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The Book of Leviathan
The Book of Leviathan
Hardcover      ISBN: 1585670987
A bizarre graphic novel follows an infant named Levi on a journey into the heart of philosophy and metaphysics, accompanied by his favorite toy, "Bunny," and a wise pet, "Cat." 15,000 first printing.
From Girls to Grrrlz: A History of Women's Comics from Teens to Zines
From Girls to Grrrlz
A History of Women's Comics from Teens to Zines
Paperback      ISBN: 0811821994
Chronicles more than fifty years of girl comics, paying tribute to the authors, artists, characters, and trends that made them popular.
The Third Garfield Fat Cat 3-Pack
The Third Garfield Fat Cat 3-Pack
Paperback      ISBN: 0345394933
Collects comic strips featuring the famous feline with an appetite for lasagna
Fushigi Yugi the Msterious Play: Bandit
Fushigi Yugi the Msterious Play
Paperback      ISBN: 1569315523
After being drawn into the world of a strange book with her ex-best friend and now-enemy Yui, Miaka searches to find the remaining three Celestial Warriors, leading her into the lair of bandits and to a plague-curses town.
Bizarro Comics
Bizarro Comics
Hardcover      ISBN: 1563897792
Bizarro, an imperfect duplicate of Superman who does everything backwards, tries drawing comics, concocting thirty stories including one in which Wonder Woman participates in a poetry slam, and in baby Superman torments his baby-sitter.
Dog Is Not a Toy: House Rule #4
Dog Is Not a Toy
House Rule #4
Paperback      ISBN: 0740713922
Follows Bucky the cat, Satchel the dog, and their human companion, Rob, as they watch TV, cook for friends, and attempt the occasional outside adventure.
Weirdos from Another Planet: A Calvin and Hobbes Collection
Weirdos from Another Planet
A Calvin and Hobbes Collection
Paperback      ISBN: 0836218620
Calvin and his constant companion Hobbes romp their way through another series of adventures spawned largely in the boy's never-flagging imagination
Stardust: Being a Romance Within the Realms of Faerie
Being a Romance Within the Realms of Faerie
Paperback      ISBN: 156389470x
Tristran is compelled to retrieve a fallen star for the woman he loves and crosses through the wondrous gate in the stone wall leading to the world of faerie, where he encounters dangerous rivals for the star
Fushigi Yugi the Mysterious Play: Rival
Fushigi Yugi the Mysterious Play
Paperback      ISBN: 1569316406
Night of the Crash-Test Dummies
Night of the Crash-Test Dummies
Paperback      ISBN: 0836220498
The ninth collection of cartoons by the irreverent humorist focuses on the all-too-human antics of Larson's animals and other animated creatures