, Mizuki's classmates make their moves on the blonde, blue-eyed transfer student Then the whole class leaves on a school trip to Hokkaido, complete with an overnight stay at the hot springs With their chaperone Dr. Umeda busy getting to know the locals, it isn't long before people start taking off their clothes (to bathe, all right?). But how long can Mizuki's gender stay secret inside the boy's bath?
Gravitation 4
Gravitation 4
Paperback      ISBN: 1591823366

Shuichi's debut single is rising up the charts, but Taki Aizawa, the leader of rival band ASK, finds out about his relationship with Eiri. On top of all that, Eiri has declared their relationship over What's going on?

Fushigi Yugi: The Mysterious Play : Friend
Fushigi Yugi
The Mysterious Play : Friend
Paperback      ISBN: 1569318824

Dueling wizards and celestial warriors are featured in these new releases of two wildly popular manga series. Still trapped in the Universe of the Four Gods, Miaka finds and befriends the seven Celestial Warriors. After surviving a shipwreck, Miaka and the warriors of Suzaku find themselves stranded in Nucheng-Kuo -- a female-dominated state where men are the enemy To compound their troubles, Seiryu Celestial Warrior Soi -- master of lightning -- is hunting the party as well.