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Successful Small-Scale Farming: An Organic Approach
Successful Small-Scale Farming
An Organic Approach
2nd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0882666428
Instructs the beginning farmer in evaluating and preserving the soil, acquiring and maintaining machinery, and raising a successful crop through sound farming practices
The Social Life of Information
The Social Life of Information
Hardcover      ISBN: 0875847625
Argues that the technology of the information age cannot replace the social resources and networks that make learning, working, and innovating possible.
The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization
The Fifth Discipline
The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization
Paperback      ISBN: 0385260954
An MIT Professor's pathbreaking book on building "learning organizations" -- corporations that overcome inherent obstacles to learning and develop dynamic ways to pinpoint the threats that face them and to recognize new opportunities. Not only is the learning organization a new source of competitive advantage, it also offers a marvelously empowering approach to work, one which promises that, as Archimedes put it, "with a lever long enough... single-handed I can move the world."
The Trusted Advisor
The Trusted Advisor
Paperback      ISBN: 0743212347
In today's fast-paced networked economy, professionals must work harder than ever to maintain and improve their business skills and knowledge. But technical mastery of one's discipline is not enough, assert world-renowned professional advisors David H. Maister, Charles H. Green, and Robert M. Galford. The key to professional success, they argue, is the ability to earn the trust and confidence of clients. To demonstrate the paramount importance of trust, the authors use anecdotes, experiences, and examples -- successes and mistakes, their own and others' -- to great effect. The result is an immensely readable book that will be welcomed by the inexperienced advisor and the most seasoned expert alike.
Goldman Sachs: The Culture of Success
Goldman Sachs
The Culture of Success
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0679450807
An authoritative study of a powerful investment bank that until recently remained a private entity is written by a former vice president who explores how the bank maintained its lengthy success. 60,000 first printing. Tour.
The Hr Scorecard: Linking People, Strategy, and Performance
The Hr Scorecard
Linking People, Strategy, and Performance
Hardcover      ISBN: 1578511364
Presents a different way to measure Human Resources' strategic value to company success.
Discovering the Soul of Service: The Nine Drivers of Sustainable Business Success
Discovering the Soul of Service
The Nine Drivers of Sustainable Business Success
Hardcover      ISBN: 0684845113
A former National President of the American Marketing Association goes beyond the scope of his previous works to explore how flourishing service companies maintain over the long term the level of good service that got them started. 25,000 first printing. Tour.
Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap... and Others Don't
Good to Great
Why Some Companies Make the Leap... and Others Don't
Hardcover      ISBN: 0066620996
The author of Built to Last uses his research on the Fortune 500 to create a blueprint for turning good companies into spectacular ones. 100,000 first printing.
Webster's New World Robert's Rules of Order Simplified and Applied: Simplified and Applied
Webster's New World Robert's Rules of Order Simplified and Applied
Simplified and Applied
2nd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0764563998
Presents the rules of parliamentary procedure designed to help meetings run smoothly and efficiently.
The Balanced Scorecard: Translating Strategy into Action
The Balanced Scorecard
Translating Strategy into Action
Hardcover      ISBN: 0875846513
Provides assistance to businesses in moving from ideas to action, achieving long-term goals, and obtaining feedback about strategy